ADL eXchange

And now… a small plug for one of my homeboys.

I had the outstanding pleasure to work and travel with Jono Poltrack for the bulk of my 2+ years working with ADL. Jono was the original project lead for the Sample Run-Time Environment, and for a while before my man Doug took over for him, Jono knew more about the actual workings of a Run-Time engine for SCORM content in 1.2 or 2004 than just about anyone. Seeking other windmills, Jono joined his roommates and best friends in creating an IT Consulting business a few years back, and lo and behold he’s coming around full circle, now via the Knowledge Management space — back into working with SCORM again.

Together with his regular and some new partners, they’ve put together a site called [ADL eXchange]( They are trying to shepherd some new voices in the ever-ongoing dialogue with [ADL]( from the user community.

At the last SCORM TWG, Jono and Mike Hruska were there, bought me a beer and asked me to write for them. I can’t refuse good friends, so I took a page from my presentation last year at [ILCE](’s conference on SCORM, and [put down a few thoughts about Instructional Design]( since it was on my mind now (as it was at the conference) that I cobble together a standards guide for my own organization relating to E-Learning content.

If you’ve never put together a standards document for your production team, you probably don’t realize how important instructional strategy is to the final product for E-Learning — if you care at all about learner engagement or consistency or the end-user… stuff like that. At least, you probably don’t realize it until it’s smacking you in the face. 🙂

Anyway, feel free to give ADL eXchange a look, if nothing else, for the pictures of Jono and Mike, both members of now-defunct 90’s band Badwrench (this is no lie).