My MAX 2005 schedule

If you have suggestions on other ways to spend my time at the conference, please comment below… * Mon 08:30 AM 10:00 AM Using the Power of XML with Dreamweaver * Mon 02:45 PM 03:45 PM ACCESSIBILITY: Developing Accessible Rich Content with Flash * Mon 04:00 PM 05:30 PM Using the CSS Box Model for […]

Working with Multi-Page SCOs

> Is there a way to setup items in the manifest (using Reload) so that multiple html pages are navigable using the LMS previous/continue buttons but are considered part of the same sco? Short answer: no. What you *can* do with SCORM 2004 is turn off the LMS’s User Interface controls, such as the LMS’s […]

SCORM a la “mode”

> cmi.mode = review, can user enter data? Does the user have to have gone through it in normal mode then come back? Good question. The **cmi.mode** is the data model element that identifies one of three possible modes in which the Sharable Content Object (SCO) may be presented to the learner: browse, normal or […]