Bless Wade and Cathy

And then I get Angels fans drunk

Cthy and Wade. Very good peeps, even being Angels fans. After I almost beat the crap out of Wade, we became friends and even shared beers out of his biodiesel truck (eco-conscious and sticking it to the man — my hero). Actually, that’s a lie. Wade could’ve kicked my ass, but for my +500 Charisma which allowed me the ability to charm.

I asked this couple what their theme song would be marching up to the mound. Kathy, with no hesitation, shot back “South of Heaven” by Slayer. That’s when I knew these kids were the West Coast version of Suzy and me (with their 15 month-old girl at home).

But they went the way extra mile this morning. Cathy left a message on my phone that while they weren’t going to make it to the game tonight (Wade’s parents were celebrating their 40th anniversary with a big barbecue), they had access to an extra ticket which they were willing to let me have FOR FREE.

I freaked out. I cleared it with the folks at Macromedia, and it was a done deal. Next thing I knew, Alan was dropping me off at the stadium and we were going to find him a ticket. Two minutes later, one of the team doctors for the Sox was looking for Sox fans who needed tickets. For $50, Alan was able to get a ticket and by 4pm Eastern time, Alan and I were sitting in right field behind the foul line post.

I’ll speak more on the game in another post (I’m still in elated disbelief). But I wanted to make sure that I took specific mention with all due awe, wonder and reverence to two Anaheim Angels fans who allowed me to see what will probably be the greatest baseball game in my lifetime.

I will be able to tell Logan, and her kids, of how I was there the night the Chicago White Sox clinched their entry into the World Series.

It’s only the first time in forty-nine years.

Cathy and Wade rock.

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