Stanley “Buddy” Brown (1927 – 2007)

Every family has friends that are so close that they’re almost more than family. The Browns were such friends to my family. In the burgeoning metropolis that was Viroqua, Wisconsin, Buddy owned a kitchen boutique, peddling higher-end cookware to an unknowing populace. Viroqua at the time had about 3,400 people which included many of the […]

A little about Captivate 2 vs. Captivate 3

Well, I lost about three hours of work as Captivate 2 crashed on me (repeatedly) on a larger branching simulation I’m developing. This prompted me back to my personal Macbook Pro to work on my day-job project in Captivate 3. Captivate 3 seems to be a bit better with memory management as an application and […]