Why the hell is there Christmas music now???

Jesus H. Flippin’ Christ! I’m driving to work today since I had my final post-operartion Doctor’s appointment (still for the finger), and I’m scanning the FM stations in-between the commercials, when I pick up 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee. Now, I don’t normally listen to “The Mix” and honestly, except for working at the gas station […]

Captivate 3

*Currently playing in iTunes: Howl (Extended Version) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Southland Tales soundtrack* I upgraded to Captivate 3 *personally* today to gear up to take on some contract work, and I’m exploring a couple of things. Months ago, when Captivate 3 was released, I downloaded the demo and thought it was overall a […]

Me and Metrics

Just a quick aside on the power of [Feedburner](http://www.feedburner.com/): I was alerted by someone at Feedburner that my RSS feed wasn’t rendering the actual Feedburner layout and that my stats were probably off because of it. So, with a tiny bit of coaching, I got it right now (just click on the RSS icon in […]

Podcasts on Flash

[](http://www.amazon.com/dp/0789737027?ie=UTF8&tag=mrchompersnet-20) With my 3G iPod nano, I’ve run the course on getting my learn on as far as adjusting my fantasy football team or catching up on political satire. This weekend I was getting jiggy with ActionScript 3 and actively sought out what podcasts might be available, video or otherwise, on the subject. I didn’t […]

OpenDocument Format + Flash = Open Content Templates?

A thought just occurred to me, and I hope it spurs some discussion from the Flash coders that are among us. So OpenDocument Format is an approved ISO standard for Office-type documents, including spreadsheets. In fact, ISO is in the process of moving the standard forward to version 1.2, where it’s expected that tables will […]