Articulate Quizmaker 09 – Now with bookmarkable assessments!

Though I was on the Beta for Articulate 09, I couldn’t talk about it because of the NDA.  Now that it’s been released — well, so

me of us were playing with it.  One thing I didn’t try?  Bookmarking a Quizmaker 09assessment.  What I mean is that you can create a larger assessment and people can leave and come back if this tracking is turned on.

Though Articulate did a major overhaul, it just never occurred to me that they’d go there.  I was alerted to it in the support forums today.

Apparently the Quizmaker content is hosing in Microsoft’s SLK (I’m guessing that’s an MS LMS portal).  Dave Mozealous writes in response…

Bookmarkable assessments that you can fully customize and roll as you want.  I have to say that’s a hella good reason to upgrade… unless you are using Microsoft SLK, that is.

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