“Bunko Break” with Dan Pink (part 1)

Follow Your Arrow
Sometimes I find myself listening to country because NPR tells me to. Sometimes I up and move across the country for a new job because my spirit animal tells me to. Read more – ‘Follow Your Arrow’.
What I Learned Before My Summer Vacation
If anyone ever tells you you’re too old to skateboard, maybe you should listen to them. Then again… that’s not exactly what I would do.. or what I did. Read more – ‘What I Learned Before My Summer Vacation’.
How Unconferences Work
Over the past year with two gatherings for Up to All of Us, we’ve continued to make the time in each excursion to build a common language we can all speak which helps set the expectations that we’re here to make ideas better and shared… not to cut them down. One can argue a lot […] Read more – ‘How Unconferences Work’.
It Starts With Love
I’m sitting on my couch with my girls, watching Super Hero Squad, enjoying much needed cuddles while my thoughts drift to a replay of last weekend, an hour+ outside of Austin, Texas. It’s barely a week since Up to All of Us and a number of tweets, pictures and blog posts have been shared about […] Read more – ‘It Starts With Love’.
I, Baristo
I spent a Wednesday afternoon at the Intelligentsia RoastingWorks facility enjoying a birthday present I gave to myself: a class offering Barista training. Intelligentsia is one of a few highly renown coffee roasters in the US and their facility — particularly their test kitchen — is the proving ground for many of the people pouring your […] Read more – ‘I, Baristo’.
Reflections on 2012
So we get it out-of-the-way, here is the executive summary of things I did instead of just talk about doing these things in 2012: I helped lead the charge on moving “Project Tin Can” into a full-on specification called Experience API with a whole bunch of people. I founded a new community (and a retreat) […] Read more – ‘Reflections on 2012’.
The Turn
“Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of […] Read more – ‘The Turn’.
On Experience Design
My good friend Chad Udell (@visualrinse) reminded me in the comments that I spoke earlier this summer, right after mLearnCon, about some thoughts on Experience Design. With the DevLearn Junto coming up and a bunch of workshops related to designing experiences using the Experience API, this might give anyone casually interested some background on where my […] Read more – ‘On Experience Design’.
Catching Up
It’s been a busy few months since my last post here. iFest happened. So did BIF-8.  In the midst of that, there’s been a lot of travel and writing. This post will attempt to consolidate things that have been going on and are still to come this year. Writing I just got done with a […] Read more – ‘Catching Up’.
Vapor Trails
Ima go Star Trek nerd on you for a minute. My favorite Star Trek movie is “Wrath of Khan.” My *second favorite* is directed by the same guy, Nicholas Meyer: “The Undiscovered Country.” This is the movie with Kirk and McCoy framed and imprisoned for the murder of a Klingon Ambassador, meanwhile the real assassin […] Read more – ‘Vapor Trails’.
Gold Stars
I want to spend a little time gushing over Dr. Alicia Sanchez (@gamesczar) and Kris Rockwell (@krisrockwell). This experience we co-created in Sedona back in February, Up to All of Us, had an incubation at Parsons School of Design, organized by the wonderful Liz Burow (@burlix). One of the main takeaways from that incubator came […] Read more – ‘Gold Stars’.
Tornadoes & Strawberry Yogurt
Aggregating data across multiple enterprise systems isn’t something new. Companies like SAP and Oracle have offered such end-to-end solutions for years now, and the largest supply chain organizations in the world have already bought-in. Supply chain organizations concern themselves with sourcing products from all over the world to get anywhere else in the world. Supply […] Read more – ‘Tornadoes & Strawberry Yogurt’.
July Fourth (#JFDid)
Nine years ago on Wednesday, I received a phone call that changed my life. I was laid off two months after my eLearning startup folded in 2003, mostly because our clients went to SCORM LMSs and we couldn’t figure out how to adopt. On the Fourth of July, 2003, I got a call asking if […] Read more – ‘July Fourth (#JFDid)’.
On Losing My Good Boy…
It pains me to come back after a long hiatus from blogging with this, but it’s a personally sad day for the family around these parts. Today, after a long year of watching his health decline, we had to put Mr. Chompers down. My parents and I had a few dogs growing up. Mr. Chompers […] Read more – ‘On Losing My Good Boy…’.
What’s Up to All of Us?
Several months ago, I participated in a unconference in Santa Clara, California, called Overlap. I did it on my time as an investment in my growth. I came away with a renewed sense of purpose and energy that has improved my professional life. It also sparked a change in my awareness of what I do, professionally, […] Read more – ‘What’s Up to All of Us?’.
When Did You First Realize You Were a Designer?
“When did you first realize you were a designer?” Earlier on this Tuesday night, several friends in the Chicago area got together for pizza and wine and beer (maybe some whiskey, too) and sat around a table at the Coop and we bounced this question around the table. We each sketched a picture to describe […] Read more – ‘When Did You First Realize You Were a Designer?’.
Reflecting on 2011 – Making Awesome Happen
2011 is about to wrap-up, and when I look back on the fullness of life that happened in this small period of time (and especially looking back at my reflection of 2010), I wonder how much bigger things can get… because 2012 is already shaping up to be monumental and I wonder how I will […] Read more – ‘Reflecting on 2011 – Making Awesome Happen’.
Learning Registry Plugfest 2
A few weeks ago, the second Learning Registry Plugfest took place at the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Over the course of two days the community gathered together, worked across organizations (and technologies) and surfaced some critically important questions and ideas the will drive the next wave of development for the […] Read more – ‘Learning Registry Plugfest 2’.
Obliquity and Luck
I have a slight confession for some of you: I’m an occasional smoker; perhaps more than occasional. Last night I finished my last cigarette and took a cab home from the co-working space I’m renting to help me stay on top of things. It was late, I had just spent several hours in a row writing […] Read more – ‘Obliquity and Luck’.
Steer into the Fear
I’ve had a remarkable couple of weeks starting with DevLearn 2011. I’ve had the opportunity to dwell at length with my heroes in the eLearning community. The response from hundreds of attendees at DevLearn to the causes I’ve championed, namely the revolution needed in learning technologies, has been humbling and validating as it became clear […] Read more – ‘Steer into the Fear’.
#DevLearn Bound
In what has become the seminal event of my year in learning for the past three years, tomorrow I arrive in Las Vegas for the annual DevLearn conference. I have enjoyed seeing the conference grow over the past several years and once again I am both honored and humbled to be a part of it. […] Read more – ‘#DevLearn Bound’.
Takeaways from #SketchCamp Chicago
Earlier last week, I found out that there was a SketchCamp hitting Chicago. It was $25 for the day at a local design shop, GravityTank, and it was a good investment of my time (and money). I chase after opportunities to draw and use other tools in the toolbelt after a very good (but very […] Read more – ‘Takeaways from #SketchCamp Chicago’.
The Inklings, and Where Ideas Come From
Bars, Pubs, Tea Houses and Coffee Shops… these are all places where diverse groups and individuals get together and co-mingle. Read more – ‘The Inklings, and Where Ideas Come From’.
Getting the Word(s) Out
This week, with much thanks to Tony Karrer (@tonykarrer), this blog began being featured in eLearningLearning, which is pretty much the biggest aggregator of eLearning-related blogs (and wow, there are a lot of them now). Of course, eLL focuses on more than straight-up eLearning, which is good because as casual readers would guess I’m blogging […] Read more – ‘Getting the Word(s) Out’.
Massively Multiplayer Problem Solving
The recent news about the game FoldIt and the group of players that figured out the protein structure for a key enzyme related to the development of the AIDS virus is both thrilling and marvelous… and it is just the tip of the iceberg on how to leverage cognitive surplus to solve wicked problems with […] Read more – ‘Massively Multiplayer Problem Solving’.
Spotify vs. Rdio
Two different music subscription services, both compelling in their own ways. Several days ago, Loren Baxter shared something that nudged me about trying Spotify. Despite many other friends signing up through various promotions around their launch, I didn’t. I had used Rdio and have been quite happy with the service. Still, Loren’s tweets compelled me […] Read more – ‘Spotify vs. Rdio’.
When I was six years-old, I learned BASIC on my Apple II+ and I learned to program with High-resolution graphics because I wanted to make Yoda and ET move across the screen. When I was 15 years-old, I turned in a project in high school for a chemistry class on 3.5″ disk using Hypercard that […] Read more – ‘Influence’.
On Education, Badges and Scouting
There is a growing amount of discussion about the use of “badges” in education. I’ve been following a few strands of discussion on the topic and this morning something clicked for me and I began tweeting a little about the stream of thought I had on the subject. Some people on Twitter thought it might […] Read more – ‘On Education, Badges and Scouting’.
On Entrepreneurship in Public Education
  Some caveats first: I’m entrepreneurial, but not an entrepreneur in a sense like I’m bootstrapping my own enterprise (at the moment, I’m not). I don’t work in public education, though I have a rich background and history working in public education. I don’t publish proprietary content (save for what’s on the blog and in […] Read more – ‘On Entrepreneurship in Public Education’.
#mLearnCon: The Use of Tablets in the Future of mLearning
mLearnCon is coming up next week! June 21-23, we’ll be doing some intensive deep dives into how mobile devices can (and are) transforming learning across a lot of domains (corporate, government, medical, military, academia, edu, etc). I’m going to (try to) give you a sneak preview of what’s happening on the mLearning Future Zone stage I’m […] Read more – ‘#mLearnCon: The Use of Tablets in the Future of mLearning’.
#mLearnCon: Augmented Reality is “Everywhere” Learning
mLearnCon is coming up in two weeks! June 21-23, we’ll be doing some intensive deep dives into how mobile devices can (and are) transforming learning across a lot of domains (corporate, government, medical, military, academia, edu, etc). I’m going to (try to) give you a sneak preview of what’s happening on the mLearning Future Zone […] Read more – ‘#mLearnCon: Augmented Reality is “Everywhere” Learning’.
Start With Me
This past week I blogged about a “culture of text” that is growing more prevalent (at least in the US). I briefly touched on how simulation and simulacrum shape this culture and wrote a bit about latency and agency. Yesterday, I offered a way to avoid awkward moments presented by incoming messages. In this post, […] Read more – ‘Start With Me’.
People Who Sit With Us Come First
When I blogged Monday evening, I didn’t appreciate the nerve I was tweaking. Thanks for all the comments and emails (and please read the threads on GovLoop, where this blog is mirrored). Left unchecked, I am a culprit in awkward social behaviors with my devices than most people. I say “left unchecked” because despite what […] Read more – ‘People Who Sit With Us Come First’.
Who’s Texting Whom?
In my last two posts, I introduced an idea that our reliance on text alone as a primary channel for communication is changing us. I also described one aspect of this communication, latency, that can help or hinder text communication. In this post, I’m going to talk about agency. Read more – ‘Who’s Texting Whom?’.
The Speed of Text
In my last post, I forwarded that many people today are becoming hardwired for texting. I’ll touch on one aspect of this phenomenon: latency. Read more – ‘The Speed of Text’.
Why We Text
I am a major proponent of using social media in learning, education and training. I dedicate a good deal of professional and personal energy explaining how organizations improve knowledge flows, how social media becomes a means for collective intelligence and how individuals and groups can improve performance, collaborate and innovate as knowledge and speed increase. […] Read more – ‘Why We Text’.
Me, MrCh0mp3rs- Avatars, Branding and Us
Years ago when social media started to become a “thing” I wasn’t sure about how out in the open I wanted to be. Sound familiar? Read more – ‘Me, MrCh0mp3rs- Avatars, Branding and Us’.
Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to be invited on #eLearnChat, a live-streaming talk show (and podcast) about the eLearning industry hosted by Terrence Wing (@terrencewing) and Rick Zanotti (@rickzanotti). Every week, they interview someone from the industry, and they’ve had a bunch of highlights in the fifteen shows until I intruded in […] Read more – ‘#eLearnChat’.
On GameTech 2011
I was absolutely pleased, humbled, honored, psyched… to be asked to team up with Alicia and Kris on the Social Gaming panel discussion on Tuesday afternoon. I love panel discussions that turn into brain dumps, and we share a very close rapport. I hope that experience resonated with the audience (physically and virtually in attendance). […] Read more – ‘On GameTech 2011’.
Policy of Truth
“Words like violence Break the silence Come crashing in Into my little world…” – Martin Gore, Depeche Mode. “Enjoy the Silence” from the album “Violator In many contexts, few people appreciate having things forced down their throats. I was reading Dan Pontefract’s blog today on the future of communication skills in organizations. This particularly got me […] Read more – ‘Policy of Truth’.
Fundamental Design of Learning Activities
I’ve quoted Richard Buchanan previously in a definition of Design Thinking as “the integration of signs, things, actions and environments that addresses the concrete needs and values of people in diverse circumstances.” Design Thinking offers a set of tools to make sense of “wicked problems” and mysteries, and in this post I attempt to narrate […] Read more – ‘Fundamental Design of Learning Activities’.
My Process for Presentations
Over the last couple of years, I’ve delivered a number of presentations. I am a huge skeptic of my own presentations, but I get asked about my process by many people who really like them.  This is my effort at trying to explain what I do (not necessarily defend it). Read more – ‘My Process for Presentations’.
How I Roll: Ideation
I’d like to peel back the curtain a bit on how I do about producing ideas. As I tend to be a creature of habit, I tend to participate in certain rituals that result in new projects, new writing or new directions for existing efforts. I make the act of Ideation a pretty enjoyable habit […] Read more – ‘How I Roll: Ideation’.
What are the risks of starting an internal community without thinking through effective community management? [Quora]
The question on Quora is expanded to ask: When launching an internal community platform, it’s often quite tempting to get lost in the technology implementation. Now it’s definitely quite important to provide an attractive first release of collabware, but what role does community management play in making the roll out effective? Or is community management […] Read more – ‘What are the risks of starting an internal community without thinking through effective community management? [Quora]’.
How Socially Defined is my Identity?
For the last several months, people have caught me spouting off on Twitter (and elsewhere, like DevLearn’s General Session) that identity — my identity, in particular — is socially defined. Now it’s time for the rubber to meet the road. Read more – ‘How Socially Defined is my Identity?’.
The Beard @ ASTD #TK11
I am VERY excited for my first ASTD TechKnowledge experience. When I was invited by Cammy Bean (@cammybean) and Michelle Lentz (@writetechnology) to talk SCORM, AICC and Future Learning Experience Project during a TK Chat with Kris Rockwell (@hybridkris), I was giddy.  I love lively discussions, and I had a blast last year at mLearnCon […] Read more – ‘The Beard @ ASTD #TK11’.
What is stopping some educators and trainers from more openly accepting and adopting e-learning solutions? [Quora]
This question asked on Quora was expanded here… “While some trainers and educators have embraced the digital age and moved a great deal of their content and teaching material to web based an e-learning solutions some are reluctant to make the leap and leave the paper behind. Some entire schools, learning organizations and even corporate […] Read more – ‘What is stopping some educators and trainers from more openly accepting and adopting e-learning solutions? [Quora]’.
Why do many people expect “social” online communications to be synchronous? [Quora]
Many people expect online communications — especially in “social” settings — to be immediate / synchronous. The bar is being set by those who engage in seemingly real time. My view on customer service has largely been reset because of companies like Comcast (a brand I “hate” (hyperbole), but whose online customer service I love), […] Read more – ‘Why do many people expect “social” online communications to be synchronous? [Quora]’.
Is Quora Another Distraction? [Quora]
You’re on LinkedIn. You were cajoled to sign up for Facebook by friends and family, and now you’re talking about doing more “work” stuff on it. You keep hearing about Twitter and you’re finally starting to look into that. And now, out of nowhere, there’s this new kid on the block that’s got everybody a-flutter […] Read more – ‘Is Quora Another Distraction? [Quora]’.
The Greys
Hyperbole is a wonderful tool. When I write this what I mean is that it is an effective, sartorial means of conveying self-deprecating thoughts and personal triumphs.  Here are some hashtags you’ve no doubt seen floating around on Twitter, in other status messages and blog posts, on buttons and badges and, no doubt, on t-shirts […] Read more – ‘The Greys’.
How-To: Wallpapers for Twitter, iPhone, iPad and Desktop
I received a direct message on Twitter over New Year’s in admiration of my Twitter page background.  This led to mutual admirations in which I revealed that I put together wallpapers for my computer desktop, iPad and iPhone, too.  Then came the request for a how-to. Since there are probably lots of people who are […] Read more – ‘How-To: Wallpapers for Twitter, iPhone, iPad and Desktop’.
How can e-Learning, or computer based training, be more effective? [Quora]
The question expanded was the following: "Most of the people that I've met are not happy with eLearning / CBT applications. The only time an employee goes online is when something is mandated for appraisal, and that's true especially for IT/Software companies. Any guesses why? How can eLearning, something that has been touted as a saviour, be really made somewhat and/or more effective?" In my opinion, E-Learning, as a means for making educational resources accessible to learners, is still ripe with promise. In practice, the complaints are generally around a devolution of something noble (learning) and how its been commoditized (the e-learning your people might be complaining about). Read more – ‘How can e-Learning, or computer based training, be more effective? [Quora]’.
How Do Tweets Allow for Collective Intelligence? [Quora]
There are (likely) many ways in which tweets allow for collective intelligence. I will offer one example of how this works. Tweets are made up of text, with an invisible cachet of metadata — I say invisible but that’s not true at all. Geolocation, the source of a Tweet (i.e. the application that is the […] Read more – ‘How Do Tweets Allow for Collective Intelligence? [Quora]’.
Is post-secondary education in the technology sector still worth it? [Quora]
I’ve started to dive into Quora, answering questions where I believe I might be able to bring experience and knowledge to bear. This particular question went on to expand as such: “Technology is changing daily, it seems like post-secondary institutions are always a few steps behind with their material.” My short answer is “yes, it’s […] Read more – ‘Is post-secondary education in the technology sector still worth it? [Quora]’.
Reflecting on 2010, Causes and Effects
2010 was a pretty big year for me. Every year has felt that way, but I really believe this last year will prove to be a milestone for me in a number of ways. I won’t be able to do it justice since I lack the perspective needed to appreciate what’s happened, but here are […] Read more – ‘Reflecting on 2010, Causes and Effects’.
Fractals, Design Thinking and Grapevines
Some definitions: #OverlapSF is a gathering of design-thinking individuals (mostly User or Interaction Experience Designers and Design Engineers) who live in the San Francisco area and get together every once in a while to ideate together. Design Thinking is “the integration of signs, things, actions and environments that addresses the concrete needs and values of […] Read more – ‘Fractals, Design Thinking and Grapevines’.
Why Project Tin Can Is Important to Me
By now, I think most readers of this blog have probably heard me talk to this at DevLearn, read the breaking news posted by the eLearning Guild in Learning Solutions Magazine or have been to Rustici Software to find out about what Project Tin Can is all about. Rather than re-iterate what the Tin Can […] Read more – ‘Why Project Tin Can Is Important to Me’.
The DevLearn 2010 Write-up #DL10
It took me a week to let the excitement settle from DevLearn and reflect. I wanted to make sure that what I shared in a reflective post was what was more likely to stick with me, and shake loose the bright and shiny that I'm often drawn to. The week was so packed with people and activities that it deserves its own mix tape, with each day having its own theme song. I'll save everyone the big half-hour read below and get to the major take-aways for me: Think about the last time you coordinated a learning event for 2,800 people over a five day period, with at least 1,200 attendees participating virtually, without you intentionally accomodating them? Not only is it an affordance of the design sensibilities of the eLearning Guild, but it's very much because of a social bargain that is unspoken but struck between attendees and their counterparts on the other side of the touchscreen. Face-to-Face is not dead; it's not even close to dead. It is a vital accelerator of rapport-building because it allows people to share context in the same time, space with full use of the senses. Can it be done with other ways that scale more? Yes, and technology -- especially social communication technology -- is extremely critical to this. But there's no virtual replacement yet for the warm fraternal embrace of kindred spirits giving each other a hug after talking to each other online so often and for so long. I was just so happy to be among so many of my tribe last week. I was happy to be there for them; I was happy so many were there for me. What sticks with me is not the content of the week (I have books by the speakers, contact information, notes on Twitter, reflective blog posts, speaker notes, slides for all of the content). What sticks with me is the context and the contact. What sticks with me is how much my belly hurt because I laughed so much and so hard, how I would tear up at heart-wrenching detail of struggle and the hope that it inspired. What sticks with me is how many friends we have in this space, and how some mediums have allowed us to grow closer in-between events. What this event allowed me to do was add some shared stories for us all to share; and make new friends. Though it seems trite by comparison, I need to get me a presentation coach, because I saw bars set for public speaking that I'd like to measure up to. More after the jump... Read more – ‘The DevLearn 2010 Write-up #DL10’.
Design Thinking + Democracy
My presentation and slides originally planned for the DevLearn 2010 General Session. I connect the use and the history of the hash-tag on Twitter to Design Thinking principles as expressions of liberty, freedom and joy (Democracy) that are paramount to successful “social learning.” Read more – ‘Design Thinking + Democracy’.
Mobile Social Learning Games Panel at DevLearn #DL10
Alicia (@gamesczar), Kris (@hybridkris), Harold (@hrjarche), Eric and I discuss where games, mobile and social converge in the field of learning. A panel, as part of the Social Learning Camp at DevLearn 2010. I love being invited to sit among masters in the learning field. It was epic. Read more – ‘Mobile Social Learning Games Panel at DevLearn #DL10’.
Stepping Up for DevLearn 2010 #DL10
I am REALLY excited for DevLearn next week. First of all, there’s a feeling that I can only describe as “homecoming.” I’ve been really so fortunate this year to see so many of my learning peeps (icons, heroes all), to chat in real-time/real-life/meatspace; this only strengthens the connections we’ve made online.  Last year at DevLearn, […] Read more – ‘Stepping Up for DevLearn 2010 #DL10’.
Design, Empathy and Community
I’ve been playing with this notion in my head over the last couple of weeks that while it’s clear that there are digital literacy skills needed, there seems to be little progress made on what those literacy skills look like.  I spent the day at the Chicago Children’s Museum thinking about this, watching my 6- […] Read more – ‘Design, Empathy and Community’.
Introduction to SCORM, Part I
This is the first of what will be a series of videos from ADL. One of the things we’re trying to do is make our information more digestible and more accessible. Jono used to hold webinars like this all the time and the move to video makes it (hopefully) easier to access on demand, translate […] Read more – ‘Introduction to SCORM, Part I’.
Links From This Week (2010/10/15)
It’d be way too easy to just list out every video from the COINs conference this week, but they archive almost everything, it’s free and blowing your mind won’t take but a few minutes out of this outstanding conference. The keynotes alone will blow you away. The paper sessions that went down on day 3 […] Read more – ‘Links From This Week (2010/10/15)’.
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is Broken
In today’s #lrnchat on “Tools of the Trade” we ran through a number of topical questions related to how we find out about, select and replace tools for learning in our organizations. In a discussion of how we replace tools, a tweet came up: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This pattern of thought […] Read more – ‘“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is Broken’.
Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-N
A thought stewed in the slow cooker of my brain for several weeks, which finally reduced to a tasty idea in the wake of the COINs 2010 conference: It is difficult to undo (Ctrl-Z). It is often easier to begin anew (Ctrl-N). I look at software like Photoshop.  Photoshop is arguably the most brilliant piece […] Read more – ‘Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-N’.
Richard Buchanan @ #COINs2010
Buchanan discusses the problem that has motivated the convergence as well as the concepts and practical methods of practice that students of communication design, industrial design, and interaction design have as resources for meeting the new opportunities. In particular, he focuses attention on “design entrepreneurship” as a central way of building the bridge to management. […] Read more – ‘Richard Buchanan @ #COINs2010’.
The Org Chart is NOT The Org
I just got back from COINs 2010, and I am mentally more awake as a result of this great conference. The closing keynote on Saturday night was Richard Buchanan, and though he never used the words, he spoke a lot about the notion of General Semantics.  Buchanan specifically cited a few things that really resonated […] Read more – ‘The Org Chart is NOT The Org’.
Links From This Week (2010/10/1)
We’ll see if this becomes a sticky meme, but it might be helpful to put a timestamp on some of the things I’m reading or tweeting about that other people are doing. I have to say that Brian Dusablon (@briandusablon) is often an influencer for me (he rightfully suggested I touch up my sidebar here), […] Read more – ‘Links From This Week (2010/10/1)’.
Simple Governance for Learning Communities
Governance is an important tool in sustaining a community.  When the community has a hand in shaping a living governance (meaning it’s dynamic and prone to change with the changing needs of the community), based on a set of shared goals, you gain trust in the systems and in the communications that are going on […] Read more – ‘Simple Governance for Learning Communities’.
Post-Mortem on Star Wars Management Guide
For the second in what might be a series of documenting #fail, I’d like to answer the question “whatever happened to the Star Wars Management Guide?” Context Almost a year ago, I pondered the idea of having a broad community of geeks, engineers, MBAs and anyone else to collectively write a business book based on […] Read more – ‘Post-Mortem on Star Wars Management Guide’.
Post-Mortem on Black Swan Society
Yesterday I stated at the end of my lengthy ramble that “that there is enduring value in hub and spoke models of community building and organizational change, even without sponsorship from authoritative leaders.  Even when we fail in this model, we at least still learn…” I’d like to share a little post-mortem on one of […] Read more – ‘Post-Mortem on Black Swan Society’.
Leading, Leadership, Community and Change
Malcolm Gladwell (@gladwell) has a very interesting article on Twitter, Facebook, and social activism in The New Yorker today. In the National Journal Magazine, Jonathan Rauch [website] has a fascinating article that dissects How Tea Party Organizes Without Leaders. Gladwell seems to assert that social activism will only be effective when you at least have a […] Read more – ‘Leading, Leadership, Community and Change’.
Podcast Idea: #lrntalk
UPDATE: We’ve moved to a Wiki to better organize; check out http://lrntalk.wikispaces.com/ An idea floated up again today that has been floated many times before about doing a learning-related podcast.  While my current podcast has been much neglected by me, I’ve thought of doing a podcast several times in the past and have opined on […] Read more – ‘Podcast Idea: #lrntalk’.
Bring Your Own WiFi
Last week, after some goading by my good friend Graham (@ggelling), I picked up something I thought would be a bit of a luxury — a Virgin Mobile “MiFi” Hotspot. MiFi is the coined term for a portable WiFi router that works off a cellular connection like 3G or 4G, allowing you to connect via […] Read more – ‘Bring Your Own WiFi’.
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Organizational Social Media Needs
Attending the Social Media for Government conference yesterday, a breakout activity occurred which had four groups discussing issues of access, measurement, governance and culture.  Not many people wanted to discuss access issues so four of us reluctantly took to the task.  I tweeted off-hand that access was really the lowest link on the chain of […] Read more – ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Organizational Social Media Needs’.
Social Media and Democracy
Read more – ‘Social Media and Democracy’.
A Community’s Role in an Organizational Service
I’m attending a Social Media for Government conference this week. Yesterday, one of the sessions involved a staffer from the City of Geneva, IL named Pam (@pbroviak) and a high school student who started a Facebook page on his own for the city that eventually was endorsed by the city itself.  In their sharing, the […] Read more – ‘A Community’s Role in an Organizational Service’.
The Learning Technology Lab
A question asked on the survey in the ADL User Community Survey from this summer was this: The ADL Learning Technology Lab at the ADL Co-Lab Hub in Alexandria, Virginia maintains installations of SCORM 2004-certified content authoring, management, and delivery systems, including learning management systems (LMSs). ADL makes these systems available to the public for […] Read more – ‘The Learning Technology Lab’.
The Smithsonian Web Strategy
Defining a web strategy for any organization is a tough haul.  There are lots of questions and like so many things we do, while there are all sorts of things that have to be custom to our particular needs, it sure would be helpful to look at the format of how other people do their […] Read more – ‘The Smithsonian Web Strategy’.
We Joined A Community
My oldest daughter started kindergarten this last week, and all of the sudden, my wife and I have become a very busy bunch of joiners. This morning we started an interfaith Sunday School program. Except for holidays, our family maintained a pretty secular existence. For us to participate in a decidedly “not” secular undertaking is […] Read more – ‘We Joined A Community’.
SCORM Versions, Supported vs. Employed
This chart compares two sets of results from the ADL User Community Survey. Respondents were asked what versions of SCORM were supported by their organization’s LMSs, and a separate question was asked detailing what version of SCORM content was most employed by their organizations? Respondents could select more than one answer to the first question […] Read more – ‘SCORM Versions, Supported vs. Employed’.
