Enterprise 2.0 Conference

The E2 Boston 2010 Call for Papers Community Vote is now open, and yours truly has three sessions proposed.  Sessions will proceed to the final “Selected Sessions” stage based on community votes and final approval by the E2 Advisory Board, and will be announced when the voting is closed.  Please get your votes in by January 20.

The session I care most about is 100 Walls to Knock Down For Enterprise Renovation. Here’s the description, and who’s signed on to present with me.

There’s no sledgehammer to renovate an Enterprise into an Enterprise 2.0, but there are signals and patterns that let you know the shift is going well. Our panel of practitioners, technologists and anthropologists will share their first hand experiences of organizations finding their Feng Shui through the messes. Panelists include Dennis Schleicher (@dennisschleiche) Director User Experience Architecture for Sears Holdings Corp., Mark Oehlhert (@moehlert) Innovation Evangelist for Defense Aquisition University, and Aaron Silvers (@mrch0mp3rs) Learning Architect.

If you’re only going to vote for one of my sessions (maybe you’re more about scarcity than abundance), that’s the one I’d like you to vote on.  You combine Dennis’ ideation and Mark’s laser-focused wit, their combined anthropologic toolset and my own secret sauce… wow.  This could be a great session.

If you’re into abundance, here are my other proposed sessions: Massively Distributed Problem Solving and Make the Business Case: 1.0-to-2.0 From the Bottom-Up.

I want to highlight some other sessions that I’m interested in seeing, and they feature such cool people as Marcia Conner, Kris Rockwell, Stowe Boyd, Koreen Olbrish, Gina Minks and Paula Thornton (among many others).  Please vote up these sessions, too: