Dreamweaver, XML and XSLT

My personal development methodology probably mirrors what many developers reading this blog are doing: I abstract my textual content as much as possible as an XML document so I can do more with it (potentially). It makes for cleaner development, keeping functionality separate from the information being conveyed, and then I keep the style and […]

Book: Essentials of Macromedia Captivate

There appears to be a leading book on Captivate for anyone who’s new or a little uncertain of what all you can do with the program. The book is called **Essentials of Macromedia Captivate: Skills and Drills Workbook (Spiral-bound)**, and it’s available for $35 on [Amazon](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1932733035/ref=pd_sim_b_2/102-5168508-4756959?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance). I halfway trust Amazon reviews, and this book is […]

Shrinking the file size in Captivate

Tom King put out some pretty helpful tips to help you shrink down Captivate files. This came up in both my sessions at MAX 2005, so it bears the reprint here, especially since Tom was citing work by Dave Mozealous: * [Troubleshooting movie file size](http://captivatehelp.macromedia.com/robo/projects/en_rd60/Troubleshooting/Troubleshooting_movie_size.htm) * [Recording Tricks and Tips](http://captivatehelp.macromedia.com/robo/projects/en_rd60/Creating_movies/Recording_tricks_and_tips.htm) Tom also suggests that when […]

Thanks for a great conference!

Alan and I wanted to share our general thanks to Macromedia, as well as everyone who came to our sessions on SCORM, Flash and Captivate — and a huge thanks to the other developers and designers who contributed some excellent dialogue to our sessions, as well as those who gave some excellent presentations that we […]

Contact Info

It may not be clear on how to contact me if you’ve attended MAX 2005 (or even if you haven’t). Email me at aaron.silvers [at] gmail [dot] com Obviously, this is slightly obfuscated so that I don’t get a ton of automated spam. You can also register for this site and include your e-mail address […]