COINS 2010
Every conference experience for me is a blend of what I share vs. what I learn.  Often times, what I learn is in the backchannel to the conference through the storytelling and rich sharing of your experiences putting rubber to the road.  I learn a lot from the questions I hear others ask… and every […] Read more – ‘COINS 2010’.
SCORM Adopters by Community of Practice
In July 2010, ADL ran a survey of the User Community.  By no means is it all-encompassing nor does it represent a random sampling.  147 people, mostly representing individual organizations, responded to the calls for participation in the survey through Twitter, LinkedIn and the ADL website over the course of almost four weeks.  Throughout the […] Read more – ‘SCORM Adopters by Community of Practice’.
Managing a Web Project for Community Involvement
In addition to helping build a community to support and develop the Federal Learning Registry AND helping to build a community to work towards the CMI Data Model Harmonization, I’ve now been given the go-ahead to lead a considerably more complex challenge: overhauling the web presence for ADL. Before you even think it, yes, this […] Read more – ‘Managing a Web Project for Community Involvement’.
Dusting Off The Blog
After some not too subtle prodding by many peers and mentoring figures this last week, the message has been received: I need to be writing more.  Not everything fits into 140 characters. If you go to the site, you’ll see that I’ve streamlined the look a bit and with as much fun as I’ve had […] Read more – ‘Dusting Off The Blog’.
You Can’t (Just) Automate Discoverability
if you're going to leverage a social platform like Twitter, only people who link to your content will assist in it being more discoverable through search engines like Google or Bing. Read more – ‘You Can’t (Just) Automate Discoverability’.
Supporting SCORM Support
Currently ADL is in the process of improving its support of SCORM 1.2 and 2004. If you have five minutes, would you please help guide us in supporting you by filling out this survey? Read more – ‘Supporting SCORM Support’.
The Architecture of Actualization
Understanding is constructed around people, places and shared experiences. Extending the Internet to accomodate this model has broad implications around learning, work, play and identity. Read more – ‘The Architecture of Actualization’.
This is the second year I've been fortunate enough to participate in the Innovations in Elearning Symposium. Much has changed in the last year since I first attended the conference at George Mason University, so this makes for an interesting reflection. Read more – ‘#IEL2010’.
Beard or Bust 2010
Unbelievably, I'm on the road the next three weeks in a row attending conferences, presenting, doing some carnival barking about future learning trends around mobile learning... It's going to be an insane time, but a lot of "hard fun." Read more – ‘Beard or Bust 2010’.
Given the conferences I normally go to, this was a different side of the training/learning world. Read more – ‘#ASTD10’.
What’s on my iPad
Given the newness of the iPad, I figured it might help to know what I'm actually using on it, instead of some hyperbole-laden review of my experience with it. Read more – ‘What’s on my iPad’.
I’m not a Digital Native
We become glued to our designs because as people age and grow more powerful, we become stuck on our design as progress itself. We lose our grasp on the progress for which we started reaching. Read more – ‘I’m not a Digital Native’.
The Next Chapter
Big things are about to happen. I'm excited to do something I care very deeply about: bridging communities who care about learning and the tech that supports it. Read more – ‘The Next Chapter’.
Hey, it’s March!
I've been keeping myself honest which is why it's pretty quiet on the blog. Here's a rundown of what I've been up to that's appropriate to share. Read more – ‘Hey, it’s March!’.
#lrnchat Europe Begins 25 Feb at 4:30pm GMT
I'm incredibly excited that a second #lrnchat is launching this week that both brings in the European Union in an hour that they can easily enjoy, and at the same time provides a weekday time to participate for the US. Read more – ‘#lrnchat Europe Begins 25 Feb at 4:30pm GMT’.
That Buzzing Sound
Google will be able to tell you search results not just in terms of web content that may answer your query, but in terms of people you're connected to (or are connected through other people) who can answer your query. Read more – ‘That Buzzing Sound’.
Other Ways to Participate in #lrnchat
There's a volunteer effort to produce weekly summaries of #lrnchat events -- valuable opportunity for lurkers and observers of #lrnchat to participate and contribute to the community. Read more – ‘Other Ways to Participate in #lrnchat’.
I’m on Voice of America
I'm going to be on Voice of America Friday, February 5 at 3pm Eastern (2pm Central) as a panelist discussing Economic Fractal Patterns, hosted by Pravir Malik. Read more – ‘I’m on Voice of America’.
Popularizing a Standards Debate
Let me take you on a small what-if scenario with Apple and Adobe -- then let me tell you why I think this is important from a learning technology standards perspective. Read more – ‘Popularizing a Standards Debate’.
Are Experts Participating?
How can we keep experts engaged, responsive and contributing to the greater network? Will a tie to some greater sense of “social responsibility” be enough? What intrinsic motivations keep them in the loop? Read more – ‘Are Experts Participating?’.
Review – “Drive” by Dan Pink
If there's any big "a-ha" to me from Pink's new book, "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us," it's that he's writing about where I am now. If Dan Pink is ahead of the future curve, letting people know behind him what's coming up ahead, maybe this means I'm catching up. Read more – ‘Review – “Drive” by Dan Pink’.
Community Catch-up: January
Last month (December), a number of us got together for almost two hours to talk about what we're collectively doing in different organizations to promote learning using community models. It was a very productive discussion and we're going to continue it on January 29, 2010 from 2pm - 4pm (Central). Read more – ‘Community Catch-up: January’.
After several pings by people encouraging me on some recent success with weight loss, I want to post how I'm doing it. Please know this: it's only been two weeks, and it's a far cry from what I'd consider a success. That said, I have lost ten pounds in two weeks and there's a learning nerd spin to this. Read more – ‘Shrinking’.
Enterprise 2.0 Conference
The E2 Boston 2010 Call for Papers Community Vote is now open, and yours truly has three sessions proposed. Sessions will proceed to the final "Selected Sessions" stage based on community votes and final approval by the E2 Advisory Board, and will be announced when the voting is closed. Please get your votes in by January 20. Read more – ‘Enterprise 2.0 Conference’.
My Top 10 Posts from 2009
Based on traffic from Google Analytics, here are the ten most popular posts from this last year (at least, what brought you to the site). Read more – ‘My Top 10 Posts from 2009’.
How I Got Through 2009
If there’s any consistent feedback I received all year long from different parts of my PLN, it’s that I always had so much going on — not chaos or “busyness” — but a lot of things going at one time. It’s not entirely an accident. I’ve really tried this last year to wring out as […] Read more – ‘How I Got Through 2009’.
On 2009
Twitter is a transformational medium that has changed my life completely from before its presence in my everyday. There is absolutely no way I could have the voice I have, had the ideas I've generated this year, made the friends I've made and actualized in so many parts of my "real" life had there been no efficient and truly effective means of "jacking in" to such wonderfully bright, funny and caring people around the world. Read more – ‘On 2009’.
Learning and Knowledge Community Catch-up
Many people in my org, including myself, are part of all sorts of knowledge communities. Now that we're going to try and do it all official like, I figured if I could use this information, maybe others could as well. Read more – ‘Learning and Knowledge Community Catch-up’.
Lots of Motivations
People are motivated by a weird assortment of things. I'm pragmatic: I don't want to question it; I want to use what works in accordance with what "we" value. Read more – ‘Lots of Motivations’.
Economic Incentives that Don’t Cost Money
It is possible to have economic incentives to motivate, recognize and/or reward behaviors (and behavior change) that don't cost a dime -- the key is in creating and valuing a non-financial economy in the organization. Read more – ‘Economic Incentives that Don’t Cost Money’.
Community is the New Content
This is just a small handful of what can be measured in community activity if we were interested in measuring it. What else would you add? What would you take away? Read more – ‘Community is the New Content’.
The DevLearn 2009 Write-Up
Who was at DevLearn 2009, and what were their goals? There were about 1,200 people at DevLearn (guesstimate) with a large majority interested in doing better E-Learning, interest in serious games and social learning with a subset of that group, maybe 200 people, very plugged into the Twitter community and interested in networking with each […] Read more – ‘The DevLearn 2009 Write-Up’.
Conventions for Virtual Collaboration
Maybe Robert's Rules of Order are more about collaboration than we realize at first blush. Read more – ‘Conventions for Virtual Collaboration’.
Google Wave Invite Exchange
In the hopes that this will at least channel the buzzing on Twitter and other forms of communication, if you are connected to me in any way and are looking for a Google Wave invitation, please leave a comment here and list out where you participate in other networks (not just networks you belong to […] Read more – ‘Google Wave Invite Exchange’.
How Change Changes You
There will be another new tool, probably sometime soon given how rapidly things change. I wonder how I will change as a result. Read more – ‘How Change Changes You’.
Guerilla Multimedia
Sometimes to please people, you have to make them aware of the pain their own lack of investment causes. Read more – ‘Guerilla Multimedia’.
What BAQON Enables: Gaming
By abstracting out persistent gaming information, you can enable multiple points of entry into shared game experiences. Read more – ‘What BAQON Enables: Gaming’.
Twitter: A Trust Ladder
...if you want to think new thoughts, you need to find people you can trust to bring out the best in your thinking who you know don't look at things the way you do. Read more – ‘Twitter: A Trust Ladder’.
Identity, Participation and Social Learning Implications
Sharing sensitive information honestly across discourses as an anonymous agent is different from disclosing such information within a discourse. Within discourse, trust in others is key. Inter-discourse sharing requires something else. Read more – ‘Identity, Participation and Social Learning Implications’.
What BAQON Enables: Public Services Applications
In the case of collecting information for infrastructure improvements, it’s not that there aren’t people trying to do this already, or that there aren’t pockets of applications to help make this easier for our municipalities – it’s that many of the data stores aren’t well known, widely available and more critically shared. Read more – ‘What BAQON Enables: Public Services Applications’.
On Mentoring…
Mentorship involves a deeper social contract. A mentor has a vested interest in the mentee's change or growth as a person, which infers there's really no limit to the behaviors or skills involved Read more – ‘On Mentoring…’.
What About BAQON?
BAQON will accelerate collaboration, communication, learning and gaming development where experiences persist and remain contextualized through open, interoperable web services. Read more – ‘What About BAQON?’.
The Balancing Act
Musing a bit abstractly on identity vs. security. Read more – ‘The Balancing Act’.
Wyatt Earp’s Networked Learning
Even a learner's questions force knowledge sharers to bridge newly discovered gaps in their understanding, so learning in a networked sense isn't that we're all learning the same things at the same time. Rather, we're all learning at different levels as we engage each other and bridge our cognitive gaps. Read more – ‘Wyatt Earp’s Networked Learning’.
Star Wars MG: Stay On Target
I spent a decent amount of time this afternoon drafting out a chapter of the Star Wars Management Guide. I'm hoping by having something up there for people to poke a stick at, it encourages the dozens interested in contributing to start fleshing it out some more. Read more – ‘Star Wars MG: Stay On Target’.
The Innovators
Who's noticing your evolution? If you're leading, how are you creating sustainable opportunities for the people around you? Read more – ‘The Innovators’.
Talent Management as an Alignment Vehicle
But I also suspect there's still a lot of old-world thinking in the "protection" of the data, even though it's, for the most part, user-generated. Think about that for a second. Read more – ‘Talent Management as an Alignment Vehicle’.
Balancing Social Capital and Expectation Management in E-Learning
Get a feel for what you don't like about E-Learning; discover the full extent of what your capabilities are. Define what the next level has to be; engage in a vendor who will love you. Read more – ‘Balancing Social Capital and Expectation Management in E-Learning’.
Narratives, Learning, The Holodeck and Hyperspaces
Learning is stuck at the pace of snail mail (old convention) but a learner's role in the world is responding to situations as they occur (hyperspace). Read more – ‘Narratives, Learning, The Holodeck and Hyperspaces’.
The New Look
I've updated the look of aaronsilvers.com to Tim Van Damme's "Antisocial" theme, available through Woo Themes. Read more – ‘The New Look’.
Curriculum is Not the (Whole) Problem
Harold's thesis, to me, at its core is one of how to manage the knowledge. He's throwing it all in the same sink, which is fine at a high level, but when you get down to it there are deeper dives... I posit that the deeper dives are where we find bigger, fundamental challenges. Read more – ‘Curriculum is Not the (Whole) Problem’.
The Star Wars Management Guide
What if a broader community of geeks, engineers, MBAs and the like were to put together a business book based on lessons learned from Star Wars? Read more – ‘The Star Wars Management Guide’.
Every week, learning professional around the internet gather online through Twitter for an informal (but planned) discussion that follows the tag #lrnchat. This week, I'm honored to have suggested the topic centered around what's valuable about E-Learning today that was valuable ten years ago. Read more – ‘#lrnchat’.
Social Media and Military Security
There's really very little that the military can do to stop Army spouses and family members from blogging whatever they want to blog about. Read more – ‘Social Media and Military Security’.
Lollapalooza and Social Learning Activity
So, when you make up your schedule for Lollapalooza, you can share your schedule with friends (or the massive public depending on how popular you are on Twitter or MySpace). It seems to me though that something's missing. Read more – ‘Lollapalooza and Social Learning Activity’.
Support Walla-Pa-Looza!
Out of deference to my very good friend and colleague, @rbieber , I’d like to highlight an event that does some real local good in the northwest Chicago area. Walla-Pa-Looza started out as a backyard party that expanded into a family-friendly community event focused on raising money to help local organizations and families in need, […] Read more – ‘Support Walla-Pa-Looza!’.
LETSI and the Past and Future of Interoperability Standards
Bill Brandon contacted me back in May to gauge my interest in summing up an objective perspective to make sense of the differences between IMS Global Learning Consortium, ADL and LETSI. The article is now published on the eLearning Guild's site as the (now) latest issue of Learning Solutions magazine. Read more – ‘LETSI and the Past and Future of Interoperability Standards’.
Reflections on #IeL09, Part 6
Dennis gets me to offer up my needling qualms with IeL09 (mainly Will Wright shoulda spoke all day and I shouldn't ever follow Will Wright with a presentation of my own). Dennis then switches gears and gets me to go deeper into what I was presenting on. Read more – ‘Reflections on #IeL09, Part 6’.
Reflections on #IeL09, Part 5
Dennis strikes a chord that gets me going deep with the question, "What am I going to do now because of this conference experience?" Read more – ‘Reflections on #IeL09, Part 5’.
Reflections on #IeL09, Part 4
This segment, Dennis gets me talking about three new things I learned at the conference. Two of them seem pretty mundane, but are telling about the context of relationships, moving from Twitter to meatspace. Another learning is the realization that there are learning organizations that are kicking serious butt, like the DAU. Read more – ‘Reflections on #IeL09, Part 4’.
Reflections on #IeL09, Part 3
This segment, Dennis gets me to open up (get candid) about what surprised me at the conference, including what "collaboration" means to different people, the promise of virtual worlds and the level of trust I place on my Twitter friends. Read more – ‘Reflections on #IeL09, Part 3’.
Reflections on #IeL09, Part 2
Continuing from yesterday, this snippet's questions include... Who was at the conference, and what were their goals? How was the conference structured? What were the big ideas I took from the conference? Read more – ‘Reflections on #IeL09, Part 2’.
Reflections on #IeL09, Part 1
Friend and former colleague Dennis Schleicher followed the #iel09 tweetstream last week and was pretty blown away. He offered up his anthropology skills to reflectively interview me to open up about what I thought was so amazing at the Innovations in E-Learning Conference. This is only the first couple of questions: 1. What have I been up to since we worked together last in 2006? 2. Why did I get invited to the conference? 3. Why was I psyched to go? Read more – ‘Reflections on #IeL09, Part 1’.
A Knowledge Exchange Strategy for Enterprise
Organizations can leverage the activities that their employees are already participating in, learn more about itself, find the performance gaps, fill them and dig deeper as they repeat the cycle. I have been putting my thoughts together on this subject for a very long time, it was only in January and February of this year that I formally put those thoughts into any kind of cohesive statement. I believe there is an ongoing relationship between user-generated knowledge that occurs in social networking, knowledge management and formal learning. Read more – ‘A Knowledge Exchange Strategy for Enterprise’.
I generally keep the name of my company and the details of my job separate from this blog. I do this intentionally, because even though I’m proud to be an employee and ambassador for my employer, I don’t pretend to speak on their behalf with any sanction. So in case it’s not already obvious, if […] Read more – ‘Disclaimer…’.
A Culture of Capture
On Wednesday, I had occasion to commiserate with peer and friend, Tom King (@mobilemind) for the Masie Consortium (@emasie) Semi-Annual Meeting. Masie’s events are good for the information shared, but I always get more out of the conversations those meetings inspire. Masie facilitated a brief conversation about user-generated content later in the afternoon (after laptop […] Read more – ‘A Culture of Capture’.
Masie Consortium’s Semi-Annual Meeting
Masie Consortium Semi-Annual Meeting Read more – ‘Masie Consortium’s Semi-Annual Meeting’.
To Write a Book About SCORM…
...There are books that have not been written that should have been a while ago, and the one book I can at least help to write is on SCORM. Read more – ‘To Write a Book About SCORM…’.
Stop, Collaborate and Listen
In order for people to own abstract concepts and make them concrete -- they need to take ownership, employ their understandings. In order for an idea that your passionate about to come to life, it needs to be big enough for lots of other people to own. Because an idea worth pursuing is, as a friend just put it yesterday, bigger than all of us. Read more – ‘Stop, Collaborate and Listen’.
25 Albums – #20-16
Continuing my list of 25 Albums I Love Now That I Didn’t Listen To in High School… Pleased to Meet Me – The Replacements They weren’t punk. They were alternative in a time that didn’t appreciate alternative music — they peaked just before bands like R.E.M. broke through to mainstream success. Hardcore Replacements fans (and […] Read more – ‘25 Albums – #20-16’.
25 Albums – #25-21
I was recently tagged in a number of memes. So many were the “25 Things About Me” meme, but as anyone who’s been to the blog knows, I already have a list of 68 Things About Aaron list. When Jim  posted his list on Facebook of 25 albums, I resolved that I’d respond with a list […] Read more – ‘25 Albums – #25-21’.
Catching Up
Catching you up on what's been up with me for the past six weeks or so, and what's coming up with LETSI, my work, this blog, Twitter, etc. Read more – ‘Catching Up’.
Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Building an iTunes-like Browser with Flash and XML
So, I've scripted me up an application with two listboxes, working off of one set of XML data exported (as previously detailed) from MS Access. Now for the explanations... Read more – ‘Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Building an iTunes-like Browser with Flash and XML’.
Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Making the Data Available to Flash from an Access Database
Okay, so I may have led you on a little bit in the previous post, expecially with the title. You WILL get some ActionScript. A lot of it. But for now let’s wrap up what we’re doing with Access as a relational database to manage a bunch of data about our curriculum maps. So, in […] Read more – ‘Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Making the Data Available to Flash from an Access Database’.
Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Working with Microsoft Access
If there's one thing I really care about for readers and followers is that you don't just take in what I'm doing, but also "why" I'm doing it. Context is everything, so in this post will walk you through some code, but I'm really trying to let you into my head so you might understand how I model abstract problems with tools most everyone can grasp. Hopefully, as you follow along my trail, you'll be able to pick up something useful to apply in your work. Read more – ‘Adventures in Actionscript 3.0: Working with Microsoft Access’.
7 Random Things
Melissa Pierce, tagged me in a rotating blog meme that states I need to outline 7 random/odd things about me. I’d just like to state for the record that it is incredibly difficult to come up with new and original random/odd facts about me when I’ve already listed out so many here. Having posted that, […] Read more – ‘7 Random Things’.
My Social Workflow…
A friend emailed me this morning asking how I go about blogging as a Mac user, and how I manage the buzz between Twitter and Facebook. My workflow for blogging uses these tools, not necessarily all together: WordPress MarsEdit WordPress for iPhone ScribeFire (for Firefox) WordPress is the web application running on PHP/MySQL that I […] Read more – ‘My Social Workflow…’.
The End of Year Rant
In no particular order or domain, here are a few things that are itching me into 2009... Read more – ‘The End of Year Rant’.
Life in Amazing Times
I found my friend. And inside me, the little kid whose friend moved away pretty much the whole of my life ago is pretty happy. It's probably weird. It *sounds* weird to me. It sounds like the kind of thing for which I normally rank on people (namely Facebook users). So color me hypocrite. Read more – ‘Life in Amazing Times’.
What can SCORM 2.0 Look Like?
There are a number of technology ideas (products) that LETSI could address, but I think that's putting the cart before the horse. What I'd like to do is answer Avron's question with what I'm calling (to keep the meme going) the BAQON model Read more – ‘What can SCORM 2.0 Look Like?’.
iPhone Apps I’m Using
I'm about five months into my mobile bliss, and I figured I'd share what I'm using the most. Read more – ‘iPhone Apps I’m Using’.
The future of SCORM isn’t necessarily “SCORM”
All the ways in which educators, managers, owners and senior leaders want to see training and learning data mashed up with other types of data in their organizations -- we need to work in concert... together. Read more – ‘The future of SCORM isn’t necessarily “SCORM”’.
It’s almost 2009 — How Are We Doing?
This is what I said back in February.   Now we have December in our sights.   How’s your budget looking?   Did you save the organization a ton of cash in other ways, thus reducing costs overall? Did you improve productivity in measurable ways, thus reducing your operating costs overall? How significantly did your […] Read more – ‘It’s almost 2009 — How Are We Doing?’.
Quantum of Soul Searching is Good (Unless You Have to Pay to Watch It)
We're supposed to care about Bond's inner struggle for forgiveness; I didn't pay to see some arthouse Bond meets Garden State deal. I watch Bond to think about being him -- not identifying with him. Read more – ‘Quantum of Soul Searching is Good (Unless You Have to Pay to Watch It)’.
I Have Nothing to Say: The Disruptiveness of Hope
I’ve had a hard time being ironic, witty or snarky over the last week.  One could argue that I’m never quite that ironic, witty nor snarky, but it’s easy to write with a bit of an edge.  It’s difficult to write good copy without an edge, and after the election, there’s just a lot less […] Read more – ‘I Have Nothing to Say: The Disruptiveness of Hope’.
What Makes Great Apps
Much of this post relates to making a great iPhone app. Hopefully, you'll connect the dots on how this might impact how you develop whatever else it is you're developing. Read more – ‘What Makes Great Apps’.
Victory Rally
there was much celebration, hugs, laughter but the mood was hardly what I'd call self-congratulatory. It was refreshingly earnest as if everyone there, happy as they were about how it was turning out, recognized that we were all... all participating in a shared moment in history. Read more – ‘Victory Rally’.
Our Date with History
It should be to no one's surprise that I'll be casting my vote for Barack Hussein Obama on Tuesday. And while everyone from close friends to close family can poke holes at my reasons, I'll share them with you all the same. Read more – ‘Our Date with History’.
November Reign
Last night I received my first disbursement for August referrals of Spanning Sync for $160.  In keeping with my plans, $80 is going to charities.  I put $50 in Kiva for team Learning Ninjas and $30 to the Salvation Army.  Brian was smart enough to organize a Kiva Team, and I’m going to start inviting […] Read more – ‘November Reign’.
Learning 2008 – Day 2 Live Blogging
More to see starting around 8am Eastern on October 28 from Learning 2008, hosted by Elliott Masie in Orlando, Florida. Read more – ‘Learning 2008 – Day 2 Live Blogging’.
Learning 2008 – Day 1 Liveblogging
As I have the day to attend sessions, I'll blog as I attend all the sessions I'm in. Turns out Tweeting is a good skill to have in doing live blogging. Read more – ‘Learning 2008 – Day 1 Liveblogging’.
Learning 2008 – Live Blogging the Kickoff
Look here for highlights during a spotty connection of liveblogging through the Elliott Masie-hosted kickoff to Learning 2008 in Orlando, Florida. Read more – ‘Learning 2008 – Live Blogging the Kickoff’.
What Will SCORM 2.0 Look Like?
There are about 30 scenarios that were generated at the SCORM 2.0 Workshop last week in Pensacola. Six models stick out particularly for my organization.. Read more – ‘What Will SCORM 2.0 Look Like?’.
Why LETSI Matters
SCORM 2.x will layout how open standards will work together -- but it will spurn off an open source community to develop interoperable services for learning. Read more – ‘Why LETSI Matters’.
Twitter Friends
@moehlert & @mrch0mp3rs Mark Oehlert and I never met in real life prior to the SCORM 2.0 Workshop down here in Pensacola, but most people down here are surprised to learn that we’ve only ever interfaced via Twitter, and only over the last few months.   It turns out we are kindred spirits with similar […] Read more – ‘Twitter Friends’.
Life in Perpetual Beta
Melissa is offering an easy credit in her film as a Twitter Production Consultant which comes with a cool badge for your website and a t-shirt. Read more – ‘Life in Perpetual Beta’.
Evangelize This
Evangelize. No matter what your specific organization does demonstrate that YOU were put on this Earth to develop and improve people. Read more – ‘Evangelize This’.
Articulate Quizmaker 09 – Now with bookmarkable assessments!
A new feature in Articulate Quizmaker 09 is confirmed and highlighted in their own support forums: Bookmarking in Quizmaker assessments! Read more – ‘Articulate Quizmaker 09 – Now with bookmarkable assessments!’.
Iron Mike Zummo of Acclaim
In this interview from the Austin Game Developer's Conference, Mike Zummo talks about Prize Potato and a few other novel things he's got going on in community- and commercial-based gaming. Read more – ‘Iron Mike Zummo of Acclaim’.
SCORM 2.0 Data Model and Structure
With the help of tools like Articulate and Adobe Captivate, non-technical authors are producing more content by volume than the merry few of us who actually know how to work with the SCORM Run-Time Data Model --let alone the elite among that population that figured out how to do Simple Sequencing. Read more – ‘SCORM 2.0 Data Model and Structure’.
Learning 2008
I will be attending Learning 2008, and leading or co-leading two different sessions: Rapid Development and User-Generated Content. Read more – ‘Learning 2008’.
Spanning Sync 2.0
Spanning Sync v2.0 is out of beta, and as promised it syncs not only calendar events but also contacts. It's a free upgrade if you already have it. Feature list and tips after the jump... Read more – ‘Spanning Sync 2.0’.
I feel like karma has been generally kind to me and my family of late, and so I am pledging half of all the money I bring in on referrals and such to two charities. I never set out to actually make money on blogging. I always figured that if I could pay for hosting with AdSense and Amazon referrals, I'd be pretty happy. With this kind of revenue, especially accumulating in the last month, I feel like I need to do some good with it. Read more – ‘Sharing’.
Spanning Sync just earned me $250!!!!!
I find it insane to believe, so I’ll basically shill again, but for a blogger that has generated $14 total (and that was last week — thank you Amazon after 3 years of referrals), I’m completely floored. Again, forgive me for basically reposting, but Spanning Sync just works. Suzy allows me to create and manage […] Read more – ‘Spanning Sync just earned me $250!!!!!’.
The Timeliness of SCORM 2.0 Discussions
Last Friday, I submitted two white papers forged with considerable ideas and suggestions from professional colleagues... Read more – ‘The Timeliness of SCORM 2.0 Discussions’.
The face of determination
This is what I look like as I plot destruction; I being akin to Shiva, destroyer of people who pass the buck of their failings onto me. Look at me. I don’t look plucky and full of cheer. Thats not a good look for the guy you count on to fix your shit. When people […] Read more – ‘The face of determination’.
Spanning Sync
If you're a Mac user and you normally use Google Calendar to expose your calendaring information from "the cloud," it's worth the $20 for the lack of drama. Read more – ‘Spanning Sync’.
iTrip AutoPilot
I just picked up the iTrip AutoPilot from Amazon. Right now, it’s one of two FM transmitters that are compatible with iPhone, which means I can actually use the iPhone as an iPod in the car and not shut off the phone. Nice. Anyway, I picked it up specifically because of this hack: You can […] Read more – ‘iTrip AutoPilot’.
Kevin and Daneal to the rescue!
Short of going camping, I think the longest power outage I have ever experienced lasted maybe six hours. We’re on 36 hours now and it is a wonderful thing with two kids and a dog that kevin and Daneal have the space and the will to let us take refuge at their place while we […] Read more – ‘Kevin and Daneal to the rescue!’.
iPhone – Week One
Brian prompted me to give a little rundown on the iPhone, now that I’ve had it for a full week… My phone service was absolute shit at Lollapalooza yesterday. 3G barely worked, and EDGE was so godawful slow I could’ve walked my cellphone over to someone across the country and showed them what I typed […] Read more – ‘iPhone – Week One’.
