Authorware and SCORM

I recently answered this question in the ADL Help Desk:

*”I am developing an authorware course that I would eventually like to implement into an LMS. I am trying to tag the file with a bunch of SCORM tags, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I was wondering if any of the programs on this site to download (like could run my packaged authorware file, and recognize any SCORM tags in it?”*

Dependent on the version of Authorware you are using, Macromedia provides SCORM support built into the authoring environment. While I have not used Authorware actively since version 4, I’m confident that as of Version 6, Macromedia provides support for SCORM Version 1.2. That being the case, the learning content you create, when properly marked up and packaged for SCORM Version 1.2, should play in both the Conformance Test Suite, which would provide you with a detailed report of all detected SCORM communications coming from your Authorware content, and the Sample Run-Time Environment 1.2.2, which provides a SCORM Run-Time Environment for you to effectively “play” your content in.

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