Unobtrusive Flash Objects

If you’re at all concerned about valid XHTML (like I am), it’s been a real pain to build valid XHTML pages embedded with Flash. There have been several hacks that solve the problem, but they required extra work. That is, until now. Authored by [Bobby van der Sluis](, The Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) V1.0 is […]

Getting started with meta-data…

> I’m in the phase of our project where we need to update all our SCORM 1.2 content to 2004 and add metadata to the content package itself and for each SCO (I don’t think we’ll go down to the asset level yet). There isn’t much, if any, metadata in the original manifests and I’m […]

MAX 2005 Outline

Thanks to the fine folks at Macromedia, my outline for MAX 2005 was approved (and I’m currently half-way to completing the first draft of the presentation). * Introduction * Biography * What does SCORM mean to a content developer? * The SCORM 2004 library * ADL’s goals for SCORM (the “-iliities”) * View the information […]

High Level Architecture (HLA)

You ask, what is HLA? The High Level Architecture is a software architecture for creating computer simulations out of component simulations, providing structure for developers to describe their simulation applications. The key concepts of HLA? Reusability and Interoperability, which should sound familiar to any OOP developer, as well as anyone involved with learning objects. [There’s […]

If you’re going to conquer SCORM with Flash…

You’re going to need to conquer the communication barriers between Flash and JavaScript. This, however has recently become a lot easier. Remember these links, as they’ll (likely) provide a solid solution: * [Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit]( * [flashjs:docs:tutorials:ffnyc05 [OSFlash]](