Bloggong from the bar
All my nerd goals are being met as I wait for Perrin and Doug find their way to the Wicker. Read more – ‘Bloggong from the bar’.
I hate polo shirts
I look like an idiot. I wish t-shirts counted as business casual. It’s just too hot and muggy for button down shirts. Read more – ‘I hate polo shirts’.
iPhone tip: Double-click the Home Button
Double clicking the home button in any screen (even when the screen locks ) will bring up the iPod interface if it’s playing and allow you to skip forward or back. I didn’t know about that until I found it by accident. Read more – ‘iPhone tip: Double-click the Home Button’.
Iphone on
Blogging from phone == one step closer to global domination! Read more – ‘Iphone on’.
OMG, I think I just messed myself… that’s how happy I am. An Aquabats show? Could it be? YES IT F’N CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read more – ‘AQUABATS! SUPERSHOW!’.
SCORM 2.0: White Paper Topics I’m interested in collaborating on
Aside from rocking out, quoting movies and tv shows incessently, cooking, troubleshooting a wide array of technical issues… one of the things I do really well is start things I’m excited about. I’m getting better at finishing them. There are at least two ideas I’ve had brewing that I’d like to write a white paper […] Read more – ‘SCORM 2.0: White Paper Topics I’m interested in collaborating on’.
Shaping Future Learning, or Why You Should Be Writing a White Paper for SCORM 2.0
Several weeks ago, a call for white papers was announced to provide the broadest possible input into shaping SCORM 2.0. We have this framework that most E-Learning content and Learning Management Systems use as a basis for their data tracking, communication and delivery — it’s called SCORM. You may not know how SCORM works, but […] Read more – ‘Shaping Future Learning, or Why You Should Be Writing a White Paper for SCORM 2.0’.
Question: SCORM on a Mac
From the LETSI Wiki… “Our company is starting to venture into creating SCORM modules. What is the Best Mac software for developing SCORM content? One option was Lectora? Any good?” SCORM on a Mac… it’s tough. I assume you’re looking for authoring tools. On a Mac, there aren’t a lot of options at the moment. […] Read more – ‘Question: SCORM on a Mac’.
Free Favre
The man is pissing on his legacy as the “Greatest QB of all time.” This “I’m Retired.” — “I’m Back.” routine was old last season, and now we’re in for the sequel. Contrary to his interview, the Packers aren’t being dishonest — they’re watching out for YOU and THEMSELVES. You want to keep feeling bad […] Read more – ‘Free Favre’.
One of the advantages to working from home right now is definitely being able to have this future Mensan thinking right alongside me as I work on putting together a small lesson on Usability. Evie looks pretty thoughtful with her belly full and otherwise completely in a state of Zen, making all the cute baby […] Read more – ‘Pondering’.
And….. we’re back.
It’s been a nice week off. I wish I could tell you that I did nothing and it was everything I thought it could be, but I did stuff. I spent a lot of time doting on young Evie and hanging out with my little buddy, Logan. So, we brought Evie and Suzy home a […] Read more – ‘And….. we’re back.’.
Evie Comes
Evelyn Jeanette, or Evie, was born at 12:21 this afternoon. A very healthy 9 lbs, 10 oz and 21 inches tall she has wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes. Mommy and baby are doing very well; Logan and I are extremely proud. There was a tiny bit of drama that turned out to be […] Read more – ‘Evie Comes’.
Evelyn Jeanette, or Evie, was born at 12:21 this afternoon. A very healthy 9 lbs, 10 oz and 21 inches tall… she has wavy brown hair and deep blue eyes. Mommy and baby are doing very well, and Daddy and big sister are extremely proud. The next several postings to this blog will likely be […] Read more – ‘Evie’.
All Is Quiet on the Midwestern Front
Suzy just wants it to end. So do I, but I’m the one who’s freaking out right now. Not REALLY freaking out, but just anxious. This time tomorrow, we’re going to have another kid. I want to know what she looks like (…or… “he”). I want Suzy to get some sleep. I want to get […] Read more – ‘All Is Quiet on the Midwestern Front’.
Halting States meets reality…
Or at least it starts to. From the site: “Enkin” introduces a new handheld navigation concept. It displays location-based content in a unique way that bridges the gap between reality and classic map-like representations. It combines GPS, orientation sensors, 3D graphics, live video, several web services, and a novel user interface into an intuitive and […] Read more – ‘Halting States meets reality…’.
Desiging for the iPhone? Check this out…
Yahoo has a fantastic Design Stencil Kit in several formats, including OmniGraffle and Visio. I’ve recently started jumping on the Information Architecture bandwagon and found that visually planning out a web-based design with wireframes was not only helpful but saved me a bunch of time from the “let’s see what kind of layout I can […] Read more – ‘Desiging for the iPhone? Check this out…’.
Mixed Emotions
Logan kept on me for the past couple of days to play the Diego game on the Wii with her. This morning, I set it up for her since I got home too late last night to keep my promise and play, as we agreed. She called me on it. I acquiesced to her modest […] Read more – ‘Mixed Emotions’.
Plaxo is Dead to Me
Apple may be launching the MobileMe thing, but I’ve been into keeping my data in “the cloud” for a while now. I was using Plaxo (paid service, even) to keep all my computers and phones synched with the same address book information. Not any longer. Please read. Thanks to Brian for giving me the heads […] Read more – ‘Plaxo is Dead to Me’.
15 Days and Counting…
We’re much more ready than we were last week. That’s probably insane talk considering we’ve known about this miracle about to happen for about 8.5 months. Oh well… I’m not the only procrastinator in the house. I’ve been busy seeking out sidework to help supplement the baby budget. I took on a website for our […] Read more – ‘15 Days and Counting…’.
Working Harder vs. Working Smarter
Paul Artiuch at [Wikinomics](http://www.wikinomics.com/) had a fascinating blurb today about[a recent OECD report](http://www.wikinomics.com/blog/index.php/2008/06/02/working-harder-or-working-smarter/) that compared how many hours workers spend on average in a couple different nations, vs. their GDP. What’s interesting is that the technological capability edge by itself doesn’t look like the big indicator of GDP that productivity might be. Artiuch writes: > […] Read more – ‘Working Harder vs. Working Smarter’.
Twenty-Four Days and Counting
Suzy’s due on the 26th. We have all the stuff mostly together. The room needs some sprucing up so it doesn’t look like a giant closet we’re putting the baby in, but we think we have everything together. Except that Suzy and I both know we’re so not ready. We’ve completely mailed it in with […] Read more – ‘Twenty-Four Days and Counting’.
SCORM 2.0: Call For White Papers
Summary: If you want the all open source (for reals) SCORM 2.0 to address something in particular, get it in a white paper to LETSI by August 15. LETSI, Learning Education Training Systems Interoperability, the international, nonprofit federation dedicated to improving individual and organizational learning, has taken on the task of developing the next generation […] Read more – ‘SCORM 2.0: Call For White Papers’.
Bike the Drive
Third Bike the Drive. 70-degree weather and no wind made biking perfect. This picture sucks, but it’s a screen grab from a $24 digital print. Screw you guys for not paying me royalties on my likeness. Bastages. Anyhoo, we rocked it and then went on with Santi to Twisted Spoke for breakfast. Read more – ‘Bike the Drive’.
What does it take?
Exactly what has to happen to prompt improvements in Chicago’s mass transit system? Today, we have a Green Line derailment with about 50 people injured. At the end of April, a Semi crashed into a Red Line station killing two. Just a week before that, the Blue Line went down in the subway, leaving people […] Read more – ‘What does it take?’.
Facing One’s Flaws…
Last week, I finished a two-day class on the 7 Habits for Managers (the FranklinCovey class). I've been down this path a few times having attended Leadership Forums a few times... Read more – ‘Facing One’s Flaws…’.
Thank You, W!
I’ve been meaning to keep up on the bounty of gifts that Dubya has wrought for my family: Since we got economically stimulated on Monday… Suzy picked up a desk (a bureau?) just like Kevin and Daneal’s off of Craigslist that we need to get my computer stuff out of the baby room and into […] Read more – ‘Thank You, W!’.
This is the Way the World Ends…
I put a new mix up that pulls from the more-popular of goth and post-punk genres of music. You will like it! — but chances are you are already listening to it, aren’t you 😉 Read more – ‘This is the Way the World Ends…’.
Activating the Subject Matter Expert
On Saturday night, I saw Crowded House perform. This event provided an epiphany that I will attempt to relate in my normal, long-winded and winding manner. As a former music major and the writer of many many cheesy love songs back when I lazily pursued musical ambitions, I appreciated many torch singers. I knew a […] Read more – ‘Activating the Subject Matter Expert’.
Crowded House
It was pretty much as excellent a performance as I would have hoped for. Being a late arriving but very big fan of Neil Finn, Crowded House last night at the Vic did not disappoint in the slightest. They played pretty much every favorite song I wanted, honored some very obscure requests for songs in […] Read more – ‘Crowded House’.
I made $23 blogging and other recent activities…
I’ve just been exhausted after interviewing author Dan Pink, which explains why I’ve been largely absent from posting anywhere. Sorry about that. I was looking through my Google Adsense account, and it turns out that since November of last year, I’ve earned $23 on Flash For Learning through online ads that have clicked through. I […] Read more – ‘I made $23 blogging and other recent activities…’.
Finally, a post relevant to the title of this blog…
Anyone hear about Adobe’s Open Screen Project? Well, good news if this is the first you’re hearing about it: Basically, what’s happened is that Adobe wants Flash on as many screens and devices as possible. To do that, they’re pretty much COMPLETELY OPENING UP THE PLATFORM. What does “completely opening up the platform” actually mean? […] Read more – ‘Finally, a post relevant to the title of this blog…’.
[BunkoCast] Will there be more serious manga?
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] Will there be more serious manga?’.
[BunkoCast] What’s the Next Project?
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] What’s the Next Project?’.
[BunkoCast] On Managing and/or Working with Gen Y
Context: I asked Pink specifically about the push-back from managers and a workforce made up of Baby-Boomers, who on the message boards aren’t at all shy about demanding that Gen Y “conform.” Pink is not alone in his assertions. In fact, if you take a look at Chapter 8 in Karl Kapp’s Gadgets, Games and […] Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] On Managing and/or Working with Gen Y’.
[BunkoCast] On “Next-ing”
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] On “Next-ing”’.
[BunkoCast] How Dan Pink Learned the Six Lessons
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] How Dan Pink Learned the Six Lessons’.
[BunkoCast] The Six Lessons, Working and the Nature of Work
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] The Six Lessons, Working and the Nature of Work’.
[BunkoCast] Relative Costs, Benefits and the Collaboration Process
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] Relative Costs, Benefits and the Collaboration Process’.
[BunkoCast] Why is Johnny Bunko the first “serious” English-language manga?
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] Why is Johnny Bunko the first “serious” English-language manga?’.
[BunkoCast] Which came first: the Idea or the Research?
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] Which came first: the Idea or the Research?’.
[BunkoCast] Who is the Audience for Johnny Bunko?
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] Who is the Audience for Johnny Bunko?’.
[BunkoCast] About Manga and the Origins of Johnny Bunko
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] About Manga and the Origins of Johnny Bunko’.
[BunkoCast] What’s the Goal for the Bunko Breakfasts?
Read more – ‘[BunkoCast] What’s the Goal for the Bunko Breakfasts?’.
Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl
Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl Originally uploaded by johnnysmokes I wish I could tell you I took this picture of Suzy…. but it’s not Suzy, and I didn’t take this picture. I was attending the Three Floyds Brewery DARK LORD’S DAY in Munster, IN on Saturday. More on that story later. Read more – ‘Chicago Zombie Pub Crawl’.
Dan Pink and Johnny Bunko Video Interview
All the video for the collective interview with Dan Pink for the “Johnny Bunko” book is up. There’s about 40 minutes of video broken out into 12 separate questions. I will also work on getting this posted here as podcast-ready in case you’re blocked by your corporate firewalls from watching YouTube. I’ll publish it as […] Read more – ‘Dan Pink and Johnny Bunko Video Interview’.
A small note about commenting on the blog…
You may notice that you are prompted to login first before leaving a comment. You may also (and very rightly) figure out that you don’t have a login because you haven’t registered for the blog. If you’d like to leave a comment today or at any other time, you’ll need to register for this blog. […] Read more – ‘A small note about commenting on the blog…’.
“Bunko Break” with Dan Pink (part 1)
There’s a meta-adventure about a comedy of errors that led me to purchasing a Flip video camera for this book discussion, and in a later post (after I’m done producing all the video and mixing in the mighty fine audio I captured with Audacity), I’ll be happy to spill the beans on *how* I put […] Read more – ‘“Bunko Break” with Dan Pink (part 1)’.
Coffee Talk
It looks like I will have a rare (for me, anyway) opportunity to have an hour or two of face time with Dan Pink tomorrow in downtown Chicago along with what I assume is 3-4 other people. This has been “brewing” (har har) over the past several days, so in addition to re-reading his books, […] Read more – ‘Coffee Talk’.
I apologize if you tried to read this blog today, as around 8am this morning, Flash For Learning was hit with a comment-spam attack — approximately 500 comments were force-entered in about the span of a minute or so, which somehow corrupted the database backup of the wp-options part of my WordPress install… this in […] Read more – ‘HACKED…’.
The Adventures of Johnny Bunko
It shouldn’t be a surprise that [I’m a big fan](http://flashforlearning.com/2007/10/22/masie-dan-pink-keynote/) of [Dan Pink](http://flashforlearning.com/2007/11/16/dan-pinks-keynote-at-learning-2007/) after reading [A Whole New Mind](http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html%3FASIN=1594481717%26tag=mrchompersnet-20%26lcode=xm2%26cID=2025%26ccmID=165953%26location=/o/ASIN/1594481717%253FSubscriptionId=1N9AHEAQ2F6SVD97BE02). When I saw Pink speak at Learning 2007, I was pretty stoked to find out about his latest project — a Manga for a business text. Now, The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide […] Read more – ‘The Adventures of Johnny Bunko’.
The Generational Divide
GenY workers are going to need to come into the workplace and approach their older coworkers, managers and peers in ways that make them "user-friendly." I've been fortunate enough to land in an environment where the favor is returned many-fold, which is to say -- the boomers I work with and for take an active interest in not just "what" I'm saying.... but "why." I think that's a pretty good start for a survival guide to working across generations over the next several years. Thanks to this economy, we're all going to be working together a lot longer than anyone thought ;) Read more – ‘The Generational Divide’.
Man Shower
When I got married, my buddies from high school and college threw me a Man Shower while Suzy had a bridal shower. I got a whole shitload of tools which I use to this day. It was a pretty sweet idea, and it’s rolled into a tradition that’s executed whenever one the guys is having […] Read more – ‘Man Shower’.
APRIL FOOLS: No Metra Service Northbound Today!
Apparently some dude decided to jump in front of a southbound train this morning, so all metra traffic on my route is diverted to one lane. The northbound trains can’t go until the track is cleared of all southbound traffic… which means that northbound traffic has been suspended indefinitely. I called a cab to get […] Read more – ‘APRIL FOOLS: No Metra Service Northbound Today!’.
On Vision and Consequence
I just had my eyes checked for the first time in six years, and it turns out that while my short-distance vision deteriorated very slightly, my long distance vision has significantly gotten worse. I’m 35, and *I DON’T WANT TO BE* old enough for bifocals, so I bought two different pairs of glasses. My short-distance […] Read more – ‘On Vision and Consequence’.
New Specs
So I got two new sets of glasses, because in the past six years since I last got my eyes checked, my short-distance vision has stayed about the same (it got a tiny bit worse), but my long-distance vision has degraded horribly. Apparently this is caused by massive amounts of computer work and is growing […] Read more – ‘New Specs’.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl is my new Fitness Regimen
So I had Graham, Jim and Santi over for a playdate on Saturday night, where we ordered an 18″ pizza from my new favorite pizza joint (PIE), drank a copious amount of beer and played Super Smash Brothers Brawl for about five straight hours until the glaze started to set in. Then we proceeded to […] Read more – ‘Super Smash Brothers Brawl is my new Fitness Regimen’.
Quick Post
I wanted to first put out a quick promo for a new blog I’m writing for in addition to the 75 other (actually four other) blogs and podcasts I currently contribute to. [Becoming Legit](http://www.becominglegit.com/) is a blog I started up with two peers in my company about what we’re doing to make social media (blogs, […] Read more – ‘Quick Post’.
Using Sounds Embedded in the Library and Other Tricks
So, in ActionScript 2.0, there existed such a thing as *attachSound* which would allow you to call on sounds in your library and iterate them in code much like you would call on movieclips in the library. With ActionScript 3.0, there is no attachSound, so you need to do a little workaround. It took me […] Read more – ‘Using Sounds Embedded in the Library and Other Tricks’.
I Didn’t Have to Use my AK…
I think today is going to be a good day. I got a lot of crap work removed from my plate at work yesterday, and I finally got some internal projects made official instead of the kind of skunkworks guerilla-style manner in which I normally have to get things done (here or in previous jobs). […] Read more – ‘I Didn’t Have to Use my AK…’.
On Favre…
I’ve been getting teary eyed the more it settles in that the Favre era is over. I came of age with an appreciation of football in Milwaukee at a time when Favre and the Packers were on their rise. I actually met Favre at Milwaukee’s stalwart dance club, Club Marilyn (which became “Metropolis”). Back in […] Read more – ‘On Favre…’.
After the birthday party last weekend, I felt really awful. See, I’ve been starting, albeit informally, to eliminate gluten from my diet in the hope that it might a) help me feel better overall; and b) help me lose some weight. I had gone almost two weeks without any gluten, but last Friday we had […] Read more – ‘Conspiracy!’.
We’re so cool… not really.
Suzy, Logan and I attended a one-year-old’s birthday party on Saturday at a local indoor playground for toddlers. We had our requisite pizza, cupcakes and organic juice boxes from 4 – 6pm and we left with everyone else. Suzy had a party at Dee’s to go to, so needing a bottle of wine, we made […] Read more – ‘We’re so cool… not really.’.
Shiny Button Code
I took an approach of updating Luka Maras' really nice code that makes buttons in that glassy "Web 2.0" style from its original code in ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0. Read more – ‘Shiny Button Code’.
Neti Pot
My mom came up this weekend to spend some time with young Brixton and Logan, and she bought me a Neti Pot for my sinuses. Ever hear of this deal? It’s like a tea kettle that you stick in your nostril and turn your head so that the warm saline solution runs up one nostril […] Read more – ‘Neti Pot’.
It’s 98 Degrees in Puerta Vallarta today…
I don’t ever remember a winter that has pissed me off as much as this one has. I swear. It snows like hell. It gets warm enough to melt everything to puddles. It freezes up. It gets bitterly cold. It snows another avalanche. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Last night I was trapped in Lake Forest for […] Read more – ‘It’s 98 Degrees in Puerta Vallarta today…’.
On Pie…
I know that one of the Ten Commandments is not to covet thy neighbor’s wife. But what about thy neighbor’s wife pie? Because Ms. Mickie’s chocolate chip pecan pie makes my heart a flutter (probably due to it clogging my arteries). Seriously. I never would have pegged myself to fall into the trappings of fatherly […] Read more – ‘On Pie…’.
How the Economy Will Affect Learning 2.0 in 2008 (and probably 2009)
Have you looked at the Stock Market lately? You don’t have to be in the United States to appreciate the situation. We’re in for a bumpy ride. It may not be the end-of-days scenario that noted economists, politicos and pundits predict, but it’s obvious to me here in Chicago that the market is going to […] Read more – ‘How the Economy Will Affect Learning 2.0 in 2008 (and probably 2009)’.
Rambo and the Ride Home
Ahh… another spot of tea before the early morning workout. So I didn’t get home early as planned. When last I wrote, I was about to board the 3:24 train to Chicago. That was so crazy packed, me and a commuting buddy, Griff, decided to drop back for a bit to The Lantern, which is […] Read more – ‘Rambo and the Ride Home’.
Snow Emergency
With all the snow/freezing rain/sleet we’re getting buried by, Grainger let everyone go at 2pm. It’s 3pm now and I’m at the Metra station waiting for a train to come and take me away… so I can shovel. Why do I love Chicago, again? Oh yeah… the food… the food…. Read more – ‘Snow Emergency’.
Ever been on a train when the power goes out?
So my train pulled into the station on-time, but it didn’t move. Then the power went out. Now, 25 minutes after pulling into my station this morning, we’re moving again. This is going to cut into my workout time. It’s like the CTA wants me to be a fatass. You Rat Bastards!!!! Read more – ‘Ever been on a train when the power goes out?’.
Before I go to bed..
I can’t stay up all night AND make it up to work out tomorrow morning. But, I just read The Drudge Report and they have a flasher on the top of the page that supports that Obama is closing the gap, if not breaking through the Delegate gap. Read here. Okay. Obama is about to […] Read more – ‘Before I go to bed..’.
Voter #3 in my ward. What are you doing to protect democracy today? Read more – ‘Voted!’.
Food for Thought
A couple things I’ve been thinking about… People born in 1990 (when I graduated high school) are now old enough to vote. People born in 1990 have only had Presidents named Bush or Clinton in office. People born in 1990 will be able to vote for President for the first time. People born in 1990 […] Read more – ‘Food for Thought’.
About to Barack Your World
Oh yeah… when hardcore Republicans are coming on board (at least for the Primaries), I predict a favorable outing in 22 states tomorrow. The Giants proved that an underdog could do the impossible and take down a seemingly invincible (inevitable?) opponent. Next pun: Barack You Like a Hurricane. Read more – ‘About to Barack Your World’.
What I learned by Volunteering for Obama
You don’t have to be 18 to go to the Caucus in Alaska. You just have to turn 18 by May 4, 2008. Bradley Whitford (Josh Lyman from “The West Wing”) is a Hillary supporter. What’s up with that? 12 out of 18 laptops brought in by volunteers are Apple laptops. There is whiteboard “paper” […] Read more – ‘What I learned by Volunteering for Obama’.
So I got here straight up at 6am this morning. Their staffers didn’t arrive until about 6:45, but it’s all good. There’s about 18 of us, and there’s been two phone calls since I got here. Right now I’m just acquainting myself with where to find polling locations for all the February 5 states. I’m […] Read more – ‘Volunt33ring…’.
i saw the alligaterz
we have to go to work. daddy work in the office. you have to be very quiet in the work. you can’t run around. we have to go see the waterfall and ride the alligaterz. we have to go see the alligaterz, and the turtles. i love the turtles. Read more – ‘i saw the alligaterz’.
So Much for the Evening Festivities
The 6pm bus showed up at 7pm. The train was nice enough to show up just late enough to be truly annoying, but not late enough to dare running to The Lantern for a beer and a bite to eat while waiting for the train. The roads are horrible. It’s snowing just as fast as […] Read more – ‘So Much for the Evening Festivities’.
Sinus Headache
It’s like a migraine without the “flashers” as Suzy calls it. Either way, I have crap to get done today, and after working out and hoping that a hot shower would help solve it… it hasn’t. I just took a couple of Excederin. I hope it helps becuase it’s going to be a long-ass day, […] Read more – ‘Sinus Headache’.
Phone Bank for Barack @ 6am, Super Bowl Sunday
So I need to bring my laptop and be at the headquarters on Michigan Ave. at 6am, working until noon. I’m excited to do it since I’ve never volunteered on a campaign before, at least, not on a campaign that stood a chance of winning. On Saturday night, one of the hip dads has a […] Read more – ‘Phone Bank for Barack @ 6am, Super Bowl Sunday’.
Serious Gaming on the Verge of Success…
Imagine if you had the means, the open-mindedness of the client and the management sponsorship to pull out all the stops and really produce a piece of learning that was fun, relevant and “just right” for the goals you were trying to meet with your learners? I’m at the end of such a project, on […] Read more – ‘Serious Gaming on the Verge of Success…’.
It’s too flippin cold to blog
How can it be 50 one morning and -24 windchill the next? Read more – ‘It’s too flippin cold to blog’.
One Microloan at a Time
I just made a loan to someone in the developing world using Kiva. You can go to Kiva’s website and lend to someone in the developing world who needs a loan for their business – like raising goats, selling vegetables at market or making bricks. Each loan has a picture of the entrepreneur, a description […] Read more – ‘One Microloan at a Time’.
Wii for Work
On the agenda for today includes an 8am meeting, inconveniently timed to disrupt my morning workout — and it’s for a project that I’m done with but (obviously) the project is not done with me. Then, I’ll be doing some debugging in the final throes of QA for my first serious gaming project, which will […] Read more – ‘Wii for Work’.
So… I’m stepping up an volunteering to work phones this weekend (Saturday and Sunday morning) at the Obama 08 National Headquarters in downtown Chicago. If you’re in the area and you’d like to hang out and become a bit more active in the (ahem) democratic process, feel free to join me: http://il.barackobama.com/CallCenter Oh, yeah… for […] Read more – ‘Volunteering’.
The Hall of Justice
Most people never see the inside of the Grange’s HQ, but with the insanely tall columns, fauna, waterfall and glass ceiling, it kinda looks like the Hall of Justice, if you’re at all familiar with the Superfriends. BTW, I’m just waiting for my shuttle to the train, which seems to be running a tad late […] Read more – ‘The Hall of Justice’.
Writing Without Distractions
Perhaps it’s a side-effect of the age we’re living in, but I’m easily distracted. I have three screens during the day with which to do my digital work. I have two computers. I have virtual desktops that help me stay organized. Two main email accounts. Instant Messaging. Multiple Blogs to write for. About 50 RSS […] Read more – ‘Writing Without Distractions’.
I take it all back. This morning, I wondered where the hell I put the shirt I was wearing on Saturday. It wasn’t in the closet, and I’m much too anal to leave clean(er) clothes lying around. I looked up on top of this shelf we have in our room and as I pulled down […] Read more – ‘kcuf’.
i lost my ipod over the weekend. i have a very sinking feeling that it fell out of my pocket on Saturday between my barbershop, breakfast at the bongo room, trying on clothes at Mark Shale, Kevin and Daneal’s, Dee’s car, the cuban restaurant and/or the bar after it. Serves me right for even having […] Read more – ‘fuck….’.
What I’m listening to – Jan 25
Podcasts KCRW – Left, Right and Center That Sound NPR – 4pm Daily News Summary Smodcast Democracy Now TEDTalks Veracifier FORA.tv APM Marketplace Penn Says PRI: The Tavis Smiley Show PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge SuperDeluxe Music Rhymefest – Mark Ronson Presents The Man in the Mirror Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool Cake – […] Read more – ‘What I’m listening to – Jan 25’.
I had another Yummy for lunch
Someone else in the office asked if I wanted to join them for lunch today, and once again, I couldn’t think of an excuse not to. And honestly, look at this sandwich! Corned Beef, Pastrami, Swiss Cheese, Mustard, Horseradish, all on Rye Bread with three pickles — I mean, it’s a sandwich full of goodness! […] Read more – ‘I had another Yummy for lunch’.
famous like amos
Maybe it’s because I’ve been trading 2Pac and Public Enemy lyrics with people all week; maybe it’s because I’m staight-up wearing Adidas on my way to the gym this morning; maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to the free Michael Jackson tribute album by Rhymefest… but I feel like droppin’ some rhymes today: daddy didn’t […] Read more – ‘famous like amos’.
New in the Grange’s cafeteria is fresh Sushi, at least it was there today — and what a glorious treat it was to get rolls made right in front of you. I had 12 pieces for $6.99 and if they would serve it everyday, I would eat it everyday. Couple that with a large salad […] Read more – ‘hmmm….’.
The Healing Power of Guitar Hero
While the Nintendo Wii continues to garner headlines for its many alternative uses, occupational therapists at the Select Specialty Hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana are investigating the potential of Guitar Hero in physical rehabilitation. After last year’s car accident, with the ensuring physical therapy I was able to gain 80% of my flexing ability back […] Read more – ‘The Healing Power of Guitar Hero’.
