6 Sigma, Development, Measurement and Training…

Are you schooled on 6 Sigma?

I’m about halfway through reading a fascinating (and somewhat jarring) book by Kalym A. Islam called “Developing and Measuring Training the 6 Sigma Way.” Once you get past the point that the author obviously doesn’t like Instructional Design pillars like Bloom, Kirkpatrick and others — the author makes a stunning case for developing training by performing 6 Sigma practices in Define and Measure phases before the more familiar Analyze, Design, Develop and Implement phases of a training project, with “tollgates” along the way to make sure the project is actually on track to deliver on the business needs driving the training.

If anyone’s familiar with 6 Sigma and you’re in the training milieu, please comment here. I want to find out as much as I can about 6 Sigma and how it’s actually being practiced in learning/training organizations.

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