Hello, World. I’m back again…


Since last I posted here, not only did I partner up with Megan Bowe to create an important and successful consultancy with MakingBetter, but we executed on a vision to create an “industry organization” that serves to improve the quality of the tools and practices employed by professionals in learning & development, talent management and education with DISC. My writing over the last 3+ years has focused since then on the technical, practical, policy and business of learning technology through the lens of xAPI.

I’m interested in a lot more than xAPI, though, and it’s been itching at me that the businesses I’ve built aren’t vehicles for me to write about a lot of the things I think about, research and experiment with on the fringes of what was once fringe… and started taking shape here. Also, it seems that in the social media landscape today, people relating to actual people is turning out to be more important than ever before.

So I’m back. And I plan to write more freely and, hopefully, more often. I look forward to long threaded conversations with y’all.