That Giant Orb Behind Me Is Called the Sun
It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the sun during the week. Normally, I’d have to take a day off of work, or it would have to be a holiday. But shifting my work hours on non-exercising days allows me to re-acquaint myself with the giant mass of gas that nurtures us with its […] Read more – ‘That Giant Orb Behind Me Is Called the Sun’.
Endorphin Machine
Do you see this glow? That’s not Photo Booth. That’s endorphins, baby! Oh hells yeah! I’m like oozing with the little suckers right now. I’m only at 1100 calories for the day so far, and that includes a special trip to Burt’s Deli in Libertyville, where I had their locally famous “Yummy” which is basically […] Read more – ‘Endorphin Machine’.
Montrose & Wolcott Water main break
Montrose & Wolcott Water main break Originally uploaded by T Fish Jesus H. Frickin’ Christ! This happened last night — it’s about four blocks away from us. My favorite burrito joint is right down the street, and this is right next to the Montrose Brown Line station. The Streets and Sanitation department thinks they’ll have […] Read more – ‘Montrose & Wolcott Water main break’.
100% Pure Thuggin’
Not that many of the readers on this blog give a rat’s ass about what I write about on my other blog (the one about E-Learning and Flash), but I broke through a threshold yesterday with record (for me) numbers of subscribers, which is pretty validating. So far, I’m meeting the expectations of my resolutions, […] Read more – ‘100% Pure Thuggin’’.
Starting tomorrow: Exercise Resumes
I think it was exactly a year ago that I had the car accident which stunted my streak of working out three days a week since starting at Grainger. I was on a roll. I got down to 243 lbs from 255 lbs. And then the accident happened and between losing a car, waiting for […] Read more – ‘Starting tomorrow: Exercise Resumes’.
On Authoring Tools…
There’s been some fantastic writing of late in the realm of digital learning, education and training. I don’t know if I know about it more because the tools for sharing via RSS are more ubiquitous or there are just more people writing about it — but the point is that ten years ago, this was […] Read more – ‘On Authoring Tools…’.
Still here
Birthday came and went without incident. I still don’t trust I’m through the woods yet, and I’ll be looking over my karmic shoulder until March. In other news, it looks like Ange, Sheets, Doug and even Milko are heading in-town for St. Patty’s Day. That will be a nice way to break this curse in […] Read more – ‘Still here’.
This is already better than my last birthday
All I have to do is make it through the night without incident and I’ll already be a damn sight better off than the last couple of years. Read more – ‘This is already better than my last birthday’.
SimCity, now Open-Sourced
[This announcement just came off the wire](http://fosswire.com/2008/01/13/simcity-classic-gpled-called-micropolis/) announcing that the venerable simulation classic “SimCity” has now been open-sourced. > While there are some additional terms applied to the GPL used for Micropolis, these are supposedly to protect EA’s trademarks and don’t allow you to call derivative works SimCity or use any EA property. This is […] Read more – ‘SimCity, now Open-Sourced’.
I’m dizzy
I watched Cloverfield on Saturday night, and I’m still dizzy from the Blair Witch Monster Movie Project. If you’re wondering if you ever get to see the monster, you do. There are a couple of legitimate scary parts that make you jump… but in the end, this is no 28 Days Later — it’s a […] Read more – ‘I’m dizzy’.
Things I’ve Learned from Logan
Kevin texted me, and my dad followed it up with a call right away, that Kevin and Daneal had Brixton Calder Silvers at 3:05 this afternoon. 5 lbs., 11 oz. and by what reports I have, it seems like everything went as well as it could go. Which is as it should be 🙂 So, […] Read more – ‘Things I’ve Learned from Logan’.
I could use a nap.
So, I had four hours of sleep last night (and the night before). Tomorrow, there’s a couple of dads urging me to go out for the evening. We’re talking about hitting a BBQ joint, then go see Cloverfield and do some midnight bowling. Obviously, this means that not only will I need to get some […] Read more – ‘I could use a nap.’.
Everything’s Arrived
The laptop, hard shell, memory, hard drive, new bag and printer are all in the cube. The worst part? I’m so slammed with work that I can’t even bust my new shit out and start working with it. Read more – ‘Everything’s Arrived’.
Some days are good for rote work
I spent pretty much all day yesterday doing audio recording and editing for a course I’m building. I, like, NEVER do audio. Even when I do the podcast, it’s usually pretty obvious that when it comes to the mic, though I know how to rock it, I don’t ever bother to clean up the feed. […] Read more – ‘Some days are good for rote work’.
Redefining Reusability…
I received a [Google Alert](http://www.google.com/alerts/) this morning from [Al Moser’s blog](http://elearningslam.blogspot.com/2008/01/thinking-about-scorm.html) where he basically states it’s time to blast our thoughts of reusability, in terms of reusing content objects into other contexts, and instead focus on reuse of content across learning environments. I urge you to read the original post, but let me riff on […] Read more – ‘Redefining Reusability…’.
Yes, I am writing more…
It’s part of my New Year’s Resolutions… 1. Simplify 2. Focus 3. Have Fun 4. Act Simplify In the last year, we got out of a massive burden of debt with a lot of help from our parents. This year, I’m **trying to** adopt Suzy’s more frugal habits. So I’m taking a hard look at […] Read more – ‘Yes, I am writing more…’.
Going into Hibernation
We’re approaching that time of year again, and this year I won’t be caught unawares. I’m already nervous just about walking two blocks to the train and back. I’m eating soft foods. I only drink coffee when it’s lukewarm. I’m not even doing Yoga because I’m afraid of some freak injury. Yes, my birthday is […] Read more – ‘Going into Hibernation’.
The Decision of the Day
Now that Macworld has come and gone, I have to say I was a little underwhelmed with the announcements. iTunes Rentals? Sure that’s cool, I guess. Nice to know if I’m at an airport I can grab a new movie in a pinch — it’s not that appealing to me since I don’t have an […] Read more – ‘The Decision of the Day’.
New Additions…
No, I’m not talking about the forthcoming babies. Macworld is today and I’m buying a new computer. And like two years ago when I bought my Macbook Pro, it’s a special day. I wake up in the morning, and I don’t quite know what I’m going to pick up. I wait eagerly, watching my browser […] Read more – ‘New Additions…’.
Captivate 2’s Critical Mass
I’m on the Metra on my way home — yet another very late night of work. Two posts back, I wrote about things crashing in Captivate 2 with larger simulations. While I’m sure this is not a solid rule, both a co-worker and I have now had four different simulations crash at 54 screens (I […] Read more – ‘Captivate 2’s Critical Mass’.
Listen up, old people
I absolutely cannot believe you old farts are really thinking about voting for Hillary, let alone Hick-abee, McCain or Romney. I’m here to give you some goddamn marching orders, because you obviously aren’t thinking shit about what the people who are paying into your Social Security want. We want Obama. But if you want to […] Read more – ‘Listen up, old people’.
Holy Frozen Nipples, Batman!!!
Jesus, is it cold outside this morning. Waiting on the platform for the Metra to show up generally puts one in direct confrontation with the elements, particularly the wind Chicago is known for, but in the last couple of weeks, it’s been unseasonably warm, if not just plain moderate in temperature and “chill.” Not so […] Read more – ‘Holy Frozen Nipples, Batman!!!’.
Working late
working on friday coming home too late by train sucks the big wangus Read more – ‘Working late’.
Stanley “Buddy” Brown (1927 – 2007)
Every family has friends that are so close that they’re almost more than family. The Browns were such friends to my family. In the burgeoning metropolis that was Viroqua, Wisconsin, Buddy owned a kitchen boutique, peddling higher-end cookware to an unknowing populace. Viroqua at the time had about 3,400 people which included many of the […] Read more – ‘Stanley “Buddy” Brown (1927 – 2007)’.
What Kind of Gamer are You?
So [a few posts back](http://flashforlearning.com/2007/11/01/stuff-im-doing/), I talked about the [Games, Gadgets and Gizmos](http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0787986542?ie=UTF8&tag=mrchompersnet-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0787986542) book by Karl Kapp and it discussed the different types of gamers there are. I was a bit worried that my habits reflected a younger gamer, though my actual age puts me in a much more basic category of gamer. [A small […] Read more – ‘What Kind of Gamer are You?’.
A little about Captivate 2 vs. Captivate 3
Well, I lost about three hours of work as Captivate 2 crashed on me (repeatedly) on a larger branching simulation I’m developing. This prompted me back to my personal Macbook Pro to work on my day-job project in Captivate 3. Captivate 3 seems to be a bit better with memory management as an application and […] Read more – ‘A little about Captivate 2 vs. Captivate 3’.
I know I said I wouldn’t do it…
but this new theme is so gorgeous, I had to change it. And that will be that. I won’t touch it all year. Pinky swear! Read more – ‘I know I said I wouldn’t do it…’.
A New Hope…
In a white bread state like Iowa, the fact that a black man named Barack Hussein Obama can win the Democratic Caucus… it gives me a lot of hope that maybe this country is actually turning a corner. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes. I don’t necessarily agree with Senator Obama on everything he […] Read more – ‘A New Hope…’.
Plans for 2008…
In no particular order… ###Dropping AdSense from Flash For Learning. I’m not getting any click-through (not that I really expected any) and it’s absolutely as ugly as I thought it was — before I started using it. I know how to share what I know, and given an honest task to do — I can […] Read more – ‘Plans for 2008…’.
It’s Christmas, but it’s not so Merry…
Let me put it first: I’m flat out super-happy that we’re having another kid. It’s scary, it’s nerve-wracking — it’s a new mystery for us and were completely head-over-heels happy about it. Well, I am. Suzy’s still in puke mode right now. But I’d be lying if I told you it’s all raining fried chicken […] Read more – ‘It’s Christmas, but it’s not so Merry…’.
Packers to Jessica Simpson: Spend more time with your man!
Don’t listen to T.O. — he’s an idiot. Seriously, you need to spend MORE time with your your new boyfriend. Really. Honestly. In fact, you should plan on attending every game he plays in January. Go Pack Go!!! Read more – ‘Packers to Jessica Simpson: Spend more time with your man!’.
E-Learning vs. Performance Support
Inspired a bit by [Tom King’s article on authoring tools](http://mobilemind.net/2007/12/google-trends-authoring-tool-trends.html), I started playing with [Google Trends](http://www.google.com/trends) and was a little interested in [how E-Learning is faring against the notion of Performance Support](http://google.com/trends?q=e-learning%2C+performance+support&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=1) — my idea being that E-Learning is stuff we have to evaluate, manage and track the learner’s interaction with — and performance support […] Read more – ‘E-Learning vs. Performance Support’.
Rockband taught me how to unlock Dragonforce in Guitar Hero
A weekend of rocking out with Davis, Doug, Mundis and Will must’ve boosted my Guitar Hero III skills as I deftly defeated Lou in Medium just now to unlock the Dragonforce track. It’s like I’ve accomplished something with my life. I haven’t felt this way since the first time I beat Contra without cheats. Now […] Read more – ‘Rockband taught me how to unlock Dragonforce in Guitar Hero’.
Natalie Portman is badass
Read more – ‘Natalie Portman is badass’.
All Hail Blaze DS
Adobe just released a free and open-source Java implementation of flash/flex remoting service called Blaze DS for Java. This is pretty huge for people, as it supports remoting to the new AMF version (3) which just got documentation released, but it also supports remoting and polling over port 80 — so no more getting blocked […] Read more – ‘All Hail Blaze DS’.
TheWonders of Zamzar
Every now and then, I need to do some quick file conversions and I don’t have my Macbook Pro handy. Zamzar is a really nice web app (that’s free!!!) and it converts most everything to everything. What I didn’t know, and just realized because I was asked to do it, was that it now takes […] Read more – ‘TheWonders of Zamzar’.
FFL Cited as a reference in Wikipedia
On the topic of [Common Cartridge](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_cartridge), I’m psyched to see that this little blog is actually a reference. Here’s to hoping I’m right 🙂 Read more – ‘FFL Cited as a reference in Wikipedia’.
Upgrading Blues
e can trace the string coming back on consecutive data transactions with SCORM content and that's definitely going on -- pipes (|) are being sent the first time. Then, when they're coming back, they're URL-encoded. Then it looks like the URL encoding is changing the Ampersand (&) into something else... Read more – ‘Upgrading Blues’.
I posted something the other day and it might have encouraged the casual reader to Google for something repulsive. Thanks to a reader, I realized that my blogging about it only added more “buzz” to something that should be buried deep. So it’s down. Thanks, Davis. Never drink and blog — even with the best […] Read more – ‘Deletions’.
Virtual Schools Dealt a Blow….
WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL: Virtual schools dealt blow We are now seeing the battles begin to heat up over virtual schools. this story today here in Wisconsin shows how contentious this issue is now becoming. read more | digg story Read more – ‘Virtual Schools Dealt a Blow….’.
Musing on Kids and Electronic Literacy
I’m a geek. A big one, and not just physically (though that stereotype applies as well). I’ve been using computers to program my own virtual experiences since I was six. A great portion of it has been an individualized experience. Now I have a kid. Most people who meet me in real life assume that […] Read more – ‘Musing on Kids and Electronic Literacy’.
The 80/20 Rule of Content Development
One of the links that came across my Del.icio.us feed this weekend was a little post about how to make a living at being a freelance web designer without having to be really good at design. The author wrote about the 80-20 rule — that basically getting 80% competent at being a web designer wasn’t […] Read more – ‘The 80/20 Rule of Content Development’.
First Snowfall = Chocolate Chili Time
3 lbs ground meat (turkey, chuck, pork, lamb...) 2 sweet onions, chopped or diced (vidalia, oso, etc.) 4 medium tomatoes --PEPPERS-- YOU NEED TO REMOVE SEEDS AND MEMBRANES. TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS IN ADVANCE. TRUST ME. 2 sweet bell pepper, chopped or diced (red) 2 jalapeño peppers, sliced or chopped 2 poblano peppers, […] Read more – ‘First Snowfall = Chocolate Chili Time’.
BREAKING NEWS: Co-workers Discover Sometimes I Can Be an Ass.
Honestly, if you’re a regular reader of this blog and know me in real life, you’re probably surprised that it took this long for it show up. So, on Wednesday we had the second of two days of all-staff meetings. The Tuesday meeting was simply insufferable. It was absolutely painful and I was very negative […] Read more – ‘BREAKING NEWS: Co-workers Discover Sometimes I Can Be an Ass.’.
Edublogs Awards Nominees…
Welcome back from the holiday break, those of you stateside. Finalists have been announced in the 2007 EduBlogs Awards. I’ll be trolling through their nominees and subscribe to some new feeds. Only slightly tongue-in-cheek, though… I didn’t know such awards existed, but now that I know, I’m pretty disappointed that in no time since this […] Read more – ‘Edublogs Awards Nominees…’.
I’m coming… and hell’s coming with me.
Relax, non-movie nerds. It’s a quote from Tombstone (Kurt Russell? Val Kilmer? Anyone?). Late Thursday night, December 13, I fly in to Pittsburgh to rock out for a few nights with Will and Davis (and probably a few other special guest stars) for gaming, drinking, jamming, fun and merriment. Then on Saturday night back to […] Read more – ‘I’m coming… and hell’s coming with me.’.
Happy Thanksgiving
In the States, it’s the Thanksgiving holiday and my wife bought me an early Hanukkah present — a Wii with Guitar Hero III and a few other games. So it’s going to be a little quiet on this blog or on the mailing list for a few days. New toy, shiny object… you understand, I’m […] Read more – ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.
Count the FCC Violations
I’m going to have to start watching Sesame Street a lot more now. Count the FCC Violations Read more – ‘Count the FCC Violations’.
I f**king LOVE Guitar Hero
So if my good fortune wasn’t enough that my man Jose came through with a Wii, saving Suzy from camping out in the bitter November Black Friday cold, on my way home from work today (a crappy ride home it was, too), I stopped at the Toys R Us right off of 41 in Deerfield, […] Read more – ‘I f**king LOVE Guitar Hero’.
What I’m thankful for…
Mr. Davis sent Suzy and me a very nice collection of both Christmas and Chanukkah Jones Sodas. I’m not entirely sure if we’re supposed to drink them (I mean, “Latke Soda?” Seriously? That would have to taste like ass), but I just might, anyway. At least my Chanukkah soda set comes with a Dreidel. So […] Read more – ‘What I’m thankful for…’.
ADL eXchange
And now… a small plug for one of my homeboys. I had the outstanding pleasure to work and travel with Jono Poltrack for the bulk of my 2+ years working with ADL. Jono was the original project lead for the Sample Run-Time Environment, and for a while before my man Doug took over for him, […] Read more – ‘ADL eXchange’.
Doug Lynch at Learning 2007
I posted how much I was impressed with Doug Lynch from Wharton School of Business… thanks again to Elliot Masie for making these great videos available. Read more – ‘Doug Lynch at Learning 2007’.
Dan Pink’s Keynote at Learning 2007
I admit it, I’ve been a big fan of Dan Pink since the book came out. Masie just posted the very well-produced video of his keynote at the Learning 2007 conference. Read more – ‘Dan Pink’s Keynote at Learning 2007’.
Ah, the memories…
If you want to see the wonders that Flash 5 Actionscripting brought back in the day (like 2000), check out this little learning game that got me hooked on the idea that Flash and Education combined could be a career. Warning, the controls in the Flash 9 player are not as fluid as they used […] Read more – ‘Ah, the memories…’.
Spanning Generations of Gameplayers…
It’s not often I bring my personal life to this blog, but I came across something that just hits you hard (in a good way) about the innovation that Nintendo is bringing to gaming. In an article on [Game Daily](http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/news/super-mario-galaxy-adds-parent–child-play-mode/18519/?ncid=AOLGAM000500000000013), the new (and gorgeous) adventure game [Super Mario Galaxy](http://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Super-Mario-Galaxy/dp/B000FQ9QVI?tag=mrchompersnet-20) introduces a new mode of gameplay, […] Read more – ‘Spanning Generations of Gameplayers…’.
it’s happening…
So a couple of weeks ago, I posted about how I thought we were starting to make friends with other parents. I’m happy to report that it seems to be all coming together. So, in the last few weeks, I’ve been pretty busy with travel for work, work itself getting busier because it’s the end […] Read more – ‘it’s happening…’.
If anyone wants to go back in time to 1985, I’ve made up my holiday list…
The GI JOE “U.S.S. FLAGG” Aircraft Carrier playset. My brother was way into GI JOE. I was too, but I was always more Star Wars. We also did He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. We did Transformers (though we never had Optimus Prime). But GI JOE we were all over… and this is one […] Read more – ‘If anyone wants to go back in time to 1985, I’ve made up my holiday list…’.
Director and SCORM
I don’t know how I missed this, but back in May my ol’ pal and programming buddy back in PA — Kraig Mentor published [this article on Director And SCORM](http://www.adobe.com/devnet/director/articles/director_scorm.html). If you’ve downloaded the [Plug-in Technology Example](http://www.adlnet.gov/downloads/DownloadPage.aspx?ID=169), which demonstrates the code and the activity you can employ to create both Flash and Director-based content objects […] Read more – ‘Director and SCORM’.
Don Tapscott Keynote at Web 2.0 Expo
Gotta love the distribution of information. Link: sevenload.com Someone uploaded [Don Tapscott](http://www.wikinomics.com/)’s presentation from a Web 2.0 conference in Berlin. It’s not word-for word, but it’s pretty similar to the keynote he gave at Learning 2007. So for those of you that want to hear straight-up and unfiltered what I’ve been blogging about… enjoy. Since […] Read more – ‘Don Tapscott Keynote at Web 2.0 Expo’.
Rule the tools…
I was watching South Park on Wednesday night where Stan relieves his anxiety over the pressures to reach a million points in Guitar Hero III with *Heroin Hero* (stay with me — I have a point). In the game, you continue to chase this cute flying dragon reminiscent of DragonTales (get it… “chase the dragon?”) […] Read more – ‘Rule the tools…’.
Sequencing giving you the blues? Me, too!
I recognize for many of you, SCORM 2004 Sequencing and Navigation is impossible. My guess is that for most of you, it’s a jumbled problem that combines the complexities in understanding how to create a manifest that correctly interprets the intent of your instructional flow — and the problem of how an LMS actually interprets […] Read more – ‘Sequencing giving you the blues? Me, too!’.
Why the hell is there Christmas music now???
Jesus H. Flippin’ Christ! I’m driving to work today since I had my final post-operartion Doctor’s appointment (still for the finger), and I’m scanning the FM stations in-between the commercials, when I pick up 99.1 WMYX in Milwaukee. Now, I don’t normally listen to “The Mix” and honestly, except for working at the gas station […] Read more – ‘Why the hell is there Christmas music now???’.
Captivate 3
*Currently playing in iTunes: Howl (Extended Version) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Southland Tales soundtrack* I upgraded to Captivate 3 *personally* today to gear up to take on some contract work, and I’m exploring a couple of things. Months ago, when Captivate 3 was released, I downloaded the demo and thought it was overall a […] Read more – ‘Captivate 3’.
Me and Metrics
Just a quick aside on the power of [Feedburner](http://www.feedburner.com/): I was alerted by someone at Feedburner that my RSS feed wasn’t rendering the actual Feedburner layout and that my stats were probably off because of it. So, with a tiny bit of coaching, I got it right now (just click on the RSS icon in […] Read more – ‘Me and Metrics’.
Gah!!!!! the gPhone is not the gPhone!!!!
So read [here](http://blog.wired.com/business/2007/11/googles-mobile-.html). Then, read [here](http://www.openhandsetalliance.com/index.html). And [here](http://blog.wired.com/gadgets/googlephone/index.html) and [here](http://news.wired.com/dynamic/stories/G/GOOGLE_MOBILE?SITE=WIRE&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2007-11-05-11-04-01) and… well, you get the picture. Or maybe not. For weeks, arguably months depending on how connected you are to technology and gadget news, there’s been this rumbling that Google was coming alone with a phone of their own, and that it was going to […] Read more – ‘Gah!!!!! the gPhone is not the gPhone!!!!’.
Podcasts on Flash
[](http://www.amazon.com/dp/0789737027?ie=UTF8&tag=mrchompersnet-20) With my 3G iPod nano, I’ve run the course on getting my learn on as far as adjusting my fantasy football team or catching up on political satire. This weekend I was getting jiggy with ActionScript 3 and actively sought out what podcasts might be available, video or otherwise, on the subject. I didn’t […] Read more – ‘Podcasts on Flash’.
I promise, it’s the last theme change for a long time
I was just trying to change it up before and it was pretty weak. This one is much classier. Let’s be honest. Read more – ‘I promise, it’s the last theme change for a long time’.
Comedic Genius
I’ve been pondering for a very long time about getting in the program at Second City in Chicago so that I could work my way through their sketch comedy program and eventually write and perform in my own right. This wouldn’t be such a departure since I was so into ComedySportz back in the day. […] Read more – ‘Comedic Genius’.
OpenDocument Format + Flash = Open Content Templates?
A thought just occurred to me, and I hope it spurs some discussion from the Flash coders that are among us. So OpenDocument Format is an approved ISO standard for Office-type documents, including spreadsheets. In fact, ISO is in the process of moving the standard forward to version 1.2, where it’s expected that tables will […] Read more – ‘OpenDocument Format + Flash = Open Content Templates?’.
Stuff I’m doing…
##Blogging## Notice how I’ve been a little more active of late? A couple of things related to that: * I’m using [MarsEdit](http://www.red-sweater.com/marsedit/) to actually post entries to the blog, which allows me to write when I’m at the computer, and not necessarily just when I’m at the computer and online. * It also translates [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) […] Read more – ‘Stuff I’m doing…’.
A little bit about Blogging…
I got an interesting email from Jason Haag of [Conform2SCORM](http://www.conform2scorm.com/) today, asking me about if I had recently switched blogging services because he noticed that the theme here on Flash for Learning has changed *again* as is my wont. I responded that no, in fact, I merely switched the **theme** which is the term that […] Read more – ‘A little bit about Blogging…’.
Standards Documents
I’m putting together my first comprehensive E-Learning standards guide for work. Â Last year, I revised it by cleaning it up and correcting the technical details the first week on the job. Â Well, now it’s been a year, and I can count on one hand how many people have looked at that document, let […] Read more – ‘Standards Documents’.
A new way to think about Accessibility
So this morning I was reading [Phillip Hutchinson’s post on pipwerks.com](http://pipwerks.com/journal/2007/10/26/assistive-computer-technology-and-web-accessibility/) linking to video profiles of people with disabilities — mild to severe — using assistive technology to communicate, work and improve their lives. When I worked as a contractor for DoD and Homeland Security, accessibility was given the due lip service, and that was […] Read more – ‘A new way to think about Accessibility’.
Leopard: The Agony of the Update
I could just punt my Macbook Pro right about now. It’s a good thing I did a full backup last week of my drive using SuperDuper. If you’re thinking about upgrading your Mac to Leopard, here are some words of advice: Most of you are probably okay with doing just an upgrade, in which case […] Read more – ‘Leopard: The Agony of the Update’.
Talent 2.0
Interesting, INTERESTING brain dump from Elliott Masie on “Talent 2.0.” One of the things Don Tapscott (Wikinomics) was very passionate about yesterday was about the future of talent management and retention. Elliott shared some pretty radical but insanely genius points that I’m sure he’s collected from a host of people over the conference. What if […] Read more – ‘Talent 2.0’.
You could hear a pin drop this entire Learning 2007 conference if you were trying to have conversations about LCMSs. In other words, no one was talking about it other than me. Lance Dublin, whom I admire a lot, led a session on implementation and lumped the LCMS and LMS in the same bucket, but […] Read more – ‘R.I.P. LCMSs?’.
What do you really believe about learning?
Basic Approach: * Conceptions of learning and human nature matter * We tend to adopt one or more of three common sets of conceptions * There are basic tensions and questions raised by these sets * It’s worth struggling with these questions Conceptions of Learning: * Behaviorist * Selection of behavior by educator * Pursuit […] Read more – ‘What do you really believe about learning?’.
Keynote: Don Tapscott – Wikinomics
“Wikinomics” is up for a Pulitzer Prize for Business literature. How are youngsters changing the way we think about talent? Training, retention, collaboration and managing them? Within this new culture, there is a new culture of work and therein will lie the answers of how to accomplish this. Myspace has 220 million members, growing at […] Read more – ‘Keynote: Don Tapscott – Wikinomics’.
Keynote: Learning Theory
Stanton Wortham from The University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business is talking about learning theories, their characteristics and contradictions. Behaviorists believe that organisms learns by feedback from their environment. B.F. Skinner is among the most prominent behaviorists. You create a situation that rewards students for doing what you want them to do. Positive behaviors […] Read more – ‘Keynote: Learning Theory’.
Mobile Learning: 101
(Downtown) Judy Brown, former head of the ADL Academic Co-Lab is now a MASIE Fellow following her passion and bliss with mobile technology and learning. Slides are posted on the Learning 2007 Wiki. .mobi New domain names are available for mobile sites, starting at $7.99. The masie.mobi site was created with a wizard by mobisitegalore. […] Read more – ‘Mobile Learning: 101’.
myLearning Mobile Accenture Education
> “We’re still trying to figure out what the questions are.” Accenture had an opportunity for Mobile Learning. The Business need they had was to increase the speed and ease of uptake of corporate required training by senior executives. They also needed to provide important information at the moment of need. Fortunately, they have a […] Read more – ‘myLearning Mobile Accenture Education’.
ROI is a False Number: Moving towards Evidence-based Learning
Doug Lynch (The University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School of Business) was one of the keynote speakers at Sunday night’s kickoff to the Learning 2007 conference, and he was quite obviously the smartest man in the room — so naturally, I flocked to his session this morning. > “Thomas Jefferson once observed the increasing […] Read more – ‘ROI is a False Number: Moving towards Evidence-based Learning’.
Masie: Dan Pink Keynote
One of my favorite non-fiction titles of the last three years is “A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” by Dan Pink. It’s like the quickest read you’ll ever go through and you won’t put it down once you start it. It’s provocative. Pink uses the brain as a metaphor for the […] Read more – ‘Masie: Dan Pink Keynote’.
Masie Consortium Initiatives for 2008
Projects Underway: * LETSI – Beyond SCORM * Natural Evolution * From ADL * Adoption since 1997 has been enormous * Things were not designed back then to scale the way they need to now * Truly Global stewardship of SCORM * Taking over the responsibilities from ADL to be able to scale that support […] Read more – ‘Masie Consortium Initiatives for 2008’.
The Way Forward
The government is turning SCORM over to the community that uses it. It'll be up to all of us to support it in some way. And while it's a little scary, I think it's an AWESOME thing. Because when that happens, everyone has ownership. Read more – ‘The Way Forward’.
Moodle is now a one-click install on Dreamhost
A little over a year ago, I hung out with Martin Dougiamas, the big head behind Moodle, at the ILCE Conference in Mexico City. After spending quite a bit of time playing around with Moodle in the ensuing weeks, I humbly suggested on Dreamhost’s suggestion board that they I voted for Dreamhost to create a […] Read more – ‘Moodle is now a one-click install on Dreamhost’.
Virtual Patients
I’m at the SCORM Technical Working Group meeting and the first exciting thing I’ve heard so far has come from Valerie Smothers with MedBiquitous, talking about Virtual Patients — a model for reusable case studies to be exchanged for medical simulations around the world. Each Virtual Patient has metadata describing their patient data, media resoures, […] Read more – ‘Virtual Patients’.
SCORM Technical Working Group – Day 1
ADL, IMS signed an agreement SCORM 2004 is free of IP encumbrances  ADL will cooperate with IMS on Simple Sequencing 1.1 SCORM 2004 4th Edition Minor release scheduled for mid-2008 Fix Simple Sequencing 1.1 and a few critical bug fixes – stable for 2-3 years Merge SCORM 3rd Edition Sequencing and make it IMS […] Read more – ‘SCORM Technical Working Group – Day 1’.
iPods used for learning language
Good morning. I just logged into Google Reader and read up on a New York Times article discussing how iPods are being used in one middle school to help bilingual students with limited English skills to sharpen vocabulary and grammar. One district is even giving out 300 iPods in its schools a part of an […] Read more – ‘iPods used for learning language’.
The Wikified Organization
An interesting article just came across my Jaiku feed from the website for Wikinomics. The article sketches what an organization flattened for a knowledge meritocracy would look like. I think it’s a radical shift from what many corporations look like… but looking at all the GenX and GenY workers that are making up the workforce, […] Read more – ‘The Wikified Organization’.
Learning 2007
Just figured I’d put it out there that I’m going to be attending Learning 2007 in case anyone wants to meet up to talk Flash, SCORM or anything else over a pint at the small but amiable hotel bar at Coronado Springs. Read more – ‘Learning 2007’.
LomPad = MetaData Generator
LomPad is a Metadata generator for Windows, Mac and Linux that will simply generate all the metadata you need, either to the IEEE standard LOM (Learning Object Model) profile or, specifically for many of us, the SCORM 2004 profile. It’s pretty straight up and easy to use so far. I’m looking forward to putting it […] Read more – ‘LomPad = MetaData Generator’.
Movie Review: Eastern Promises
To be fair, this interview is more a clarification of previous statements than a full-on review. Previously, I’ve mentioned on Facebook and on this site that I left about halfway through Eastern Promises, and it’s only the second movie in a theater I’ve walked out of while it was in-progress since Highlander 2. It’s not […] Read more – ‘Movie Review: Eastern Promises’.
Phillip Dodds passes..
I just got this email from Elliott Masie. “What are we saying to each other?” That was a single line, spoken by the sound engineer at the end of Close Encounters of a Third Kind, as he played chords and a friendly alien spaceship played music back. The role was played by a young sound […] Read more – ‘Phillip Dodds passes..’.
We are not alone…
When I turned 15, Amber Manry, Sandy Heineger and Beth Von Ruden kinda teamed up and organized a little birthday party at my house in Mequon. It was very cool because up until my first year in Mequon (that school year, fwiw), I had like two friends ever, and girls didn’t even talk to me […] Read more – ‘We are not alone…’.
FFL Podcast Production ramping up!
Sorry for being silent for so long (again… again). There’s a lot going on with work that’s been keeping me busy enough to ignore blogging on all my sites. I wanted to propose a podcast curriculum where I’ll talk to something having to do with SCORM and Flash in small chunks, and hopefully keep it […] Read more – ‘FFL Podcast Production ramping up!’.
Nano Nano
I got the phat (and fat) new nano last week. I ordered it the day it came out. I came clean to Suzy on it the same day. I thought about the iPod Touch and the iPod Classic, but cost and size really won me over. I love how it fits in the palm of […] Read more – ‘Nano Nano’.
Don’t Call it a Comeback…
…even though it’s been over eleven years. Suzy is officially a college student again, having enrolled on Wednesday at Truman College, one of the City of Chicago’s community colleges. Suzy studied all last night for a placement exam in the hopes of staying in the 200-level chemistry course that’s a pre-requisite for her to enter […] Read more – ‘Don’t Call it a Comeback…’.
5100 Boy Scout Leaders Removed?
Straight from The Raw Story: CBS News reported Tuesday on “disturbing revelations” regarding the Boy Scouts, saying that “over the last 60 years, at least 5,100 adult leaders were kicked out of the Scouts because of allegations of sexual abuse.” That figure emerged as the result of a lawsuit against the Scouts by two brothers, […] Read more – ‘5100 Boy Scout Leaders Removed?’.
The 30th Anniversary of Punk
Time Magazine put together a very nice multimedia piece (http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/2007/punk_1977/ ) on the history of punk — that in 1977, a new form of rock hit the scene led by bands like The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash. Problem is, it’s not accurate at all. Read “Please Kill Me” by Legs McNeil and […] Read more – ‘The 30th Anniversary of Punk’.
Pimp My Bike
Ever since reading about it in the latest issue of MAKE, I’ve been dreaming electric dreams of cruising the streets with the cool glow of LED on my Trek. read more | digg story Read more – ‘Pimp My Bike’.
Fat People: Heed my warning and don’t exercise!
I just got back from my second day in a row at the gym. I feel like an instructor stomped on my grapes and continued to punch me for a half-hour in my gut, hamstrings and quadriceps. Yesterday was a fifteen minute ab-blaster class. Today was spinning class. I just walked out of my cube […] Read more – ‘Fat People: Heed my warning and don’t exercise!’.
SciFi Channel: Flash Gordon sucks
Oh, how I waited and longed for this to be good. But I can’t stand a “Smallville” version of Flash Gordon. Where’s Dr. Zarkhov? Ming’s not even bald. Where’s the Queen soundtrack? I mean, really… how can you not use it? I struggled to stay awake through the pilot. I turned off the second episode […] Read more – ‘SciFi Channel: Flash Gordon sucks’.
Serious Gaming in Business Week.
This (link) just came off the wire thanks to Brent Schenkler, who pulled the right quote: “…fledgling corporate games and virtual worlds are not nearly as sophisticated or visually stunning as some of the most popular consumer games involving millions of players, such as World of Warcraft, but they are precursors of what’s in the […] Read more – ‘Serious Gaming in Business Week.’.
Here’s a test to see who’s all reading the blog from the blogosphere. I have six invites to Pownce. First six people to comment on this post gets them. Note: due to the scarcity of the invites, be kind and don’t snag one if you’re not actually going to try it. I could be auctioning […] Read more – ‘Pownce’.
You fuckers just don’t know when to quit….
See here. Listen, Eddie and Alex — I give you a thumbs up for getting through rehab and coming to terms with Dave and deciding to go on tour. But making Wolfgang your bassist? Seriously? Dude, he’s not Michael Anthony. You just eschewed the heart and soul of your band. You’re right. You’re obviously a […] Read more – ‘You fuckers just don’t know when to quit….’.
iPhone snatched from my grasp yet again
I could just spit. So yesterday, Suzy and I are watching TV after Logan goes down for bed, and the movie “Teachers” is on. And as we’re watching Ralph “The Karate Kid” Maccio, we’re debating whether “Teachers” came out before or after “The Outsiders.” I resolve to bring closure to this important debate and hit […] Read more – ‘iPhone snatched from my grasp yet again’.
Computing History Meme
Tag you’re it. Please list your personal history of computers (input and output devices other than just a calculator) that you’ve owned/used. Feel free to add comments. Be sure to link back to this post so we have some provenance that links our posts together. 1978 Apple II+ 1980 Apple IIe 1982 Apple IIc 1984 […] Read more – ‘Computing History Meme’.
I’m a Cult Leader
So, I was talking a look at this link that broke down the interpretations of the Myers-Brigg Personality Types. Some of them were pretty funny so I took a quick pass at the Myers-Brigg test to see how I come out. You can take the test, too.. Turns out, I’m an ENFJ. That is… distinctively […] Read more – ‘I’m a Cult Leader’.
I killed a political email thread…
So I got this email from my buddy Eric, which is obviously a chain because most of the time Eric sends me dirty pictures or funny videos: Bush wants us to cut the amount of gas we use. The best way to stop using so much gas is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants! That […] Read more – ‘I killed a political email thread…’.
It couldn’t be easy, could it…
It makes my ass itch just thinking about it. So, I spent the better part of last Thursday night getting my router and wireless access point to work with the new cable modem, that looked exactly like the OLD cable modem. Friggin’ resetting the MAC address and then mirroring my computer’s MAC address in the […] Read more – ‘It couldn’t be easy, could it…’.
Catching up…
A couple of items of note as I attempt to catch up to my regular ranting, opining and glory-holing here: First off, we’re moved in. We’re by no means unpacked and settled, but we’ve been residing in Logan’s new castle for a week now. The move was without any drama, no doubt due to Suzy […] Read more – ‘Catching up…’.
Our long automotive nightmare is now over.
We got a call fom one of the several salvage companies Suzy’s been talking to in the last two weeks that they wanted to come out and see the car today if we were available. We made ourselves available as they sounded pretty interested in a 2007 Mazda3 with about 1,000 miles on it. The […] Read more – ‘Our long automotive nightmare is now over.’.
Taste of Chicago — You’ve just made my list…
So I woke up at 4:20 this morning to get ready for my ride to work. Generally, when I take the bike to work, I don’t get up this early but I went to bed cutting off an solipsistic (that’s my extensive vocabulary word of the week, kids) Claire Danes on the Daily Show and […] Read more – ‘Taste of Chicago — You’ve just made my list…’.
What I’ve learned from two episodes of my first true podcast…
So I’ve dabbled with the podcasting thing before, both here and on my family blog. Last week, since some friends of mine are heading into Chicago to attend a music festival with me, I began a podcast where I put on an hour-long radio show featuring music. The subject matter is pretty contained: I don’t […] Read more – ‘What I’ve learned from two episodes of my first true podcast…’.
The Passing of a Good Friend
Folks, I generally try to keep this blog free of my more personal opinions, but a friend to the E-Learning community has passed, and it’s truly important that we take a pause to remember him. Claude Ostyn was a pioneer with Phillip Dodds and a few others on developing the original specification for SCORM. His […] Read more – ‘The Passing of a Good Friend’.
Dieting is evidently saving us money…
I’ve been pretty mute on the subject of dieting, but somewhere around the beginning of June, I woke up one morning and just decided to start eating better, and since that time I’ve been eating Spinach for both lunch and dinner almost every day, with a good half-gallon or more of water throughout the day. […] Read more – ‘Dieting is evidently saving us money…’.
How an unknowing media is going to end CTC and ADL along with it…
I know Frank Warner means well, but this story has very little legs and the casualty will be a program that actually serves a greater good. You can hardly blame Warner for following the genius that is Robert Novak of the conservative Washington Post. In Novak’s article, Jack Murtha’s Friends, Novak makes the point that […] Read more – ‘How an unknowing media is going to end CTC and ADL along with it…’.
How the Democrats can completely lose in 2008…
It’s a stark statement on the state of the Democratic Party when Ben Affleck, who did tons of fundraising for them back in 2004 and 2006, can school them. I mean, it’s not like he’s Arianna Huffington or some other pol. He’s Affleck. You know, the guy who starred in “Phantoms?” [youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=Hn84oKYMIs8] He’s completely right. […] Read more – ‘How the Democrats can completely lose in 2008…’.
Tis better to give than to get your ass handed to you…
Mr. Sheets told us an anecdote soon after picking me up in Philly, about how he was visiting a friend who was watching “Happy Gilmore” with his kid. The kid came up to Scott and started uttering “PieceOfMe-PieceOfMe-PieceOfMe-PieceOfMe” to Scott, who without any context or clue of what this three-year-old was actually saying, bent down […] Read more – ‘Tis better to give than to get your ass handed to you…’.
Autobarn Sucks the Big One
Our ill-fated car purchase began with haggling over price, which was an experience I never wanted and never had from dealing with two different Saturn dealerships.  After the accident, the fallout revealed a number of inconsistencies, flaws, mistakes and slight illegalities for which everyone seemed to drop the ball but only Suzy and I are […] Read more – ‘Autobarn Sucks the Big One’.
Removing that pesky “Powered by Articulate” logo
Well, this beats the hell out of my reverse-engineering solution. Last year when I picked up Articulate Presenter, we were awfully annoyed that even though we bought the mongo-license that included the SDK for Articulate AND paid the extra $500 to remove the “Powered by Articulate” logo on the bottom left of the screen, I […] Read more – ‘Removing that pesky “Powered by Articulate” logo’.
Gambling Advice?
I’m two days away from an all-star excursion to Atlantic City, where Angelo, cousin Ambercrombie (Matt) and Dr. Sheets and I are meeting up to snag all the free drinks from the Tropicana we can. Problem is… I’ve been on a horrible losing streak when it comes to gambling. Even straight-up poker, which used to […] Read more – ‘Gambling Advice?’.
Clean Pop-ups out of Articulate Presenter
Ever need to launch several files out of one slide as a pop-up window in Articulate Presenter? I have that need and so do a few of the Instructional Designers I work with. So after some research and review, I’ve modified the player.html file in C:\Program Files\Articulate\Presenter\players 5.0\core and I can now publish content with […] Read more – ‘Clean Pop-ups out of Articulate Presenter’.
Instant Messaging with Doug…
Doug: too busy filling out a performance evaluation and reading about how the world’s gonna end 🙂 me: you gotta stop reading that john carter dude from the future stuff Doug: nah, this is straight up cnn yo me: now what? Doug: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/science/05/17/climate.ocean.reut/index.html me: but there’s good news, too, man pics from Rambo IV are […] Read more – ‘Instant Messaging with Doug…’.
Thou Shalt Always Kill
[youtube:http://youtube.com/watch?v=d-MYVv4tgQc] Suzy had me search for this song that she heard on Q101, and after finding it… I have to admit this is an awesome song. Read more – ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill’.
More Cowbell
With a sundry of freely available and public domain videos on the web, I now have an awesome find. Just go 4:00 in for the cowbell sketch (or watch the whole thing — Will Ferrell is a funny little man). Read more – ‘More Cowbell’.
The economy will prove me smarter than average bear…
CNN has an article about how we need to brace ourselves for gas to hit $4 a gallon. I think they’re being pretty conservative. It’s going to hit $5 a gallon eventually, but since that number scares the absolute crap out of most people (bottom line: it will make groceries and consumer goods way out […] Read more – ‘The economy will prove me smarter than average bear…’.
Does the world really need Spiderman to dance?
I was about to go on a full-rage rant about Spiderman 3, but this guy pretty much summed up what I have to say on the subject. A couple of pointers to keep in mind when you eventually see this film: It’s a friggin’ musical, complete with set changes, dance numbers and crap that just […] Read more – ‘Does the world really need Spiderman to dance?’.
Smug Alert
You know, you’d think from reading that last post that I’m going all “holier than thou” when it comes to the environment. And… uh… no. It’s pretty difficult to talk about what you’re doing to be a little more eco-friendly without sounding like your own compost doesn’t stink. And let’s face it: compost stinks. Not […] Read more – ‘Smug Alert’.
Coming Home…
Karma is a very weird thing. I don’t quite get it. I can’t track it. I can’t predict it. So when things are going good like they seem to be now, am I on the way back up? is this as good as it gets? Or is another shoe about to drop? I guess it’s […] Read more – ‘Coming Home…’.
Connect a T-Mobile Dash to your Mac
So the readers of this blog probably will never need this information, but it’s here if you happen to stumble upon it. First, you need to pair the phone to the Mac. On your Dash there’s an applicationn called “internet sharing.” Start > Accessories > Internet Sharing Status Disconnected PC Connection: USB or Bluetooth PAN […] Read more – ‘Connect a T-Mobile Dash to your Mac’.
Why do I even bother…
In two years of participating in the Amazon program, I’ve earned a single dollar. Not that I’ve been going out of my way to whore the sites for personal gain, but I’d a thunk that even Russians looking for a place to spam would’ve clicked on something. Read more – ‘Why do I even bother…’.
Dude, Mr. Chompers is totally baked, man. Read more – ‘4-20’.
I finally make the front page of Digg!
So, on Friday, Garth (work buddy) sends me the link to youaredamned.com.  I digg it and there’s only like 6 diggs by the end of the workday, which is pretty normal for me because of the few times I’ve submitted something to digg, it’s never been popular, or it gets co-opted by someone else. But […] Read more – ‘I finally make the front page of Digg!’.
Making Full-screen Articulate Movies that are actually… full-screen…
A helpful tip, courtesy of my man, Ted. Read more – ‘Making Full-screen Articulate Movies that are actually… full-screen…’.
Feel like damning someone to hell? You and 31000+ others… read more | digg story Read more – ‘youaredamned.com’.
Scrapyard Challenge
At the urging of one of my more artistic friends, I went downtown to Columbia College to participate in a free one-day program where we take discarded junk (electronic and otherwise) and turn it into electronic musical instruments — all without knowing anything about electronics at the outset. With about 20 minutes of basic instruction […] Read more – ‘Scrapyard Challenge’.
Today’s announcement about the release of Adobe’s CS3 suite of tools, including a new IDE for Flash, got me highly motivated to divde into my Safari Rough Cut of Colin Moock’s ActionScript 3 book, as well as pick up where I meandered off in my Flex 2: Training from the Source book. And then I […] Read more – ‘SmartFlix’.
gen1.us.001 – i live…
[display_podcast] Today I try my hand (pun intended) at video, discussing my recovery, scars, fantasy politics, Roger Waters and Ronnie James Dio. Read more – ‘gen1.us.001 – i live…’.
Typing one-handed is slow
Podcasts coming soon. I’m off of work all next week. Read more – ‘Typing one-handed is slow’.
bats without a belfry
Suzy had a job interview on Monday morning.  It was scheduled for 9am, but she had to reschedule it for a little bit later.  On her way out the door, Suzy saw a dark appearance in the hallway.  Turning on the hallway light, the dark mass turned out to be a bat who freaked out […] Read more – ‘bats without a belfry’.
When “Gladiator” came out in 2002 or whatever and the bunch of us saw it before paintballing at Paintball Dave’s for the big game in May, it pumped us up like no other movie about war and the fighting arts ever did before. It came out on DVD, and before every softball game, the boys […] Read more – ‘300’.
hammered drunk
I’m sipping my coffee, but Ernie’s so fucking wasted at 8:30 in the morning, it boggles the mind. Read more – ‘hammered drunk’.
Neon Bible
I’ve been pretty busy at the Grange this week, and I’ve been listening almost nonstop to the new Arcade Fire album.  It’s called Neon Bible, and it’s beautiful, rocking, haunting and unique.  If you haven’t heard of them, you should give it a listen because they’re simply awesome.  And if you don’t like them… then […] Read more – ‘Neon Bible’.
New Chair
Last year, my company had an outstanding year and rewarded employees with a 19% contribution to their retirement fund.  The benefits of their performance keep coming though. Last week, they replaced all the soap dispensers with the foaming soap, and improved the hot water power in the sinks so that washing your hands after taking […] Read more – ‘New Chair’.
We can rebuild it…
In about two weeks, I’m going under the knife for my finger. It’s going to work like this.  I have an “interior anterior fracture” which basically means that the middle of my left ring finger is cracked right through the long way.  The lower knuckle it touches is really messed up.  Lots of bone fragments […] Read more – ‘We can rebuild it…’.
The VUE is also in the shop, getting its due. Oil Change turns into brake job turns into warranty repair on the rear differential. Throw in a couple new tires and a tune-up because we’re about to hit 36,000 miles… OH. And thanks to the whizbang genius of the ER doctor on staff at Condell […] Read more – ‘screwed…’.
Instant Messaging with Herr Reed…
Kevin: Check out Full Blown Chaos if you haven’t already…still digging your DVDs from days gone by…. me: full blown chaos? that’s cool that’s got to be way better than half-assed chaos Kevin: they need to quantify the chaos me: hmmm Kevin: or qualify you’d know more than i me: in the scoping of the […] Read more – ‘Instant Messaging with Herr Reed…’.
Dark Chocolate (dark as in evil and foreboding — not awesomely delicious)
I just got done reading a pretty damning post off of digg that exposes Bush’s budget plan for what it really is. I can’t write it better than Matt Taibi, who writes for Rolling Stone, so please read his article and then come back for more. Now, the reason I start off with this is […] Read more – ‘Dark Chocolate (dark as in evil and foreboding — not awesomely delicious)’.
You’re On Notice…
Inspired by Davis and Coposky, I (finally) arrive to the party to put the following on notice. You’ve been warned, Grossman. Read more – ‘You’re On Notice…’.
Reporting out of Basecamp
At work, I’ve successfully gotten my group on-board with implementing BaseCamp as a collaborative project management tool. Initially, it was to meet a request from my boss to replace a Word doc and Excel spreadsheet that had to be updated by everyone on what projects were being worked on (our weekly status reports) and how […] Read more – ‘Reporting out of Basecamp’.
6 Sigma, Development, Measurement and Training…
Are you schooled on 6 Sigma? I’m about halfway through reading a fascinating (and somewhat jarring) book by Kalym A. Islam called “Developing and Measuring Training the 6 Sigma Way.” Once you get past the point that the author obviously doesn’t like Instructional Design pillars like Bloom, Kirkpatrick and others — the author makes a […] Read more – ‘6 Sigma, Development, Measurement and Training…’.
Thinking Cap
We need to replace the furnace filter in our apartment. I cleaned it out (again) but as it’s kinda dirty, it’s also kinda cold in the apartment. The nice family below us moved back to New Orleans and have turned their heat down, if not off entirely. So it’s us, the pimp and whores on […] Read more – ‘Thinking Cap’.
Learning Design
Just some inside humor here… after coming from IMS, I found my own daughter in the Learning Design box… Read more – ‘Learning Design’.
Being an Aquarius sucks the wang
I’m an Aquarius, which means… You are an original and independent person, who needs to make your own contribution to the common good. You can be fun-loving and friendly in a quirky unemotional, impersonal, intellectual way. You may be motivated by your enjoyment of group activities within a circle of friends. You have a strong […] Read more – ‘Being an Aquarius sucks the wang’.
FFL Podcast #001: IMS Quarterly Meeting
With a lousy left hand, I’ve been forced to innovate (or just accept the future) and use the toys available to me on my MacBook Pro — I took my outline, whittled it down to slides in Apple Keynote, exported them as PNG files and imported them into GarageBand to put together this first podcast, […] Read more – ‘FFL Podcast #001: IMS Quarterly Meeting’.
Tool Interoperability: Looking to the future with IMS
I’m currently attending an IMS meeting that’s at the Oracle hq in Redwood Shores, CA (near San Fran). I’m here because I’m considering joining IMS in addition to joining the SCORM Technical Working Group (well, I’m going to joing the TWG for sure — I’m investigating IMS). I sat in on the panel working on […] Read more – ‘Tool Interoperability: Looking to the future with IMS’.
aaroncast #003
In this extra long podcast, I make friends with dive bar denizens of South San Francisco, dare to hope that this current spiral of dread is a passing fad — and then the Bears lose the Super Bowl. You can subscribe in itunes by selecting itpc://www.mrchompers.net/podcasts/–/Podcast/rss.xml You can also listen to the podcasts online by […] Read more – ‘aaroncast #003’.
aaroncast #002
Talking about Obama, the Mooninites terrorizing of Boston and Stupidity in general. Plus, my thoughts on thinking at the speed of normal people — all while waiting to get on my plane to San Jose to geek out with Angelo, Doug and the rest of the SCORM All-Star Squad. You can subscribe in itunes by […] Read more – ‘aaroncast #002’.
Math Shows that this is the Worst Week of the Year
Is this the suckiest week of the year? It ought to be, according to Cliff Arnall, a professor at Cardiff University. Arnall, an expert on seasonal depression, has authored the equation you see above, which calculates the “most depressing day of the year.” I think I can vouch for it. read more | digg story Read more – ‘Math Shows that this is the Worst Week of the Year’.
podcasts are officially back on mrchompers.net
take a look to the nav bar on the right. The first aaroncast is on hardcore music, our first legal victory and being a downer in general… You can subscribe in itunes by selecting itpc://www.mrchompers.net/podcasts/–/Podcast/rss.xml You can also listen to the podcasts online by clicking on the links to the right, or by going directly […] Read more – ‘podcasts are officially back on mrchompers.net’.
a few updates before a series of podcasts
typing is a real pain for me right now, so i’ll be switching for the foreseeable future to audio entries as a series of podcasts to ease my frustration with my lack of typing speed and accuracy. as you all know by now, the car wreck last week in the mazda3 totalled the car and […] Read more – ‘a few updates before a series of podcasts’.
well, at least i have my guitar lessons covered…
In what I hope will be the start of an upward trend of positivity, the Old Town School of Folk Music is letting me take my tuition an simply registering for the next round of Guitar I classes starting March 11. I was told that the finger should be healed in six weeks, so assuming […] Read more – ‘well, at least i have my guitar lessons covered…’.
Thoughts on Ariculate
I received an email the other day about Articulate: If you have a few minutes, could you summarize for me the main ways Articulate fits into your purpose for it (ie., why Articulate versus something else)? Also, what were the main problems you ran into during your testing and what (if any) problems do you […] Read more – ‘Thoughts on Ariculate’.
So long Mazda3…
I’m typing one-handed, so I’ll be uncharacteristically brief. Yesterday, I left the office over lunch to finally get an Illinois driver’s license. I made a left at an intersection and didn’t see a red honda racing southbound from the outside lane. We broke and swerved to avoid each other, but he clipped me, and I […] Read more – ‘So long Mazda3…’.
Four Seasons in One Day
This Crowded House ditty was the first thing that came to mind this morning — “smiling as the shit comes down.” I was brimming with a sense of pleasant humility last night that our household is about to grow by three for a short while. It pleases me greatly to be in a position to […] Read more – ‘Four Seasons in One Day’.
The Wii is now officially a workout option on Traineo
I know y’all are probably sick to death of me going on and on (and on) about the friggin’ Wii.   But two weeks ago I posed a message to the Traineo forum wondering if people were tracking their Wii usage as a fitness activity, since you can definitely work up a sweat to it […] Read more – ‘The Wii is now officially a workout option on Traineo’.
This is not just coincidence
Every Best Buy will have a minimum of fifteen Wiis in stock this Sunday, January 21st. My birthday is January 21st. This is fate, karma, zen… pick your Eastern philosophy and/or word for destiny. The Wii is sold out just about everywhere (though you can track retailers who have it through http://www.itrackr.com/ if you register […] Read more – ‘This is not just coincidence’.
Steve Jobs, why must you treat me like I’m your bitch?
Steve, Now, seriously… we’ve known each other for a long time. I’ve used your Apple II+. We upgraded it to an Apple IIe. We one-upped the ante in the early 80s and bought an Apple IIc clone to go along with the IIe — we had two computers in the house when most households didn’t […] Read more – ‘Steve Jobs, why must you treat me like I’m your bitch?’.
The Mensan Has No Clothes
Here’s my morning so far: 4:41am – Alarm goes off 4:43am – Aaron slips on house shoes and saunters to the 2nd bathroom. 5:02am – Aaron finishes a chapter in the Obama book and proceeds to get dressed for the gym. 5:26am – Aaron takes Mr. Chompers out for a pee and a poop. 5:32am […] Read more – ‘The Mensan Has No Clothes’.
Iâ € ™ve been struggling for weeks to present a comprehensive strategy that makes sense to both a wide audience at work (and me)â € ¦ and itâ € ™s not easy. Itâ € ™s probably the first time in my career as a knowledge worker that I canâ € ™t just offer up a […] Read more – ‘MindJet’.
AVC Setlist for December
Here’s the final, proposed setlist for next weekend: 2006.12.xml [download](http://www.mrchompers.net/itunes/avc-playlist.zip) Read more – ‘AVC Setlist for December’.
