“Bunko Break” with Dan Pink (part 1)

There’s a meta-adventure about a comedy of errors that led me to purchasing a Flip video camera for this book discussion, and in a later post (after I’m done producing all the video and mixing in the mighty fine audio I captured with Audacity), I’ll be happy to spill the beans on *how* I put all this together.

Right now, I’m done with the first third of the audio discussion with Dan Pink, and I’ve tried to break this out by questions, editing the audio down (mostly) to Dan giving his responses. Long and short of it, though, was that it was well worth the time spent. One of the things Dan talked about was that there are a lot of people who would like to have written a book in their lifetime, but not as many people who grind it out and actually write one. Same goes for reading. I have a lot of books on my shelf that I buy, often out of vanity… but never crack open. I even re-read Dan’s books, so for me to share an hour with three other like-minded fans of his work and actually get to field questions is a real thrill.

Here’s some discussion in bite-size chunks:

  1. What\’s the point of the \”Bunko Breaks?\” 1.07
  2. About Manga and the Genesis of the Johnny Bunko book 4.59
  3. Who\’s the audience for this book? 1.22
  4. Did your research on Manga inspire the book, or did the idea for the book inspire the research on Manga? 1.48
  5. Why do you think you\’re the first to do an American Manga as a business text? 6.43

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