Edublogs Awards Nominees…

Welcome back from the holiday break, those of you stateside.

Finalists have been announced in the 2007 EduBlogs Awards. I’ll be trolling through their nominees and subscribe to some new feeds. Only slightly tongue-in-cheek, though… I didn’t know such awards existed, but now that I know, I’m pretty disappointed that in no time since this very blog began in 2005 has it even been nominated.

I used to think it’s because no one knew this blog existed, but as I’ve reported… thanks to the use of feedburner, about a hundred people around the world visit this site daily (let alone subscribe to the feed). So *somebody* from the Edublogs Awards has seen this site — there are just not that many education geeks on the internet (otherwise we’d have more applications geared for us as a market).

Like I said, I KINDA kid. At either rate, check out the nominees and winners past and present. Once I get over being jaded, I’m sure I’ll find some pretty good resources there.

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