Getting Shit Together…
I’m sipping the corporate kool-aid. And… it tastes like ecto-plasm cooler, which is totally sweet. I’m down to 247 today — a full five pounds since last week when I weighed in at Weight Watchers. I’m kinda in shock that I could lose so much weight in a week (especially with me eating not-so-great at […] Read more – ‘Getting Shit Together…’.
Which File Extension are you?
Wow, I wonder what it takes to be an .mp3? Which File Extension are You? Read more – ‘Which File Extension are you?’.
The Clinton Battle Plan
“…the election was about more than Iraq and corruption; it turned on the unmet needs of middle-class voters for whom the country ‘isn’t working anymore.’ And yet no one is exactly sure how to make it work again. ‘The people didn’t give Democrats a mandate,’ the former president cautions. ‘They gave us a chance.’ But […] Read more – ‘The Clinton Battle Plan’.
Out vile spot!
I was in Orlando last week for the [Learning 2006](http://www.learning2006.com/) conference with eight of my new co-workers.   I was fortunate to go, and even moreso to hook up with some contacts from ADL, CTC, IEEE, etc.   It’s always good to drink with Mike, and we had more than a few laughs with Schawn, […] Read more – ‘Out vile spot!’.
Learning 2006
I just got back from Masie’s http://www.learning2006.com. This being the first learning conference I’ve been to (that I didn’t have to work at), I have a lot of learnings I’m pouring over in my internal work blog. I’ll likely cross-post several items I’m thinking about, but at a high level, here’s what I picked up: […] Read more – ‘Learning 2006’.
Post from Monday night…
Sorry this post is so tardy. I actually wrote it on Monday, but haven’t had time to actually copy-and-paste it into the blog! Quick news on Weight Watchers: I lost a pound last week. That sounds pretty bad, but it’s the first week, and I kept falling off the wagon. So all things being equal, […] Read more – ‘Post from Monday night…’.
Recent News on NPR…
I don’t know if anyone listens to NPR at night on the drive home, but Canadian Public Radio as been following [this story](http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2006/10/24/america/NA_GEN_US_Missing_Polish_Scientist.php) of a Polish scientist with two PhDs and a Master’s in physiology, molecular biology and chemistry, who’s also a world-class athlete who’s basically just vanished out of the Salt Lake City airport […] Read more – ‘Recent News on NPR…’.
Thoughts on Strategy: Tracking Bugs
I’m beginning to love the challenges of this new job.� I hope the love affair lasts. There’s a couple of things I’m digging about the new job.� One is that the more strategic role I have in the� new job’s� Learning Center provides me with the opportunity to blog professionally again.� When I’m thinking through […] Read more – ‘Thoughts on Strategy: Tracking Bugs’.
R.I.P.: The One API Wrapper
Someone has to own up to the lowly fate of the open-source project I launched with Alan Schultz at MAX 2005, and that somene will have to be me. I failed the project. I failed the community that might have been interested in it. I’m a very bad man. Actually, I’m a very busy man. […] Read more – ‘R.I.P.: The One API Wrapper’.
Thoughts on Strategy: Level of Interactivity => Bloom’s Taxonomy
I’ve been absent from this site for a while, even after I promised I would be more active. My apologies. My professional life got a bit bizarre right around the same time I joined Edumatic. Basically, I started having insane workloads that compelled me to put in well over 80 hours a week for about […] Read more – ‘Thoughts on Strategy: Level of Interactivity => Bloom’s Taxonomy’.
Hearts on Fire…
It’s a better day for weight watchers, since I dispensed with the McDonald’s (I swear I hardly ever do it — I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday).   Even my giant burrito from the Grainger cafeteria only cost me 12 points for lunch. At this time yesterday, I was down to 1 point. […] Read more – ‘Hearts on Fire…’.
Damn you, Sausage McGriddle!
I started Weight Watchers at work today, and I basically fucked myself by stopping for breakfast at McDonald’s before getting on the train. The Sausage McGriddle is 14 points by itself. Tack on an extra 3 points for the hash brown, and I’ve used up more than half my points for the day. I could’ve […] Read more – ‘Damn you, Sausage McGriddle!’.
The New Job
So now I’m an E-learning strategist, and unlike NL, it’s not a nice title for main developer (even though technically I am the only developer in the department). The next couple of weeks will see me using their existing authoring tools so I can evaluate if they are on par, better or worse than other […] Read more – ‘The New Job’.
Last Weekend
I’ve been trying to make a good impression at Grainger this week, since it’s my first week and my cube is right next to my new boss, so I apologize for the slack in blogging this week. Last weekend I was out in PA visiting with Will, Davis, Griffin and Mundis, and I can honestly […] Read more – ‘Last Weekend’.
Nerd’s Day Out
With Santi finishing off his first week of unemployment and me with a fairly empty plate of things that *have* to be done, we decided to spend a day hanging out and doing some fun shit. We started off at 11am at Metropolis, our coffee shop, where we sipped on some joe and talked about […] Read more – ‘Nerd’s Day Out’.
My (unofficially) First Day…
At the beginning of this week, I heard from my new boss, and she asked if I could possibly make it into the office for an all-hands strategy meeting. So this morning, I left the house by 6:15 (being extra-cautious about not missing the train), found parking pretty easily around Ravenswood and Lunt (we’ll see […] Read more – ‘My (unofficially) First Day…’.
Things to do in Chicago When You’re Between Jobs…
As of noon today, I am prettty much a free man during the day, so to keep myself organized (distracted), here’s a list of things I can do before I start the new job: 1. Buy some new clothes for the new job. 2. Hit up all the doctors you need to. 3. Call in […] Read more – ‘Things to do in Chicago When You’re Between Jobs…’.
Things to do in Pittsburgh When You’re Fired Org’d Out…
On a somewhat spur of the moment decision, I bought a round-trip ticket to PA to see the Red Elvises and hang with Will and Davis (and all other comers). This will not be my only trip to PA. I will return to Johnstown for Sheets’ Inappropriate Christmas Party when he finally decides that it’s […] Read more – ‘Things to do in Pittsburgh When You’re Fired Org’d Out…’.
It occurred to me during my fast today for Yom Kippur that I have not formally atoned for my transgressions against certain people throughout the year 5766. So now, as I’ve fasted for the day (first time I’ve actually observed Yom Kippur in any discernable fashion in many a decade), permit me to apologize to […] Read more – ‘gen1.us = BLOG OF THE RIGHTEOUS’.
Instant Karma
I bought a Sony PSP when I was working at CTC in a fit of release as I snapped from working so hard during a last attempt at moving up in the organization. Not too long after I bought the PSP, I received the review that sealed the deal for me as far as looking […] Read more – ‘Instant Karma’.
I’m a Nerd
Modern, Cool Nerd 52 % Nerd, 65% Geek, 17% Dork For The Record: A Nerd is someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia. A Geek is someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one. A Dork is someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions. You scored […] Read more – ‘I’m a Nerd’.
i could really use a sausage shmiscuit…
I’m coming off another brutal week at work, which almost cancels out the good vibes earned over last weekend when Angelo and Doug came to town from PA. But ever since they took off, Chicago has been rainy, grey… and Suzy and I have been really jonesing for Sheetz food. We are sad, sad pandas, […] Read more – ‘i could really use a sausage shmiscuit…’.
Back to the ol’ Saltmine…
[fa:p:id=234985762,j=l,s=m,l=p] But laying around on Monday morning with Logan was the best part of my vacation 🙂 Read more – ‘Back to the ol’ Saltmine…’.
I’ve joined a team of very motivated developers and Instructional Designers for an open-source content development framework called [Edumatic](http://edumatic.net/). I’m looking forward to diving into AS3, and working with such a diverse (and distributed) group in the design and development of this project. Anybody who really knows me (in the E-Learning world) would attest that […] Read more – ‘Edumatic’.
Signs of life…
If you’ve been coming to the site for information, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been very slow to update for quite a while. I’ve been pretty busy managing the technical team at my company, and in that time I’ve been going beyond just espousing SCORM theory and prototyping, and I’ve been putting that knowledge to […] Read more – ‘Signs of life…’.
honestly, who steals a friggin’ bike chain?
As the grill was cooling off for a few hours after a hearty workout, slow roasting a nice 6-pound center pork loin, a leg of lamb and Chicken-on-the-Throne, some jerkwad came into the stairwell in the back of my building and walked off with the chain for my grill.   Didn’t bother to take the […] Read more – ‘honestly, who steals a friggin’ bike chain?’.
Sleep Out
So, I’ve been insane…ly busy of late, which is unfortunately the norm instead of the exception. But there’s been some musical respite of late. [Sleep Out](http://www.sleepout.net/) is a band fronted by Quinn Goodwillie, whom I work with. Their newly released album, *I Was Your Shroud* has been on constant repeat in my car, iPod and […] Read more – ‘Sleep Out’.
Behold Our Calendar!
Now for something else we’ll never update.   Since Google was kind enough to expand their calendar application so that it can be exported and embedded on other web pages, now I can share with you, kind reader, even more of the daily grind.   That said, we’ll try to keep this updated.   I […] Read more – ‘Behold Our Calendar!’.
Thanks, Anyway…
Hey, I understand. I want to donate and help out a friend in need, too. But there are a lot of times that I just don’t have the scratch. If that’s you, at least take a minute to sign the Guestbook and holla back. Thanks, -a- Read more – ‘Thanks, Anyway…’.
The Aquabats Save High-5 City!!!!
2006-06-03 088 olympus Suzy and I were witnesses to the awesomeness that is the Aquabats. And, it’s safe to say that while Suzy put a strong kabosh on my dressing up, I most definitely would not have been the oldest, nor the fattest, man in costume at this show. I did, however, feel very bad […] Read more – ‘The Aquabats Save High-5 City!!!!’.
Superman, post-9/11
I don’t know if I was listening to the radio last night, or just had some stoner epiphany (while completely straight).   But here’s my question:   does Superman work for us after 9/11?   I asked Suzy this question as she nearly passed out from her horrible cold and she quickly dismissed it by […] Read more – ‘Superman, post-9/11’.
¡Qué Onda!
It’s about 2am right now and in an hour, a cab is coming to take my ass to O’Hare, so I can fly down to Mexico City to speak at a conference on behalf of ADL.   It’s a little weird getting “the call” to give a presentation now that I’m not working for CTC; […] Read more – ‘¡Qué Onda!’.
Cross-Town Classic
One of big wishes upong moving back to Chicago was to see the Sox play Cubs in the Cross-Town Classic.   It almost when by unnoticed by me until my man, Dennis, e-mailed me today to see if I wanted to go with him tomorrow.   So I get to see Buehrle pitch, which is […] Read more – ‘Cross-Town Classic’.
Secret gov’t source tells ABC News: ‘Get new cellphones’
Oh… it’s not domestic *spying*. I mean, we just know who you’re calling and who’s calling you. But don’t worry. You have nothing to worry about. read more | digg story Read more – ‘Secret gov’t source tells ABC News: ‘Get new cellphones’’.
Macbook Pros are to hot, cool them down.
This user disassembled his Macbook Pro, only to find that Apple had placed the thermal paste incorrectly, he then put in his own paste which cooled it drastically. My MacBook Pro has been in Apple’s hands for over two weeks now, and when I called last week, I was told that they were trying to […] Read more – ‘Macbook Pros are to hot, cool them down.’.
Now Hiring…
Sure, I’m working late *AGAIN*, but that is soon to come to an end. In about a week, two longtime friends and former co-workers are interviewing for various positions open at my company, thus I carry on a longstanding tradition of nepotism in the city that runs on nepotism. Sure, I’m the tech guy so […] Read more – ‘Now Hiring…’.
Here’s hoping for a normal 40-hour week…
Officially, I clocked in 55 hours last week, but it sure felt like a lot more. Two deliverables out in a three day span, and I was the lead developer for both. Neither would have been done had it not been for some committed people working with me… it was a lot of work. I […] Read more – ‘Here’s hoping for a normal 40-hour week…’.
For some of you, you’ll chuckle.   Some of you will find it inappropriate.   And I just don’t care. It April 20th (4/20) — which is by all reasonable measures National Pot Smoking Day… and I’m stuck at work, grinding it out probably until midnight tonight to get a second course this week out […] Read more – ‘420’.
the onslaught continues
I think I’m in for a hard 48 hours of work in the next two days.   Comes with the job.   Hopefully, this quiets things down for a few weeks. Read more – ‘the onslaught continues’.
busy as shit!
New jobs always get a pretty dedicated employee when I come on board, but this is pretty crazy of late.   I’m just mentally (even physically) exhausted when I leave work.   Everyone is.   We’re just trying to keep up with booming business, picking up and knocking out projects like it was going out […] Read more – ‘busy as shit!’.
Catching up
Funny how a sick kid can propel all sorts of activity. That, or it’s just another busy spring. I was home with Logan both Thursday and Friday last week. We now believe we had a bout with Rosiola (spelling?) which is basically a kid’s illness earmarked by a couple of days of fever, followed by […] Read more – ‘Catching up’.
Mommies don’t get tipsy…
Mommies don’t get tipsy… No… not at all… not ever… 🙂 Read more – ‘Mommies don’t get tipsy…’.
Figures that with an on-site client meeting in Orlando the same time that America is converging on Florida for Spring Break, that a short-notice flight would be hard, if not impossible, to get within a budget (we’re not on the government dime now, kids). So, I’ll be going out to Orlando in a few weeks, […] Read more – ‘Aaron’s YO-MTV-RAPS-BLOCK-PARTY-SPRING-BREAK-BEACH-HIZZOUSE… delayed :)’.
Rockin’ Orlando for Spring Break!
I thought my traveling days were over, but they are not!   I’m earning more frequent flier miles   this weekend as I fly off to sunny Orlando for a few days helping out an airline and their E-learning needs.   My bosses (they’re married) are renting a house for the week (for the kids), […] Read more – ‘Rockin’ Orlando for Spring Break!’.
Geeking out in 2006: Ruby on Rails
Suzy’s boss, Matt and I e-mailed back and forth quite a bit last week about Ruby on Rails, which is a newer web application language (Ruby) and framework (Rails) to develop object-oriented programs with extremely little code and frustration, mostly because the setup *scaffolds* your application by auto-creating stub files that make it easier for […] Read more – ‘Geeking out in 2006: Ruby on Rails’.
A Year of Music Unparallelled to Years Past
As a proud father, doting husband and amiable oaf around the office, I shouldn’t be so bedazzled by all the musical offerings coming to or around Chicago, but I can see where Suzy and I will be attempting to improve our social calendars with a growing slate of concerts and festivals that will ROCK US […] Read more – ‘A Year of Music Unparallelled to Years Past’.
I’ve relented, caved, sold out… whatever. Anyway, I have a myspace account now. So if you’re cool like me, now, and have a myspace account, add me as your friend: [http://www.myspace.com/mrch0mp3rs](http://www.myspace.com/mrch0mp3rs) Read more – ‘myspace’.
St. Patrick’s Day Playlist
As I’m planning on being hammered most of the day until I pick up Logan from daycare (I’m such a good father) at Chief O’Neil’s, it’s only fitting that this playlist reflect some good Irish drinkin’ and kicking o’ the ass. As usual, if you want to listen to this collection, just give a holla […] Read more – ‘St. Patrick’s Day Playlist’.
I’m so metal, I’m even more metal than before
Ozzfest 2006 line-up was announced on Friday, and it’s f**king metal, kids. Black Label Society heads up the second stage. Yes, I thought they sucked last year, but they were kick-ass in 2004. And, last year Zombie headlined the second stage, and I thought it was going to blow, and it turned out to be […] Read more – ‘I’m so metal, I’m even more metal than before’.
Bike the Drive 2006
Here we go again, and this time it’d be sweet to have a team. Enjoy a morning of peaceful, car-free Lake Shore Drive with amazing views of Chicago’s lakefront and skyline. Choose your own pace and distance. [Bike The Drive](http://www.bikethedrive) registration includes a great ride, event T-shirt, access to three rest stops and a fun […] Read more – ‘Bike the Drive 2006’.
Yet another meme…
These are kinda fun. Fulfilling my obligation on [Dull Subjects](http://www.dullsubjects.com/), If you comment on this post by telling me what movie quote best describes me (or reminds you of me), I’ll reciprocate by commenting here what song lyrics reminds me of you. Read more – ‘Yet another meme…’.
QuestionSwap: My new waste of time…
[Davis](http://www.dullsubjects.com/) turned me on to this site called [QuestionSwap](http://www.questionswap.com/) where you ask questions anonymously, answer questions anonymously and you receive an anonymous answer in return. So I asked the following question: > “I’m thinking of a career change. I either want to be a pirate or a ninja. Which career should I choose, and how […] Read more – ‘QuestionSwap: My new waste of time…’.
Beer Day @ Work
We have a wrap party everytime a project is complete.   The parties are always limited to the team that puts out the project, but today’s celebration involves everybody in the company, so everybody drinks today.   Normally, teams go out to a local bar (there’s a few of them).   Today, it’s Heineken in […] Read more – ‘Beer Day @ Work’.
So, as you’ve probably noticed, things have been CRAZY busy around here, with unpacking, getting Logan settled, Suzy finding daycare for Logan and work (i will blog about this soon — i promise), but I did get a chance to get out and check out a promising band called the [Polkaholics](http://chicagopolkaholics.com/), which is like Iggy […] Read more – ‘Polkaholics’.
More Memery…
I’ve been tagged by Scott with a new meme. > List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they’re any good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag […] Read more – ‘More Memery…’.
meanwhile, at ozzfest…
My new MacBook Pro is sweet, and it has this program called ComicLife on it, which works with your iPhoto library and will filter your images so you can essentially make comics with no big whoop. Like what I did in about 5 minutes of tooling around. Read more – ‘meanwhile, at ozzfest…’.
Dull Subjects Meme
I am obliged to post this as a result of #8 on the list from [Davis’ blog](http://www.dullsubjects.com): 1. Reply to this entry and I will write something random about you. 2. I will then tell you what song/movie reminds me of you. 3. I will pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in. […] Read more – ‘Dull Subjects Meme’.
The first week on the job…
It was a helluva week. Hell… of a week… So, on Monday a third of my staff quit. That sounds pretty dramatic doesn’t it? Well, I have three programmers. One quit. So technically, I’m correct (and can perform basic math). It wasn’t entirely unexpected by me. When I was interviewing here, the guy didn’t want […] Read more – ‘The first week on the job…’.
Day 2 — still employed
The days are long but good. I’ve been getting up around 5am to walk Conchita, Dee’s dog. I don’t have to start work until 9am, but I like having a lot of time to go for a leisurely stroll, have breakfast, read a bit, shower, etc. It’s easy to have a schedule this week. Dee’s […] Read more – ‘Day 2 — still employed’.
my first day on the job…
It came upon me by surprise that I experimented with checking my [gmail](http://gmail.google.com/) with my cell phone when I got an *URGENT* email from my boss. A Flash piece was being launched by the client in their training and it wasn’t working, which would be very bad news. So, I ran into the office and […] Read more – ‘my first day on the job…’.
so much pizza
can’t eat more pizza. the stuffed spinach is da bomb — maybe one more slice. Read more – ‘so much pizza’.
The first 24 hours…
…have seen me eating tofu pad thai and chicken satay from Thai Oscar, delivery last night after I tried unsuccessfully to nap upon my arrival at Dee’s. After dinner, I joined Dee, Ali, Pam and Cheney, Susan, Sheryl and Amy at a housewarming party (for persons I’m not sure I met last night). Well, it […] Read more – ‘The first 24 hours…’.
Red Elvises coming to Green Bay!!!
Check out thetour dates, yo! Aug 13-15 Green Bay WI Oneida Bingo and Casino 2020 Airport Drive (920)429-3255 Read more – ‘Red Elvises coming to Green Bay!!!’.
responding to “buzz”
bitching about blogs without ever reading them paints you in poor light. Read more – ‘responding to “buzz”’.
Dear CTC….
As many of you know, today is my last day at CTC. Peccadilloes with certain persons aside, my experience at CTC has been a gift. This job afforded me with a direction for my career, bountiful opportunity to contribute towards an effort that serves a greater good and a family life that would not/could not […] Read more – ‘Dear CTC….’.
hey, sayonara! my ass is out the back door. see ‘ya sucka! PEACE! Read more – ‘goodbye’.
fuck the japanese and their stupid rhyming scheme. five-seven-five sucks. Read more – ‘japanese’.
moving always sucks. there is always too much shit to fucking pack up. Read more – ‘moving’.
We said hello… goodbye…
Melodramatic Phil Collins crap from the same album as Susudio be damned — I was never so glad to be back in Johnstown as I was on Monday night when we rolled in around 8pm.   I spent the whole day on Tuesday playing with Logan (and struggling to stay awake), not to mention just […] Read more – ‘We said hello… goodbye…’.
i can’t stand tokyo, the people are always rude — call me fat “gaijin.” Read more – ‘japan’.
Fantasy Football 2005: The Season in Review
It would be an auspicious end to the season for the Steel City Rollers. So glorious in their decisive victories, and slung so low by a wounded Donovan McNabb. Bested by their spousal team, the Richland RaginRascals, the Rollers fell flat into the playoffs. Mid-season, the Greensburg Wingnuts hit their stride and soared to a […] Read more – ‘Fantasy Football 2005: The Season in Review’.
House For Sale
Anybody interested in buying our [Johnstown estate](http://prudential.realtor.com/Prop/1054476230&gate=prudential)? Read more – ‘House For Sale’.
A few words about the culture of Western Pennsylvania…
Did you know that Western PA has the highest population of people who live their whole lives in the town they were born in? According to many locals, this is a fact. I’ve tried to research this via some third party, but I’ve been unlucky at finding anything available on the subject on either Yahoo […] Read more – ‘A few words about the culture of Western Pennsylvania…’.
It’s kinda like Aragorn returning to reclaim the throne of Gondor — only much much more low key
It’s been pretty quiet but busy since I turned in my notice on Tuesday. Some people that never talk to me at work have been giving me high fives, which is always a little odd — I mean, think of it: I’m essentially being congratulated for walking out the door. Some of these guys just […] Read more – ‘It’s kinda like Aragorn returning to reclaim the throne of Gondor — only much much more low key’.
Johnstown, we’re calling it a day…
This morning, I turned in my notice and will leave CTC at the end of this month. That’s probably a little bit of a shock for some of you, so breathe it in, exhale and then smile. The important points are these: * I’ve been planning this departure since August of 2005, so while *you* […] Read more – ‘Johnstown, we’re calling it a day…’.
The beginning of the end…
The year is ending, and I offer you a playlist for January. I’m in a certain state of mind about the coming year; I’m hoping some of you are catching the vibe I’m offering here: 200601.xml Read more – ‘The beginning of the end…’.
SCORM and .mp3
> “…A colleague has asked wether it is possible to host pod-casts on our LMS. My question is; is it possible to SCORM-wrap mp3 files so that they will launch from an LMS and be tracked in a similar way to a piece of e-learning.” The simple answer to this is: yes. You can certainly […] Read more – ‘SCORM and .mp3’.
Authorware and SCORM
> “I need guidance on integrating audio and video or flash into Authorware and remaining SCORM conformant. Are there guidelines for using media and also passing SCORM testing?” Authorware has the longest history of SCORM support as a product of any of Macromedia’s products. While I’m not an expert on Authorware, I can point you […] Read more – ‘Authorware and SCORM’.
Included Quiz Templates in Flash
> “I am creating a course using the reload editor tool. In that course I have a flash based exam. The flash exam was saved to be scorm2004 compliant. When I am trying to run the course in the sample RTE version 1.3 I get the following message: “management interface system not found”. I searched […] Read more – ‘Included Quiz Templates in Flash’.
The Coronary Bypass
The Coronary Bypass Off the menu at the Vortex in Atlanta, The Coronary Bypass is “topped with a fried egg, two slices of American cheese, three slices of bacon and a big fat side of mayonnaise. You must have lost your mind.” Read more – ‘The Coronary Bypass’.
I am vanquished
Lo and behold the sad tale of my fantasy football team, the Johnstown Boxers, who thanks to the ineptitude of the Green Bay Packers lost last night in the semi-finals of our Fantasy Football Championship to Suzy’s Cambria CheddarCzars. What in the name of all that is holy is Todd Heap doing with 23 points? […] Read more – ‘I am vanquished’.
“It’s not the main story of the day…”
I’m very happy that our media is reporting that Iraqis have a 70% turnout in their first major elections to install a parliament. I hope it’s true. I hope that the Iraqis install a government that is truly representative of their collective views. I hope that the Iraqis are really embracing democracy and honor that […] Read more – ‘“It’s not the main story of the day…”’.
iTunes Playlist Plugin for WordPress
I bring to you my first WordPress plugin: iTunes Playlist Plugin for WordPress 2.0 ### About the iTunes Playlist Plugin ### This plugin has a code base that is based on the [iTunes XML Playlist Reader](http://www.rjk-hosting.co.uk/programs/prog.php?id=9) originally authored by Richard James Kendall. He’s the brains that came up with the parsing algorithm for that big […] Read more – ‘iTunes Playlist Plugin for WordPress’.
Cobra/Al Qaeda Link Seconded!
[Technorati](http://www.technorati.com) is so cool. I found a link entitled The Jersey Exile: Yo, Joe! that referenced my old post [comparing Cobra to Al Qaeda](http://www.mrchompers.net/2004/07/01/wagging-the-dogs-of-war/) back when I was on the ol’ mr-chompers.com domain. Sweet. I get blogosphere props. Read more – ‘Cobra/Al Qaeda Link Seconded!’.
The Holiday Mix 2005
Once again, I’ve assembled a holiday music collection of questionable taste. You can [take a look at the playlist](http://www.mrchompers.net/itunes/itunes.php?playlist=2005-12-xmas2005.xml) and if you want to download it, e-mail or comment and I’ll send you the link to download the .zip file. Read more – ‘The Holiday Mix 2005’.
Coming Soon: Mental Health Waivers for Airline Travel
Yes, before the buzz goes all ape-shit, here’s my thoughts on the Air Marshall shooting from tonight. Bottom line: it’s a terrible incident; we’d like to think it could never happen, but it did happen. Yes, the guy was (obviously) mentally unstable and he was yelling out (apparently) that he had a bomb in his […] Read more – ‘Coming Soon: Mental Health Waivers for Airline Travel’.
Big Bad Pauldrons
I went on my first pick-up instance raid last night now that I’m 60. A group was looking for a warrior to head off to Zul’Farrak, where I’d never been before (having never been in an instance raid as a tank). There are probably some bad feelings about who got what drops. While no one […] Read more – ‘Big Bad Pauldrons’.
Report Card
Since we’re coming up on the end of the year, I wanted to take a little time to revisit my [resolutions for 2005](http://www.mrchompers.net/?p=80). At the time, I had two: > * Continue to lose weight (end goal: 190 pounds by November) > * Qualify, apply, enroll and begin my PhD program (currently looking at Pepperdine) […] Read more – ‘Report Card’.
Battlestar Gallactica on iTunes
Apple has really stepped up the output. After weeks of nothing but Despearate Housewives and Lost episodes, now you can download BG, Monk, Knight Rider, the old Alfred Hitchcock episodes, The Office (American version), Dragnet (60’s style) and some Conan and Tonight Show complilations. With Battlestar Gallactica (the mini series, Seasons 1 and 2), I […] Read more – ‘Battlestar Gallactica on iTunes’.
[ queue the theme music from *the Highlander*] It has been a long and grueling struggle, but I have reached the summit of the mountain. Grimloch is now a level 60 warrior in WoW, which means that now I can smash things with ease. Of course, now I need more gold in order to upgrade […] Read more – ‘DING 60’.
KARKIS may be the greatest metal band of all time — or at least, all Chirstmastime. Check them out atwww.myspace.com/karkis. Read more – ‘SECRET SATAN’.
Super Retarded Dog
Oh, how I laughed at Super Retarded Dog #001. Read more – ‘Super Retarded Dog’.
And you think your public schools have problems…
This was just on our local WWCP Fox 8 ::: News … Local Headlines tonight: A massive brawl breaks out at the Johnstown High School, spilling over across town. Police are charging *34* students with rioting and disorderly conduct; and most of them are girls. Some of the parents have no room to be mad […] Read more – ‘And you think your public schools have problems…’.
