E-Learning vs. Performance Support

Inspired a bit by [Tom King’s article on authoring tools](http://mobilemind.net/2007/12/google-trends-authoring-tool-trends.html), I started playing with [Google Trends](http://www.google.com/trends) and was a little interested in [how E-Learning is faring against the notion of Performance Support](http://google.com/trends?q=e-learning%2C+performance+support&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=1) — my idea being that E-Learning is stuff we have to evaluate, manage and track the learner’s interaction with — and performance support […]

All Hail Blaze DS

Adobe just released a free and open-source Java implementation of flash/flex remoting service called Blaze DS for Java. This is pretty huge for people, as it supports remoting to the new AMF version (3) which just got documentation released, but it also supports remoting and polling over port 80 — so no more getting blocked […]

Upgrading Blues

e can trace the string coming back on consecutive data transactions with SCORM content and that’s definitely going on — pipes (|) are being sent the first time. Then, when they’re coming back, they’re URL-encoded. Then it looks like the URL encoding is changing the Ampersand (&) into something else…

Musing on Kids and Electronic Literacy

I’m a geek. A big one, and not just physically (though that stereotype applies as well). I’ve been using computers to program my own virtual experiences since I was six. A great portion of it has been an individualized experience. Now I have a kid. Most people who meet me in real life assume that […]