A little bit about Blogging…

I got an interesting email from Jason Haag of [Conform2SCORM](http://www.conform2scorm.com/) today, asking me about if I had recently switched blogging services because he noticed that the theme here on Flash for Learning has changed *again* as is my wont. I responded that no, in fact, I merely switched the **theme** which is the term that […]

A new way to think about Accessibility

So this morning I was reading [Phillip Hutchinson’s post on pipwerks.com](http://pipwerks.com/journal/2007/10/26/assistive-computer-technology-and-web-accessibility/) linking to video profiles of people with disabilities — mild to severe — using assistive technology to communicate, work and improve their lives. When I worked as a contractor for DoD and Homeland Security, accessibility was given the due lip service, and that was […]

Leopard: The Agony of the Update

I could just punt my Macbook Pro right about now. It’s a good thing I did a full backup last week of my drive using SuperDuper. If you’re thinking about upgrading your Mac to Leopard, here are some words of advice: Most of you are probably okay with doing just an upgrade, in which case […]

Talent 2.0

Interesting, INTERESTING brain dump from Elliott Masie on “Talent 2.0.” One of the things Don Tapscott (Wikinomics) was very passionate about yesterday was about the future of talent management and retention. Elliott shared some pretty radical but insanely genius points that I’m sure he’s collected from a host of people over the conference. What if […]