Macromedia Seminars Coming to a Town Near You!!!

Hey kids:**Breaking Down the Barriers to Effective Online Training and Communication**Macromedia has 30-minute field seminar demonstrating how you can use Breeze to combine existing learning assets with quizzing and real-time interactivity for collaborative communication, teaching and learning experiences. See how Breeze makes it easy to deliver a blended learning program that includes both narrated self-paced […]

SOX WIN!!!!!!!!

IMG_1621.JPG Forty-six years after we lose in the World Series, fate has granted Sox fans the Olive Branch of tragicomic hope. What a great game. 8 innings of back and forth lead changes in the game, before Joe Crede locked up the Angels’ Halo. This is a feeling south-siders have not known in so many […]

Embedding Flash into a hidden div

Thank Griffin for this nugget: Griffin asked me about a bug we saw in Firefox where a Flash movie embedded into a hidden div was just plain never showing up. The fix Griffin applied while perusing W3C validates XHTML 1.0 Strict: data=”images/ov/ov1.swf” width=”762″ height=”440″> Pay particular attention to that “wmode” parameter. That seems to do […]