Captivate 2’s Critical Mass

I’m on the Metra on my way home — yet another very late night of work.

Two posts back, I wrote about things crashing in Captivate 2 with larger simulations. While I’m sure this is not a solid rule, both a co-worker and I have now had four different simulations crash at 54 screens (I had three different simulations captured and worked on two different computers, my co-worker had one). 53 was just fine, and it honestly didn’t matter which slide I deleted — at 54 or more, the files all crashed Captivate 2.

Another weird thing for me, it didn’t even save iterative saves that I initiated after I opened the file. Three different files would crash and even though I did a Control-S with just about every change I did, when Captivate 2 would crash, I’d open up the file and none of the changes that happened prior to the crash were there.


Good news, though, is that Captivate 3 seems to be immune to this weirdness, and it was installed AFTER I was starting to have these crashing issues in Captivate 2.

Anyone else ever deal with something like this?

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