Flash Player 8 and its new Security Model, part deux
As I’ve been checking out ADL’s forums today, I revisited the thread where the questions about how to work with Flash Player 8’s security model originally came up. Another user on the forum posted [this link to Macromedia’s DevNet](http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/flash/articles/fplayer8_security_04.html) which details how to work around the various sandbox security settings in the new Flash player. […] Read more – ‘Flash Player 8 and its new Security Model, part deux’.
Visited Countries
So I found this site while surfing this morning called Visited Countries, and it turns out that for all the travelling I’ve done, I’ve only stepped out to about 3% of the world: There’s so much more of the world to experience, and I’ve traveled far more than most people I know (Angelo and his […] Read more – ‘Visited Countries’.
Shaking the Tree
One of the things I love about [del.icio.us](http://del.icio.us) is that at any given moment, lots of geeks are making their bookmarks public. So, unlike Google, which is a *pull* technology for finding information, del.icio.us is a *push* technology, in that members post their bookmarks, tag them, and you can get an aggregate picture of what […] Read more – ‘Shaking the Tree’.
Flash Player 8 and its new Security Model
This is going to be a major topic of discussion for the next several weeks, so hopefully here, among other places, we’ll have some solid answers to questions on how to best work with Flash Player 8 and your SCORM-conformant projects. Josh wrote on the [ADL Forums](http://www.adlnet.org/forums/messageview.cfm?threadid=2311&catid=70&messid=92480&forumid=2): >My concern about the new security model is […] Read more – ‘Flash Player 8 and its new Security Model’.
SCORM and Director
On Nov 9, 2005, at 5:31 PM, Flashcoder wrote: > Hi Aaron, > > Just wondering if you know if Macromedia Shockwave 10 is SCORM 1.2 > compliant? Or have any information on using Director content with > SCORM/LMS. > > P.S. I’m a long time developer using Director and Flash, but it’s > the […] Read more – ‘SCORM and Director’.
The Solitary Man Returns
Neil Diamond – 12 Songs (Bonus Tracks) I think it’s fair to say that I have a pretty wide range of musical tastes. I’m not ashamed to be a fan of old Neil Diamond tunes from the 60s and 70s — anything from “Cherry Cherry” to (blushing) “America” is quality Neil Diamond — if not […] Read more – ‘The Solitary Man Returns’.
Whole Foods
My mom had some seaweed salad with our tuna steaks when she was over this last weekend, and she wanted to know where she can find it. I can definitively say that one can find seaweed salad (and some really decent sushi) at Whole Foods. I found the sushi near the salad bar area, and […] Read more – ‘Whole Foods’.
If you’re from Chicago, you’ll appreciate the following simile: my drive to Jersey was akin to driving through Gary, Indiana to get to South Bend. If you hit Google’s Local service and map a course from Johnstown to Moorestown, NJ, you’ll find that the drive is an estimated 5 hours. In truth, it took me […] Read more – ‘Jersey’.
Pits of Despair
The fact that I’m driving from Johnstown, through Philly, to Jersey has me thinking about the pits of despair. If you register on the blog (see the bottom-right), you can add pits of despair and contribute to the general discussion. Read more – ‘Pits of Despair’.
On the road again (again… again)
I’m in Jersey most of next week. I’ll be in Jersey, right outside of Philly, which I’m told puts me in Dante’s tenth circle of hell. Personally, I’m looking forward to the cheesesteaks. Read more – ‘On the road again (again… again)’.
I have conferred (once again) that this sucks
Star Wars, Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (Widescreen) My rating: 1 out of 5 Ohhh, how I loathe crappy dialogue. Sure, the Emperor oozes with badness (and thusly he’s the best part of this movie), but the “Anakin… you’re breaking my heart” crap has GOT to STOP! GAWD! That and the whole rescue […] Read more – ‘I have conferred (once again) that this sucks’.
My White Sox cap shipping!
White Sox World Championship cap I’ll reserve judgment on this ballcap until it arrives. Needless to say… I’ve been waiting for this cap. Read more – ‘My White Sox cap shipping!’.
I’m picking up Episode III today
It’s new movie Tuesday, and that means that today, Episode III has come out. Suzy says that I can only watch it if it’s not in English, so I guess I’ll be learning Spanish and French versions of classic dialogue like, “You were the chosen one!” I may also pick up Star Wars Battlegrounds for […] Read more – ‘I’m picking up Episode III today’.
The Melbourne Declaration
I was just e-mailed a [press release](http://www.dest.gov.au/portfolio_department/news_events/media_releases_speeches/departmental_media_releases/adl.htm) regarding a recent *Advancing ADL through Global Collaboration Forum* where a number of sessions were held discussing international direction and agreed action with regard to SCORM and other advanced distributed learning technologies. **The Melbourne Declaration** summarises the outcomes of those discussions: >The U.S. Department of Defense sponsored the […] Read more – ‘The Melbourne Declaration’.
Could not turn away, though we wanted to…
Mail Order Wife My rating: 2 out of 5 Suzy rented this movie thinking it was a light comedy from Doug Liman, director of Swingers. Guess what? NOT! This movie was filmed like a documentary — albeit a very twisted documentary — of a fat doorman in New York who orders a mail-order bride from […] Read more – ‘Could not turn away, though we wanted to…’.
Halloween Party
When: Saturday, October 29 2005 07:00 PM Where: Bud & Sara’s House My Role: Attendee Bud and Sara had a bitchin’ Halloween Party last night. Davis has pictures up on his site. Read more – ‘Halloween Party’.
Democracy Matters
Democracy Matters My rating: 4 out of 5 Dr. West’s follow up to his first book, *Race Matters*, deals with the spread of nihilism across the US population. In *Race Matters*, Dr. West wrote about the spread of nihilism — the thought of powerlessness and a building anitpathy to force change in the systems that […] Read more – ‘Democracy Matters’.
Sulu Take the Helm
Sulu has just come out of the closet, per Frontiers, a biweekly Los Angels magazine covering the gay and lesbian community. I think it’s fantastic that he’s come out. I think it adds a much needed new interest in Star Trek, possibly paving the way back for Star Trek, as a franchise, to concern itself […] Read more – ‘Sulu Take the Helm’.
Another shot at the Godzilla suit…
I’m confirmed to participate in International Plugfest 2 happening in Taipei (that’s in Taiwan, kids) in January 2006. With my trip having me return on the 20th, I’m in the midst of convincing others to stay over for a night or two in Tokyo (since we have to stop there anyway) and celebrate my birthday […] Read more – ‘Another shot at the Godzilla suit…’.
Dreamweaver, XML and XSLT
My personal development methodology probably mirrors what many developers reading this blog are doing: I abstract my textual content as much as possible as an XML document so I can do more with it (potentially). It makes for cleaner development, keeping functionality separate from the information being conveyed, and then I keep the style and […] Read more – ‘Dreamweaver, XML and XSLT’.
Miers, we hardly knew ya!
Harriet Miers asked to have her name [withdrawn from consideration](http://apnews.myway.com//article/20051027/D8DGELTG0.html) as a Supreme Court justice today. Bush put a moderate conservative in with Chief Justice John Roberts, and it was almost too easy to nominate him. I mean, we hardly got to know this guy and he was in. But with Miers, even conservatives were […] Read more – ‘Miers, we hardly knew ya!’.
It turns out that in WordPress (the blogging application that delivers this site), if you have a duplicate username OR if you have a blank nickname, the comment functionality gets broken. I got the hint for this issue [here](http://wordpress.org/support/topic/31856). Problem solved. Next problem… Read more – ‘huh!’.
SOX WIN!!!!!!!!
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! 1-0. BOBBY JENKS PROVES THAT BEING A BIG TRUCK IS A.O.K! JERMAINE DYE RULZ!!!! JUAN URIBE IS A STUD!!!!! As elated as I am, I’m even happier for Justin, who saw the Sox win AND had his son born last Saturday. Talk about your all-time banner weeks! I’m so ordering my jersey […] Read more – ‘SOX WIN!!!!!!!!’.
It appears that for the time being, I have a problem with the feature on the website that allows people to comment. It tells you (and me) that you’re already logged in. But you’re not. If you comment, please just type your name in after your comment to be sure it gets posted. I apologize […] Read more – ‘grrrr….’.
Anonymous Comments
This will be a very curtailed rant. Anonymous commenters lack the conviction to take ownership of their potential contribution. I strongly encourage vocal participation. Further, I encourage identification in the digital medium, as it builds credibility and trust, which are cornerstones of relationships. If I don’t know who you are, and further, don’t have a […] Read more – ‘Anonymous Comments’.
Sox 3, Astros 0
14 innings, an away game, some not-so-stellar pitching, but an undeniable and draining win. I told you right here how it was going down. Now you’ll believe me. Clemens is penciled in to pitch game 5, but don’t fret — you’ll never see Clemens pitch again this season. The Series ends tonight, with the Sox […] Read more – ‘Sox 3, Astros 0’.
Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds
I was listening to the lastest edition of [Dave Cusick’s Post Modern Rock Show](), which is my favorite podcast, when I heard a very cool remix of “Sloop John B” off of Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds. Amazingly, the entire album is online — each track on Pet Sounds lovingly destroyed and remixed into something new […] Read more – ‘Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds’.
the snow is falling outside my car skids often sliding down the hill. Seriously, I left the house early today as there were inch-wide flakes accumulating on the ground. This is the first snow of the season, and it normally doesn’t accumulate. But Johnstown is akin to an eighth circle of hell, and when you’re […] Read more – ‘snow…’.
Book: Essentials of Macromedia Captivate
There appears to be a leading book on Captivate for anyone who’s new or a little uncertain of what all you can do with the program. The book is called **Essentials of Macromedia Captivate: Skills and Drills Workbook (Spiral-bound)**, and it’s available for $35 on [Amazon](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1932733035/ref=pd_sim_b_2/102-5168508-4756959?%5Fencoding=UTF8&v=glance). I halfway trust Amazon reviews, and this book is […] Read more – ‘Book: Essentials of Macromedia Captivate’.
Shrinking the file size in Captivate
Tom King put out some pretty helpful tips to help you shrink down Captivate files. This came up in both my sessions at MAX 2005, so it bears the reprint here, especially since Tom was citing work by Dave Mozealous: * [Troubleshooting movie file size](http://captivatehelp.macromedia.com/robo/projects/en_rd60/Troubleshooting/Troubleshooting_movie_size.htm) * [Recording Tricks and Tips](http://captivatehelp.macromedia.com/robo/projects/en_rd60/Creating_movies/Recording_tricks_and_tips.htm) Tom also suggests that when […] Read more – ‘Shrinking the file size in Captivate’.
Sox 2, Astros 0
Holy crap! When Paulie “Bag-of-donuts” Konerko’s seventh-inning grand slam wasn’t enough, “iPod” Podsednik homered in the ninth last night to put Chicago at a 7-6 victory over Houston (and a 2-0 World Series lead). If Smokin’ Joe was the hero in Game 1, I’d have to say that Bag-of-Donuts and iPod rocked Game 2. Both […] Read more – ‘Sox 2, Astros 0’.
Sox 1, Astros 0
Not much more needs to be said. Clemens looked hurt in the 2nd from the little hop after throwing his fast ball. Could be the last time you see Clemens pitch EVER. If Clemens can’t pitch, this series could be over in three more games. Roger Clemens is a helluva player. But let’s talk about […] Read more – ‘Sox 1, Astros 0’.
Thanks for a great conference!
Alan and I wanted to share our general thanks to Macromedia, as well as everyone who came to our sessions on SCORM, Flash and Captivate — and a huge thanks to the other developers and designers who contributed some excellent dialogue to our sessions, as well as those who gave some excellent presentations that we […] Read more – ‘Thanks for a great conference!’.
Contact Info
It may not be clear on how to contact me if you’ve attended MAX 2005 (or even if you haven’t). Email me at aaron.silvers [at] gmail [dot] com Obviously, this is slightly obfuscated so that I don’t get a ton of automated spam. You can also register for this site and include your e-mail address […] Read more – ‘Contact Info’.
Macromedia Seminars Coming to a Town Near You!!!
Hey kids: **Breaking Down the Barriers to Effective Online Training and Communication** Macromedia has 30-minute field seminar demonstrating how you can use Breeze to combine existing learning assets with quizzing and real-time interactivity for collaborative communication, teaching and learning experiences. See how Breeze makes it easy to deliver a blended learning program that includes both […] Read more – ‘Macromedia Seminars Coming to a Town Near You!!!’.
SOX WIN!!!!!!!!
IMG_1621.JPG Forty-six years after we lose in the World Series, fate has granted Sox fans the Olive Branch of tragicomic hope. What a great game. 8 innings of back and forth lead changes in the game, before Joe Crede locked up the Angels’ Halo. This is a feeling south-siders have not known in so many […] Read more – ‘SOX WIN!!!!!!!!’.
Bless Wade and Cathy
And then I get Angels fans drunk Cthy and Wade. Very good peeps, even being Angels fans. After I almost beat the crap out of Wade, we became friends and even shared beers out of his biodiesel truck (eco-conscious and sticking it to the man — my hero). Actually, that’s a lie. Wade could’ve kicked […] Read more – ‘Bless Wade and Cathy’.
I get rowdy
I get rowdy Once the Sox were up 8-2, Angels fans stopped being so mellow. I had go all Evil Wayne Brady and had to slap a b*t ¢h. Read more – ‘I get rowdy’.
12 hours to game time….
I’m sitting in Gate D-84 at Pittsburgh International, enjoying Pittsburgh’s completely free wi-fi access along with my Perrier in a plastic bottle, thanks to the fine Au Bon Pan folks. One thing about travel — I get to eat breakfast out at places other than Sheetz. It’s 6:45 in the morning. I was up at […] Read more – ‘12 hours to game time….’.
Serenity is AWESOME!!!!!
I went to see the movie *Serenity* last night, and let me just confirm what every critic, sci-fi fan, geek, non-geek and average joe has said — this movie is one of the best movies I’ve seen all year. Better than Batman Begins, and I loved Batman Begins. Not just the best move I’ve seen […] Read more – ‘Serenity is AWESOME!!!!!’.
I’M GOING TO GAME 4!!!!!!!!
I shit you not. White Sox vs. Anaheim. Saturday, October 15, 2005. My plane lands in OC at 1:30pm. Game starts at 4:30pm. I have the tickets already. It could not be sweeter than this. Section 244 — lower deck, right field, third row. $105/ticket. By comparison, tix for the White Sox in Chicago in […] Read more – ‘I’M GOING TO GAME 4!!!!!!!!’.
Basic Skills
I ordered a new pair of running shoes from Zappos.com, because of my over-prostanating feet and flat arches. I tried to buy the same shoes at the local mall for almost twice the price I paid at Zappos, but after I talked to a sales associate at “The Finish Line” or whatever the store is […] Read more – ‘Basic Skills’.
Embedding Flash into a hidden div
Thank Griffin for this nugget: Griffin asked me about a bug we saw in Firefox where a Flash movie embedded into a hidden div was just plain never showing up. The fix Griffin applied while perusing W3C validates XHTML 1.0 Strict: data=”images/ov/ov1.swf” width=”762″ height=”440″> Pay particular attention to that “wmode” parameter. That seems to do […] Read more – ‘Embedding Flash into a hidden div’.
CHICAGO SWEEPS BOSTON IN THREE!!!! Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. Logan and I were in tears of happiness. ¡Viva El Duque! Read more – ‘CHICAGO SWEEPS BOSTON IN THREE!!!!’.
Is it quiet here, or is it just me?
Not much happening with Suzy and I lately. Baby has learned how to watch football (she can shoot her arms up on a touchdown, field goal or extra-point kick when someone shouts, “IT’S GOOD!!!!”). That’s about it, though. I wish I had something more exciting to tell you. Work is the usual daily grind. Logan’s […] Read more – ‘Is it quiet here, or is it just me?’.
Authorware and SCORM
I recently answered this question in the ADL Help Desk: *”I am developing an authorware course that I would eventually like to implement into an LMS. I am trying to tag the file with a bunch of SCORM tags, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it. I was wondering if any of the […] Read more – ‘Authorware and SCORM’.
Pattern Breaking
This morning, I went to this site and found a blank page. And I thought — man, have I been pretty lazy. Truth be told, it’s not like I’ve had a bad couple of weeks or anything. I just haven’t been really motivated to do much of anything. Work drones on. Not much is new […] Read more – ‘Pattern Breaking’.
Working with Scores
I answered this question on the ADL Help desk: *”I’m a new SCORM content creator. I need to know what steps are needed to send scores via your standard… I’m using drmwvr w/L5 producer & coursebuilder. While these are propriatory apps, do you have any exp. using them? Also- is it possible to get a […] Read more – ‘Working with Scores’.
Demonstrating Captivate’s SCORM Export Features
As I’m ramping up for MAX 2005, I’ve posted a little demonstration on how to prepare a Captivate project for a SCORM-based LMS. I’ll be cleaning it up as well as preparing a proper portal on the site just for MAX 2005, but if you want the sneak preview, it’s [here](http://flashforlearning.com/max2005_dir/SCORM_QUIZ_Capture.htm). Read more – ‘Demonstrating Captivate’s SCORM Export Features’.
My MAX 2005 schedule
If you have suggestions on other ways to spend my time at the conference, please comment below… * Mon 08:30 AM 10:00 AM Using the Power of XML with Dreamweaver * Mon 02:45 PM 03:45 PM ACCESSIBILITY: Developing Accessible Rich Content with Flash * Mon 04:00 PM 05:30 PM Using the CSS Box Model for […] Read more – ‘My MAX 2005 schedule’.
Working with Multi-Page SCOs
> Is there a way to setup items in the manifest (using Reload) so that multiple html pages are navigable using the LMS previous/continue buttons but are considered part of the same sco? Short answer: no. What you *can* do with SCORM 2004 is turn off the LMS’s User Interface controls, such as the LMS’s […] Read more – ‘Working with Multi-Page SCOs’.
SCORM a la “mode”
> cmi.mode = review, can user enter data? Does the user have to have gone through it in normal mode then come back? Good question. The **cmi.mode** is the data model element that identifies one of three possible modes in which the Sharable Content Object (SCO) may be presented to the learner: browse, normal or […] Read more – ‘SCORM a la “mode”’.
Flash Forward Pictures
It’s been a few months since the event, but the advent of Google Talk has made today quite awesome (… and the massage). Anyway, Stephane, my friend in Montreal, gave me the link to all the pictures he took, and they’re sweet. http://www.noisecommunications.com/ff05/photos.html Read more – ‘Flash Forward Pictures’.
Google Talk = sweet
So, I’ve had a pretty good day. I mean, work is still work, but my union labor has been pretty productive in my bathroom. I might even let him have a second can of soda tonight. If he keeps up the good work. Maybe I’ll float him an exemption on his ISO 14001 omissions. Why […] Read more – ‘Google Talk = sweet’.
Home Improvement Performance Audit
If you recall, we had some mold problems in our upstairs bathroom a few months back, which I promptly addressed by removing the problem. However, my solution was not quite complete. I left the job compliant with ISO 14001 standards on Health and Human Safety. But it was certainly not pretty to look at, and […] Read more – ‘Home Improvement Performance Audit’.
Aquabats United!
Aquabats United! Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. Hail the greatest band in the world (suck it, Eddie Van Halen). Thank Griffin for some nice pictures. I was a tool and didn’t bring a camera. Read more – ‘Aquabats United!’.
Rock out!
Rock out! Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. More pictures from the greatest show I’ve ever seen — That’s me, with Elijah (bass) and Brian (guitar) from Time Again. They rocked out Pittsburgh with their sweet skank/gutter grooves. Like the Second Coming of Rancid. They were the first of a four-band lineup, and they were so […] Read more – ‘Rock out!’.
Best… Show… Ever…
Science and Honor! Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. Seriously. I have seen the light. And the glory. And all the majesty therein that lies amongst such a fine collection of bands that tours with the Aquabats, who are dangerously close to being the greatest band of all time. And that’s not just hype. That’s fact. […] Read more – ‘Best… Show… Ever…’.
For the Horde!!!!
I’m back in World of Warcraft. Feeling pretty good now that my recent sidework is out of the way, and I have a computer powerful enough to play it without major lag or setbacks. I created an Orc Rogue (named “Orckabilly”) on the Stormrage server, in case any of you want to come looking for […] Read more – ‘For the Horde!!!!’.
In case you didn’t notice (and you did), I’m in another state of redesign for the website. Mostly because I was noticing that will all the clutter, it was becoming very difficult to read anything on the site. It was also really nagging at me that the recent-redesign wasn’t all up-to-snuff at meeting web standards. […] Read more – ‘yeah….’.
Unobtrusive Flash Objects
If you’re at all concerned about valid XHTML (like I am), it’s been a real pain to build valid XHTML pages embedded with Flash. There have been several hacks that solve the problem, but they required extra work. That is, until now. Authored by [Bobby van der Sluis](http://www.bobbyvandersluis.com/), The Unobtrusive Flash Objects (UFO) V1.0 is […] Read more – ‘Unobtrusive Flash Objects’.
Getting started with meta-data…
> I’m in the phase of our project where we need to update all our SCORM 1.2 content to 2004 and add metadata to the content package itself and for each SCO (I don’t think we’ll go down to the asset level yet). There isn’t much, if any, metadata in the original manifests and I’m […] Read more – ‘Getting started with meta-data…’.
DANGER! Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. According to Suzy, there is now no place Mr. Chompers can escape from Logan’s abilities to climb. Read more – ‘DANGER!’.
MAX 2005 Outline
Thanks to the fine folks at Macromedia, my outline for MAX 2005 was approved (and I’m currently half-way to completing the first draft of the presentation). * Introduction * Biography * What does SCORM mean to a content developer? * The SCORM 2004 library * ADL’s goals for SCORM (the “-iliities”) * View the information […] Read more – ‘MAX 2005 Outline’.
I’m so metal….
IMG_1363.JPG Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. You can’t even handle it. You can’t bring it. You can’t rock out to 50,000 Giga-watts of pure, unadulterated metal. You’d pee yourself like a wee girl in the wake of Iron Maiden, Mudvayne, Rob Zombie and Ozzy. You’d quake in awe and fear at the wailing of my […] Read more – ‘I’m so metal….’.
My google ranking climbs .0001%
Check out my [speaker bio](http://www.macromedia.com/macromedia/events/max/speaker_bios/#s) on Macromedia, as well as my (http://www.macromedia.com/macromedia/events/max/sessions/rc302w.html). Read more – ‘My google ranking climbs .0001%’.
17 hours to OZZFEST
Ozzfest tomorrow. Aaron and Doug are joining me. We leave at 9am, and it’s going to be AWESOME!!!!! Since they’re allowing cameras, there should be plenty of great pictures, most of them probably inappropriate for public display. I’m most looking forward to seeing Rob Zombie, Black Label Society, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath with Ozzy. Read more – ‘17 hours to OZZFEST’.
What podcasts I’m listening to…
I was asked just the other day if I had heard of podcasting, and if I did, what was I subscribed to. Well, if you’re interested in listening to daily or weekly talk-radio programs (not censored by any federal body), here’s the list of what I’m listening to daily: * [ABC News.com – Nightline](http://abcnews.go.com/xmldata/xmlPodcast?id868748&src=i) * […] Read more – ‘What podcasts I’m listening to…’.
High Level Architecture (HLA)
You ask, what is HLA? The High Level Architecture is a software architecture for creating computer simulations out of component simulations, providing structure for developers to describe their simulation applications. The key concepts of HLA? Reusability and Interoperability, which should sound familiar to any OOP developer, as well as anyone involved with learning objects. [There’s […] Read more – ‘High Level Architecture (HLA)’.
If you’re going to conquer SCORM with Flash…
You’re going to need to conquer the communication barriers between Flash and JavaScript. This, however has recently become a lot easier. Remember these links, as they’ll (likely) provide a solid solution: * [Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit](http://weblogs.macromedia.com/flashjavascript/) * [flashjs:docs:tutorials:ffnyc05 [OSFlash]](http://osflash.org/doku.php?id=flashjs:docs:tutorials:ffnyc05) Read more – ‘If you’re going to conquer SCORM with Flash…’.
MAX 2005
It’s been confirmed that I will be presenting at this year’s MAX 2005 conference, hosted by Macromedia. Here’s the info I can confirm right now (I’m very psyched). From [Macromedia](http://www.macromedia.com/macromedia/events/max/sessions/rc302w.html): **Title: Robust SCORM-Compliant eLearning Content with Flash and Captivate** *This session will include tricks to synchronizing communication with JavaScript from Flash, building familiarity with the […] Read more – ‘MAX 2005’.
On pictures…
I’ve gotten a few questions (albeit indirectly) on why I’m moving the pictures from the previous photo gallery that was on the website to (http://www.flickr.com/photos/silvers), as well as a few questions about this podcasting thing. I’ll address the photo thing in this post. This will be a bit educational for you non-geeky types as to […] Read more – ‘On pictures…’.
Local Transit on “High Alert”
Today has been a hell of a day. First off, it goes without saying that we, like many of you, are talking about the attacks in London this morning, and it sickens us greatly. The agility with which the attacks were carried out is pretty scary, so it’s not surprising that cities like New York, […] Read more – ‘Local Transit on “High Alert”’.
The master and the quarry
The master and the quarry Originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. 13 lbs. of barbecued brisket, simmering in its own juices for five hours after soaking in its dry rub for three days. This masterpiece is cooked to its ultimate perfection. I took a 13-pound brisket from Walmart, trimmed about two pounds of fat off of […] Read more – ‘The master and the quarry’.
The big enchilada
It’s not everyday that **Mequon** makes the news, especially national news, but [this story](http://apnews.myway.com/article/20050629/D8B100L80.html) about a 13-pound, 12-ounce baby girl born to the Buzzell family caught my eye: This isn’t the first supersized baby for Paul and Robin Buzzell, from suburban Mequon. Their now-4-year-old daughter, Cameron, was born weighing 11 pounds, 8 ounces, and their […] Read more – ‘The big enchilada’.
Logan (Red Dress)
Logan (Red Dress), originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. Grandma Esther practiced making dresses for Logan with this stunning red dress. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but Logan sure did look cute at my company picnic. Read more – ‘Logan (Red Dress)’.
When it rains, it pours…
Two weeks ago, the old Saturn needed an oil change, and since the brakes were squeaking a bit too much, I had the local garage check them out. Turns out that the rear brakes were so out of alignment that the front brakes had been doing almost all the work, and needed new calipers, rotors […] Read more – ‘When it rains, it pours…’.
Google Maps Hacks, Collaboration, Wikis and the “Greater Good”
In the past week, I’ve had a real bug in my ear about the possibilities of combining well designed mapping data with a variety of uses for trusted social networking. I love the look of [Google Maps](http://maps.google.com) and the speed and ease of use it offers. While Google doesn’t offer an “official” API to use […] Read more – ‘Google Maps Hacks, Collaboration, Wikis and the “Greater Good”’.
I can’t believe this is all in one day
Unbelievable assaults on privacy and due process: 1. [Justices, 5-4, Back Seizure of Property for Development](http://www.nytimes.com/2005/06/23/politics/23wire-scotus.html?ex=1277179200&en=15be0deff62f7ed7&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=rss) 2. [Pentagon Creating Student Database: Recruiting Tool For Military Raises Privacy Concerns](http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/06/22/AR2005062202305.html) 3. [US accused of stalling visit to Guantanimo Bay by United Nations](http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4123200.stm) Read more – ‘I can’t believe this is all in one day’.
Tag Cloud
The tag cloud, as seen on the (http://www.mrchompers.net/archives.php) page, is adapted ever so slightly from the code posted by the good people at [DanAndSherree.com](http://www.danandsherree.com). Read more – ‘Tag Cloud’.
a little about video
You’ve probably noticed already that your QuickTime plugin is doing something (unless you’re behind a corporate firewall that blocks streaming media services). I’ve posted the first of what will likely be many streaming videoclips, and I’m doing it currently on the home page. This is only a test, and a little taste of what kinds […] Read more – ‘a little about video’.
Git-R-Dun (up close)
Git-R-Dun (up close), originally uploaded by Aaron Silvers. We’ve talked about it many times, but on Saturday, Suzy and I captured the beastie digitally. Now, behold the truck of abandon! Read more – ‘Git-R-Dun (up close)’.
Thanks mom and dad!
When the family was in Milwaukee last month, I nudged my parents about my notions of setting up a video blog to stream video of Logan crawling around, eating, talking babbling, etc. When my dad needed to go to Best Buy to buy a new LCD monitor for his computer, I looked around at the […] Read more – ‘Thanks mom and dad!’.
