What do you really believe about learning?

Basic Approach: * Conceptions of learning and human nature matter * We tend to adopt one or more of three common sets of conceptions * There are basic tensions and questions raised by these sets * It’s worth struggling with these questions Conceptions of Learning: * Behaviorist * Selection of behavior by educator * Pursuit […]

Keynote: Don Tapscott – Wikinomics

“Wikinomics” is up for a Pulitzer Prize for Business literature. How are youngsters changing the way we think about talent? Training, retention, collaboration and managing them? Within this new culture, there is a new culture of work and therein will lie the answers of how to accomplish this. Myspace has 220 million members, growing at […]

Keynote: Learning Theory

Stanton Wortham from The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business is talking about learning theories, their characteristics and contradictions. Behaviorists believe that organisms learns by feedback from their environment. B.F. Skinner is among the most prominent behaviorists. You create a situation that rewards students for doing what you want them to do. Positive behaviors […]

Mobile Learning: 101

(Downtown) Judy Brown, former head of the ADL Academic Co-Lab is now a MASIE Fellow following her passion and bliss with mobile technology and learning. Slides are posted on the Learning 2007 Wiki. .mobi New domain names are available for mobile sites, starting at $7.99. The masie.mobi site was created with a wizard by mobisitegalore. […]