Stanley “Buddy” Brown (1927 – 2007)

Every family has friends that are so close that they’re almost more than family. The Browns were such friends to my family. In the burgeoning metropolis that was Viroqua, Wisconsin, Buddy owned a kitchen boutique, peddling higher-end cookware to an unknowing populace. Viroqua at the time had about 3,400 people which included many of the […]

What I’m thankful for…

Mr. Davis sent Suzy and me a very nice collection of both Christmas and Chanukkah Jones Sodas. I’m not entirely sure if we’re supposed to drink them (I mean, “Latke Soda?” Seriously? That would have to taste like ass), but I just might, anyway. At least my Chanukkah soda set comes with a Dreidel. So […]

Why the hell is there Christmas music now???

Jesus H. Flippin’ Christ! I’m driving to work today since I had my final post-operartion Doctor’s appointment (still for the finger), and I’m scanning the FM stations in-between the commercials, when I pick up 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee. Now, I don’t normally listen to “The Mix” and honestly, except for working at the gas station […]

Contact Info

It may not be clear on how to contact me if you’ve attended MAX 2005 (or even if you haven’t). Email me at aaron.silvers [at] gmail [dot] com Obviously, this is slightly obfuscated so that I don’t get a ton of automated spam. You can also register for this site and include your e-mail address […]