Gaining the Edge…

So, my buddy, Angelo, loaned me his Anthony Robbins CDs on “Gaining the Edge” and “Personal Power.” Now, if you know anything about me, my first reaction to this was, “what a pile of crap.”

But, I mundanely sit throught my routine at work so I thought, “what the hell” and listened to the first hour, and lo and behold he may have a point.

Back in the 1930s, there was some radical work done on how semantic language can affect physiology and psychology — how we unlearn and re-learn behavior. Sociologists can go into this far better than I — the point is that Robbins breaks down fundamental change in the self in three ways:

  • To feel different, one must utilize their body differently.
  • One’s patterns of focus and beliefs determine their reality
  • Patterns of language and speaking enage one’s physiology

In other words, by resorting to primitive behavioral changes, one can rapidly change their self-perception. It seemed so simple I decided to try it, and sure enough — I’m a monkey. By simply sitting up straighter, changing my breathing patterns, focusing on positive emotions like gratitude and accomplishment and speaking aloud to myself that “I think I can — I think I can,” I actually felt more energy and my mood elevated from my of-late dour self.

I’m not saying I’m a freak now and believe I can harness within, but I’ll concede that perhaps Robbins isn’t all full of crap. I’m going to give this a real try and make an effort for the next week or so, and hopefully I won’t become a complete zombie or anything.

Also… I found this decent link full of good information for new dads