Director and SCORM

I don’t know how I missed this, but back in May my ol’ pal and programming buddy back in PA — Kraig Mentor published [this article on Director And SCORM](

If you’ve downloaded the [Plug-in Technology Example](, which demonstrates the code and the activity you can employ to create both Flash and Director-based content objects — that’s the handiwork that Kraig and I worked on in our first months of working together. Kraig, who worked on the Director team for Macromedia, is a pretty nifty dude and he took his experience working with SCORM to a whole other level by creating a full-fledged library for use with Lingo (or any other language) to easily access whatever he wanted through SCORM.

Then… Kraig got really crafty and started on a path of hardcore Sequencing and Navigation strategies back when it was even more obtuse than it is now (before 2nd Edition of SCORM 2004). He also built this content engine in Director that uses XML to populate it… much like a lot of Flash developers do to create E-Learning. Except Kraig’s doing with with Director.

So for those of you still down with Director (which Adobe is still developing), check this article out. It’s also a good read for those of you looking to construct your own template engine with Flash, at least from an architectural perspective.

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