Maslow’s Hierarchy of Organizational Social Media Needs

Attending the Social Media for Government conference yesterday, a breakout activity occurred which had four groups discussing issues of access, measurement, governance and culture.  Not many people wanted to discuss access issues so four of us reluctantly took to the task.  I tweeted off-hand that access was really the lowest link on the chain of […]

A Community’s Role in an Organizational Service

I’m attending a Social Media for Government conference this week. Yesterday, one of the sessions involved a staffer from the City of Geneva, IL named Pam (@pbroviak) and a high school student who started a Facebook page on his own for the city that eventually was endorsed by the city itself.  In their sharing, the […]

The Learning Technology Lab

A question asked on the survey in the ADL User Community Survey from this summer was this: The ADL Learning Technology Lab at the ADL Co-Lab Hub in Alexandria, Virginia maintains installations of SCORM 2004-certified content authoring, management, and delivery systems, including learning management systems (LMSs). ADL makes these systems available to the public for […]