All Hail Blaze DS

Adobe just released a free and open-source Java implementation of flash/flex remoting service called Blaze DS for Java.

This is pretty huge for people, as it supports remoting to the new AMF version (3) which just got documentation released, but it also supports remoting and polling over port 80 — so no more getting blocked out behind firewall constraints (a common theme today?). And, did I mention — it’s FREE?

So this will allow Flash and Flex developers to do realtime data manipulation with databases through this Java service — and you don’t have to run ColdFusion (or AMFPHP) to do it. I love remoting. I’ve loved it since I first played with it and Flash MX (6).

The impact of this and developing media-rich (or just plain pretty) performance support tools is a very positive one, especially for enterprise IT departments that may not know anything about PHP but will support Java.