Halting States meets reality…

Or at least it starts to. From the site: “Enkin” introduces a new handheld navigation concept. It displays location-based content in a unique way that bridges the gap between reality and classic map-like representations. It combines GPS, orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video, several web services, and a novel user interface into an intuitive and […]

Desiging for the iPhone? Check this out…

Yahoo has a fantastic Design Stencil Kit in several formats, including OmniGraffle and Visio. I’ve recently started jumping on the Information Architecture bandwagon and found that visually planning out a web-based design with wireframes was not only helpful but saved me a bunch of time from the “let’s see what kind of layout I can […]

Working Harder vs. Working Smarter

Paul Artiuch at [Wikinomics](http://www.wikinomics.com/) had a fascinating blurb today about[a recent OECD report](http://www.wikinomics.com/blog/index.php/2008/06/02/working-harder-or-working-smarter/) that compared how many hours workers spend on average in a couple different nations, vs. their GDP. What’s interesting is that the technological capability edge by itself doesn’t look like the big indicator of GDP that productivity might be. Artiuch writes: > […]

SCORM 2.0: Call For White Papers

Summary: If you want the all open source (for reals) SCORM 2.0 to address something in particular, get it in a white paper to LETSI by August 15. LETSI, Learning Education Training Systems Interoperability, the international, nonprofit federation dedicated to improving individual and organizational learning, has taken on the task of developing the next generation […]