Fitting in…
Mssrs. Panar and Perrin and I had an interesting discussion after much drink that revealed qualities about assimilation that I had not thought about before, at least not in this way. Aaron (Mr. Perrin) expressed that he liked me, though he is trying to understand me. I thought this pretty strange, because I’ve figured that […] Read more – ‘Fitting in…’.
Screw You Irene Cara and your Dumb-ass Destiny’s Child Wannabe Girl Band
I just got done watching *Hit Me Baby One More Time* and I’m flippin’ pissed. Read more – ‘Screw You Irene Cara and your Dumb-ass Destiny’s Child Wannabe Girl Band’.
Karn e-mailed me this [link](http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2005/06/09/AR2005060902283.html) to [take action](http://www.moveon.org/publicbroadcasting/?t=2) against a bill to stop funding public television and radio — basically killing Sesame Street and NPR in the lowest-income areas where corporate sponsorship alone can’t foot the bill. But seriously (not really)… How long is our government supposed to subsidize leftist/socialist/commie media outlets that spew their […] Read more – ‘Outrageous!’.
Corroborating Evidence of my Nerd-dom
It’s not like I needed any help in this regard. I’ve been a little coy of late in talking about my recent weight gain. It sucks. I’ve been working out almost daily. I’ve limited my diet to two meals of nothing but a bowl (1.25 cups) of Shredded Wheat and Bran (not frosted) and 1% […] Read more – ‘Corroborating Evidence of my Nerd-dom’.
And in other news, Hell Officially Freezes Over
I cannot belive that [Pink Floyd is reuniting.](http://apnews.myway.com//article/20050612/D8AMC5S00.html) For those of you not steeped in Pink Floyd mythos, the parting of ways between David Gilmour and the rest of the band from Roger Waters is one of the most un-amicable partings in rock history. Both Waters and Gilmour sued (and counter-sued) for rights to use […] Read more – ‘And in other news, Hell Officially Freezes Over’.
If you’re in the mood to buy us stuff…
This certainly won’t help my weight issues (thanks to my bum thyroid), but I found a [cuban sandwich press](http://www.cubanfoodmarket.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CFM&Product_Code=SAN80102&Category_Code=20201) that, if I had it, I would happily use to make you delicious and tasty [cuban sandwiches](http://icuban.com/food/cuban_sandwich.html) with. Perhaps a [medianoche](http://icuban.com/terms/medianoche.html)? Maybe I’d pick up some plantains and make you a [jibarito](http://www.recipezaar.com/114779)? At any rate, there’s […] Read more – ‘If you’re in the mood to buy us stuff…’.
Striving for Status Quo
I’m tired. I’m exhausted by pursuing so many things at some level of excellence for the past several years. I’ve made a habit of striving for greatness, even when it hasn’t been necessary. To be brutally honest overachievment hasn’t helped me much in any job I’ve worked at, when I look at how much effort […] Read more – ‘Striving for Status Quo’.
New Pictures!
Lot’s of new pictures are from the last two months. Sorry. We’ve been taking the pictures, but I’ve been kinda busy with work to get them up in a timely fashion. Read more – ‘New Pictures!’.
Bush says Hydrogen Fuel is O-Tay
It would appear that my president and I can finally agree on something. In this [article](http://apnews.myway.com//article/20050525/D8AAA4000.html), posted today, it seems that President Bush is putting forth the PR demanding an energy bill, among other things, to support the future use of hydrogen instead of gasoline. That there’s any kind of PR suggests that he might […] Read more – ‘Bush says Hydrogen Fuel is O-Tay’.
Efficiency vs. Sizzle
Jerry Greene, a sports writer for the Orlando Sentinel wrote a very interesting piece on the lack of respect the public generally pays to professional sports teams like the Detroit Pistons and the New Englad Patriots: But speaking of being disrespected, let’s switch channels to catch a good portion of the second half between the […] Read more – ‘Efficiency vs. Sizzle’.
My larger annoyance with Episode III
Recognizing that I do, in fact, really like Episode III, my major problem with the plot is with Anakin’s turn to the Dark Side. As I said in my previous rambling, there’s not a lot of buildup to Anakin’s conversion to the Dark Side of the Force. He just goes on “evil” mode, and then […] Read more – ‘My larger annoyance with Episode III’.
Review: Revenge of the Sith
Having seen the movie twice now, and especially having the opportunity to see the movie with Suzy, I can officially give my rubber stamp of approval on Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. There are a lot of spoilers to follow, so if you haven’t seen it yet and want to maintain the surprise, stop […] Read more – ‘Review: Revenge of the Sith’.
Why I’m so quiet about Episode III…
I’d guess that a few people are waiting for me to weigh in on Episode III. I’m going to reserve a detailed and expanded musing on the subject until later next week, so anyone who wanted to see it relatively unspoiled can do so. In short, I liked it. It was a worthy addition to […] Read more – ‘Why I’m so quiet about Episode III…’.
I’ve registered the domain name flashforlearning.com, which is the domain name this site will be transferred to in the next several weeks. Think of the .com as a “dot community.” With over a month since this site has started, I’m still hoping to collaborate with the friends made at FlashForward who helped dream up this […] Read more – ‘FlashForLearning.com’.
Paren’t’s advisory to Revenge of the Sith
Undoubtedly, I will post a full review of teh movie tomorrow, but until then… this article on theforce.net is getting me pretty excited for tonight. Her’s a list that they’re warning parents about who are planning on taking their kids to see the film — specifically the elements that kids may find scary: 1. Cut […] Read more – ‘Paren’t’s advisory to Revenge of the Sith’.
The problem with being independent
Today is another election day, and like a good citizen and registered voter, I once again actively partook in participating in my community’s events with my vote. Or should I say, my attempt at voting. I was allowed to vote on a $625,000,000 referendum on the state borrowing money to improve the environment (I voted […] Read more – ‘The problem with being independent’.
Does greatness rely on R-directed thinking?
I finished reading *[A Whole New Mind](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1573223085/mrchompersnet-20?dev-t=0M00SM3RY3CJEJYMF282%26camp=2025%26link_code=xm2)* and *[Good to Great](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0066620996/mrchompersnet-20?dev-t=0M00SM3RY3CJEJYMF282%26camp=2025%26link_code=xm2)* and this thought occurred to me: In *Good to Great*, Jim Collins talks about a Hedghog Concept — that organizations should do that which they can do better than anyone else in the world. Now, to me, it seems pretty obvious that organizations are […] Read more – ‘Does greatness rely on R-directed thinking?’.
SCORM 2004 Plug-In Technologies Example
After a long wait for deployment, my work on a plug-in example that clearly demonstrates the use of ActionScript classes in Flash to work in a Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) 2004 Run-time Environment is finally [released](http://www.adlnet.org/news/articles/312.cfm) on ADLNet.org: This content package demonstrates the development of SCORM conformant content using a plug-in technology, (Macromedia’s […] Read more – ‘SCORM 2004 Plug-In Technologies Example’.
Idea #2: (from the globalization series) The Distributed Recording Studio
Imagine a global world where one can pick up and move to anywhere at any time. You simply enter in your priories given a long questionnaire, and the computer picks your best place from the globs of demographics data and trends available on the internet. Then you enter your name and credit card into the […] Read more – ‘Idea #2: (from the globalization series) The Distributed Recording Studio’.
The ball bounces
Travelling for work is hell on a diet. I’m constantly bombarded with foods that I certainly can’t just go out and eat living in Johnstown. And then there’s the fact that I can’t really control portions when my food money is coming out of my pocket and there’s no way to keep food for later. […] Read more – ‘The ball bounces’.
Idea #1: The Universal Portable Interface
First I want to say that I took the basis of this idea from someone else, so I can’t take full credit. However, the concept is irresistible enough that I have to write it out. The Problem As we move toward technological ubiquity, there’s a surge of devices emerging all around us. Unfortunately each of […] Read more – ‘Idea #1: The Universal Portable Interface’.
Holy crap is [this](http://processing.org/index.html) cool! Read more – ‘Processing’.
Pepperdine, Class of 2010
I’m in, starting next year. Which I think will actually work out very well for all of us. — Dear Aaron, At long last we have made it through our application process for the doctoral program in educational technology. We ended up with a pool of 39 extremely well-qualified students for approximately 18 slots. To […] Read more – ‘Pepperdine, Class of 2010’.
FlashForward 2005 Conference Notes
Will and I have posted our notes/things learned from FlashForward 2005 on our [wiki](http://flashforlearning.com/wiki/). We’re looking to fill the wiki with all sorts of Flash and ActionScript goodness, so if you attended FlashForward 2005 in San Francisco and/or have something to add, share or extend the knowledge tree, please . Read more – ‘FlashForward 2005 Conference Notes’.
Building an RSS reader in Flash
[This](http://www.thegoldenmean.com/technique/rssReader01.html) is a must-read for this site, so that other bloggers/authors/artists that syndicate their work via a blog/rss-feed can be read into here. Read more – ‘Building an RSS reader in Flash’.
Asteroids 2.04: When Things Collide
I was away learning about Knowledge Management this week, which will occupy several blog entries as what I learned from this conference experience relates directly to the purpose of this site. But, I also wanted to let you know how easy it is to use classes that other people author. Read more – ‘Asteroids 2.04: When Things Collide’.
I know Heather James has spent a good deal of time in Georgetown. And I think Heather would attest to this: Georgetown is BEAUTIFUL in the springtime. It hit 91 in DC today. I’m in DC with Tammie (friend, co-worker and Angelo’s wife) for a conference on Knowledge Management. I expected the conference to really […] Read more – ‘Georgetown’.
You all have potty mouths…
After a week of polling, it is very clear that in the collective opinion of the mrchompers.net-reading masses, Logan will be able to say “F@ck” before she’s even able to say “Mommy.” You guys are terrible. Dirty minds. I’m very disappointed. Really. Read more – ‘You all have potty mouths…’.
Asteroids 2.03: New Asteroid Shapes
I read several articles online. Looked at academic research on a [Random Polygon Generator](http://www.cosy.sbg.ac.at/~held/projects/rpg/rpg.html). The algorithms were mind boggling. I e-mailed some very smart ActionScript programmers for some help. None came (at least by the time of this writing). Then it occurred to me... can't I just rotate similar-sized squares and triangles appearing randomly to produce a randomly shaped polygon? Bet your ass I could :) Read more – ‘Asteroids 2.03: New Asteroid Shapes’.
On Cookie Monster…
Cookie Monster says that cookies are a [“sometimes food.”](http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7421924/) I’m serious. This isn’t some crap I’m making up. Sesame Street is going to introduce new characters, like talking eggplants and carrots. Cookie Monster is going to learn *moderation*. What is this bullshit? He’s Cookie-*Freaking*-Monster. He’s not Cookie Yuppie. Or Cookie Hippy. Or Cookie 12-Step Survivor. […] Read more – ‘On Cookie Monster…’.
Asteroids 2.02: Ship It!
It would figure that success breeds more success, and now I have a ship that flys about the screen using the arrow keys, again controlled via a Ship class. Try it for yourself right here! Read more – ‘Asteroids 2.02: Ship It!’.
Asteroids 2.01: Making the Asteroids Move
With a taste of success under my belt, I started remaking the Asteroids game using ActionSctipt 2.0 and class structure. Read more – ‘Asteroids 2.01: Making the Asteroids Move’.
The interview
I thought I was going to have to fly out to Los Angeles to interview in-person for a spot at Pepperdine. As it turns out, it was a telephone interview. I was instructed to clear about two hours, and I was like, “Two hours? How am I going to convince anyone I’m doctorate-worthy in that […] Read more – ‘The interview’.
Linear Sprites
Directly associating Classes to movieclips isn't the only approach you can use in grasping OOP with ActionScript 2.0, but it's a great start for understanding how theoretical object structures can relate to the virtual objects that you can manipulate in Flash's IDE. Read more – ‘Linear Sprites’.
Interesting reads…
I’ve been overwhelmed with interesting books to check out, which complement all the leadership books I’ve been reading thus far. Amongst the most often name-dropped is [Emergence](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0684868768/mrchompersnet-20/102-9764293-2938529?dev-t=0M00SM3RY3CJEJYMF282%26camp=2025%26link_code=xm2) by Steven Johnson. I was happy to have read some of his work before — I read “Interface Culture” when I was doing my Master’s. It wasn’t on […] Read more – ‘Interesting reads…’.
Writing Goals
I need to build up my strengths in Flash to talk in terms of ActionScript 2.0. So my goal is to write about Object Oriented Programming with AS2 as I learn it. This helps ensure that my understanding is accurate and it might provide insight to others in how to learn it for themselves. Low-hanging […] Read more – ‘Writing Goals’.
post 1.000000
Mmmh. Nice looking Blog Mr. Scorm! Me like. I’m still in SF, site seeing and all, thinking about Da Book to end all books. While munching on my egg sandwich this morning I realized even the structure of the material could be left “opened”. How? Like this: keep an evolving table of content! This table […] Read more – ‘post 1.000000’.
Being among a diverse group of creative professionals is always inspiring to me. Being at FlashForward 2005 may not supply me with silver bullets to solve the technical problems I face in my daily work, but I definitely have the inspiration and the cookie crumb trail to attack larger, broader creative and technical challenges. That […] Read more – ‘Inspiring…’.
Made it to San Francisco
It’s almost 7pm here and I’m still without my luggage, but we’ve landed, checked into the Hilton and getting ready for dinner (we’re thinking Chinatown tonight). My room looks out over the city right now, and it’s a pretty sight from 20 stories up. Will has a room with a private patio. I foresee many […] Read more – ‘Made it to San Francisco’.
Statement of Purpose
Read on for the *Statement of Purpose* authored for admission into Pepperdine’s Ed.D. program for Educational Technology. Read more – ‘Statement of Purpose’.
Welcome to Mensa
Suzy called me around 1:30pm to let me know I needed to take a smoke break. She was in my area and was coming by for a visit. I thought to myself… this could be it. And it is. Suzy just dropped off a thick packet, and in the packet was a letter. And on […] Read more – ‘Welcome to Mensa’.
As you’re probably well aware, it’s been a bit quiet around here the last week or two. Sorry about that, I got absolutely slammed at work. Most of my existence in my job is spent teaching others how to do “stuff.” What that stuff is — SCORM, application, content packaging, meta-data, sequencing — isn’t important. […] Read more – ‘So…’.
Is it just me…
…or is this week just *insanely* busy? Read more – ‘Is it just me…’.
“If you’re going to San Fran-cisco…”
I’m in the city by the bay (not Green Bay) from April 5-10 for [FlashForward](http://www.flashforwardconference.com/). I have barely touched the program in the last year or so, but it will be very nice to touch base with a population that speaks the same geek lingo as me. Suzy will visit Milwaukee while I’m away, so […] Read more – ‘“If you’re going to San Fran-cisco…”’.
The Knowledge Worker, Abstracted
I’ve spent a lot of hours pondering Collaborative Knowledge Environments (CKE) from a theoretical standpoint. Thankfully, my wife can sift through my meandering threads of concentration, leading me to a very simple nugget that explains why standards for Collaborative Knoweldge Environments are important. I think I’m on to something… A Knowledge Worker is presented with […] Read more – ‘The Knowledge Worker, Abstracted’.
Be Cool == Not Cool
Suzy treated Logan and me to a movie on Saturday afternoon. We could’ve seen *Robots*, but we thought that would be pretty weak (though the *Episode III* trailer before it was SA-WEEEEEEEET). But, given that Logan just ate and was in a pretty amenable mood, our real choices were *Hitch* with Will Smith and Kevin […] Read more – ‘Be Cool == Not Cool’.
Creating the legacy…
I’m planning to do something with this site that I haven’t seen yet on the Internet, and I wonder why not? My blogging server software, [Movable Type](http://www.movabletype.org) allows multiple users / authors. So I’m going to start a new blog on this site and add the entire family (both sets of grandparents, my brother, Suzy’s […] Read more – ‘Creating the legacy…’.
Review: 50 Cent – “The Massacre”
I’m gangsta. It’s true, and you b!0tche$ best recognize. Granted, I haven’t downed a ’40 since Suzy and I lived in Madison, WI. I haven’t done a drive-by since we looked at property when we were moving to Johnstown. And, when I pop a cap off, usually that cap ends up in the dryer because […] Read more – ‘Review: 50 Cent – “The Massacre”’.
Off with the beard
I had an itch (metaphorically) to go baby face for a couple of weeks now. This morning I did it. Maybe I look younger. But my chin remains a little cold today. Read more – ‘Off with the beard’.
Essay writing
You’d think that with all the blogging I do that writing 1,000-to-2,000 word essays on why I want to pursue a Doctorate would come a little easier. But I’m still psyched out a bit by the amount of soul-searching and transposition into text that I have to do in order to address the following three […] Read more – ‘Essay writing’.
damn you dirty poker people!
I was screwed not once, but twice last night by “The Russian” Angelo. At one point during our first poker game in over a year, I was the chip leader. But as I tried to force a couple of more hands, I noticed my pile starting to erode slightly. And I kept… getting… more… crap. […] Read more – ‘damn you dirty poker people!’.
We’re all about scores this week. This score, though, is not so great. Thanks to the cracker-jack job of following up on lab tests that they order, Suzy had to call my dermotologist today to find out exactly what my triglyceride level was. I’m taking a medication that’s supposed to rid me permanently of my […] Read more – ‘729’.
Welcome to the 20th Century!
The Galleria is now smoke-free. 2005. To live is to dream. Believe it or not, but up until this week, the lone shopping mall in Johnstown (The Galleria) still had a giant, exposed smoking section in the food court, open to all passer-bys. Also, smoking was allowed in the restaurants in the mall, notably the […] Read more – ‘Welcome to the 20th Century!’.
One nice thing about a computer-based test is that you get immediate feedback, even though it’s not “official.” Anyway, I earned a 73 on the Miller Analogies Test this morning. 120 questions, 20 of which are not counted (although you don’t know which ones those are). So, basically I got 73 out of 100 correct. […] Read more – ‘73’.
Well that sucked…
My 7-week streak of positivity, focus, and productivity met with an abruptive correction yesterday. Without going into many details, I had a *really* bad day at work, where everything I did blew up in my face, and everything I did to try and correct it only made things worse for everybody else around me. I […] Read more – ‘Well that sucked…’.
[mSpace](http://mspace.ecs.soton.ac.uk/) is an interaction model to help explore relationships in information. Its interface combines the metaphor presented by iTunes browsing, powered by a data feed and API (Google, IMDB — the interface works for a number of topical areas). So, people build knowledge from exploring those relationships in a constructivist manner. mSpace offers several tools […] Read more – ‘mSpace’.
The 8th Habit
A colleague of mine, Angelo, gave me [The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0684846659/mrchompersnet-20/104-8341954-7899104?dev-t=0M00SM3RY3CJEJYMF282%26camp=2025%26link_code=xm2) by Stephen Covey, as a Christmas gift. As I began to follow through on my New Year’s Resolutions of starting my Doctorate and living healtheir, I chose to read the book as I worked out throughout January, finishing the book earlier […] Read more – ‘The 8th Habit’.
Dominance assured…
My performance last week raised my average throw from an 8 to a 10. I don’t know how the averaging works (in my head, one game shouldn’t throw off the average collected from an entire season). But, oh well. I have the serenity to accept that some math problems are out of my control. Having […] Read more – ‘Dominance assured…’.
Miller Analogies Test Preparation
In my preparation for the Miller Analogies Test coming up on February 28, I created an online assessment tool to reinforce the relationships I’ve missed in my many hours of practice tests. It is available for you to enjoy [here](http://www.aaron21.com/mat/). Read more – ‘Miller Analogies Test Preparation’.
let the good times roll..
It’s going to be a very busy two weeks coming up. I have Plugfest 9 at the National Institute of Standards & Technologies (NIST) in a week. I’m giving two lectures — a 4-hour lecture on general knowledge about the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) for both instructional designers and developers; then, on Thursday, […] Read more – ‘let the good times roll..’.
Dart League’s back!
You know, I’ve been so into the zone as far as getting ready for my Miller Analogies Test at the end of the month, and work, and Logan… and Warcraft — I forgot to mention that Dart League at Dively’s finally started back up again. Much rejoicing. Anyway, my team stumbled into a 1-1 record […] Read more – ‘Dart League’s back!’.
now we can share “stuff”
If you look up in the navigation today, you’ll now see a link to [stuff](http://www.mrchompers.net/stuff.php). I got a little daring last night and incorporated Amazon’s web services through my blogging system. Now, Suzy and I can share with you the “stuff” (ahem) that we’re actually watching, reading, playing with or listening to. Everything links directly […] Read more – ‘now we can share “stuff”’.
Interesting statistics on our collective use of the English language to be found at [WordCount](http://www.wordcount.org/). For example, ranking almost 87,000 words in the English language, based on their frequency of use… * Life (ranked 154) * Money (ranked 227) * War (ranked 304) * Love (ranked 384) * Death (ranked 454) * Environment (ranked 757) […] Read more – ‘Wordcount.org’.
Who’s in need of new music?
I’ve started storing my better playlists and mix-CD’s on [Art of the Mix](http://www.artofthemix.org/AOTMCommunity/profile.asp?intMemberID=25683). If you have a theme, an artist and/or even a song in mind and you’re in the mood for a mix tape you don’t have to make yourself, please e-mail, call or leave a comment. Thinking up mixes and playlists exercises my […] Read more – ‘Who’s in need of new music?’.
Bike the Drive 2005
Okay, we all know that my record of success with [Bike the Drive](http://www.bikethedrive.org) is not too great, especially since I made it all the way to Chicago last year and then wimped out (although, in fairness, it was really cold and raining horribly). Nevertheless, Will approached me today that he really wants to do it, […] Read more – ‘Bike the Drive 2005’.
Support for Distance Education
As I’m looking at what other distance learners (especially at the Doctorate level) are doing, I drop in on [Sharkfish](http://www.epsilonbooks.com/blog.html)’s blog from time to time, as she’s journaling her persuit of a Juris Doctorate (JD) through an online program out of California. Unfortunately, she’s in a professional field that doesn’t seem to really support distance […] Read more – ‘Support for Distance Education’.
Suzy and I have installed [Vonage](http://www.vonage.com), the emerging Voice Over IP (VOIP) service provider. VOIP is the technology that allows you to telephone people over your high-speed internet connection. It’s a pretty slick set-up. I bought the box for $60 at Circuit City, and it has a $60 rebate coming, so basically set-up is free. […] Read more – ‘Vonage’.
I suck at Halo 2
I grew up with video games. I was never an addict (although, I will confess to spending far too much time my sophomore year playing *Tetris* and some skiing game on NES), but I definitely rocked *Contra* and *Ninja Gaiden* on our NES in high school, and I can remember abusing our Sega Genesis with […] Read more – ‘I suck at Halo 2’.
World of Warcraft: Level 10
The problem with me and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are that they are incredibly addicting to me, and I find myself spending incredible amounts of time playing them. Angelo and Tammie gave me their Warcrack discs and a free 10-day trial — like giving a future heroin junkie his first fix on […] Read more – ‘World of Warcraft: Level 10’.
Somebody did it!
We’re just full of news items today. A 19-year old girl finished the six pound burger in just shy of three hours! [Read on!](http://www.newsday.com/news/local/state/ny-bc-nj–burgerchallenge0114jan14,0,3697849.story?coll=ny-region-apnewjersey) Read more – ‘Somebody did it!’.
MLK Day 2005
With all the reading I’ve been doing on Leadership (“The 8th Habit,” “Good to Great,” “The Secret,” “The Daily Drucker”), it’s more relevant to me this year to take some time and reflect on the leadership that King displayed in the Civil Rights movement. His was a road that had many obstacles. It took tremendous […] Read more – ‘MLK Day 2005’.
Internet Radio – XFM
Out of the UK, check out [XFM](http://rope.icgo.fimc.net/staticweb/onair_players/onair_xfm/player/onair_xfmIE.html) if you’re in the mood for some really good new rock — from new U2 to a bunch of stuff I haven’t even read about in [Uncut](http://uncut.co.uk/). Read more – ‘Internet Radio – XFM’.
News Distortion
You’ve probably heard by now: political commentator Armstrong Williams admitted receiving $240,000 from the Department of Education to promote the Bush administration’s No Child Left Behind Act on national television — including dozens of Sinclair stations — without disclosing that he was on the government’s payroll. Laws have been broken. Williams issued an apology in […] Read more – ‘News Distortion’.
Birthday Wish-list
These are all pie-in-the-sky, but what the hell. It’s my website. * [JamPod](http://www.dvforge.com/jampod.shtml), so I can practice my electric bass (and hopefully in the future, guitar playing) while keeping relatively quiet, but allowing me to rock out all I want (in my own head). * [Mac Mini](http://www.apple.com/macmini/) so I can finally have a practical, TV-set […] Read more – ‘Birthday Wish-list’.
Down to 236lbs.
Weight Watchers makes it official, I’m now down a solid 24 pounds from my all-time high weight last summer. Only 46 pounds more to go to get to my pie-in-the-sky goal of 190. My short-term goal is to get down to 220 by the end of April, which would put me on a good, maintainable […] Read more – ‘Down to 236lbs.’.
The Plan
(from my father, who graces me with humor both witty and timely…) In the beginning was the Plan. And then came the Assumptions. And the Assumptions were without form. And the Plan was without substance. And darkness was upon the face of the Workers. And they spoke among themselves, saying: “It is a crock of […] Read more – ‘The Plan’.
networking instructions
Kevin called me yesterday, asking about wireless routers and sharing his printer with Daneal. Since they both have a Mac, it’s just super easy to do. So I pointed Kevin to a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router (about $60 everywhere). In about 15 minutes of over the phone instruction, my brother (not nearly as geeky as […] Read more – ‘networking instructions’.
Stupid, funny DVDs
So, now that Logan is over two months-old, she’s able to sleep for longer spans of time, which is good because it means that now Suzy and I can watch all the movies we couldn’t see either because they didn’t play in Johnstown or because Suzy would feel crappy while she was pregnant. Most of […] Read more – ‘Stupid, funny DVDs’.
Damn you, iPod!!!
You know, it’s bad enough that our original 5GB iPod up and died on us, forcing me to replace it with a 15GB 3rd Generation iPod in Spring 2003 — but now *that* iPod has kicked the bucket, too! I have a folder icon with an exclamation point as it attempts to turn on. I’ve […] Read more – ‘Damn you, iPod!!!’.
Making WikiNews work…
In an interview with CNET’s news.com, Jimmy Wales, one of the founders of WikiPedia, talks about the new WikiNews project. In the article, Wales talks about the problems with traditional news media and how to make Wiki content credible. It seems that the goal of WikiNews is to provide an online, free content news source […] Read more – ‘Making WikiNews work…’.
So I was pretty set on Educational Technology for my online doctorate, but then I found out that Pepperdine has a distance program for a doctorate in Organization Change, which involves Ed. Tech., systems thinking and organizational communications, which for some odd reason seem to be interests of mine (I know I was never cool, […] Read more – ‘Decisions…’.
brain activity addendum
I’d like to clarify, for the record, that in my previous post, I stressed my mom’s vast array of academic degrees. This does not imply that I’m not equally (if not more) proud of my father. My mom is a highly motivated person (I think I reflect that). My father, not as motivated to achieve […] Read more – ‘brain activity addendum’.
brain activity
Every several months, I seem to go through an unusual growth spurt as far as programming and abstract thought. Right now, I seem to be on the ramping up side of of it, which is very cool. I’ve launched a blog at work to journal my activities at work (a more robust record of what […] Read more – ‘brain activity’.
Logan’s first new year, Mr. Chompers’ third new year, and Suzy and I wrapping up our tenth hard-partying new year’s together, the following are a list of my resolutions for this year: 1) Continue to lose weight (end goal: 190 pounds by November) 2) Qualify, apply, enroll and begin my PhD program (currently looking at […] Read more – ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR!’.
Not much needs to be said here, so I’ll keep this short and focused. 52,000 confirmed dead. Projected casualties from this natural disaster will likely put the casualty rate at clost to 100,000 by the time Malaria and assorted other diseases take hold. This is a pretty straightforward humanitarian issue. These people need whatever help […] Read more – ‘Tsunami’.
Best Classic Movies
Kevin and Daneal have requested some classic movies on DVD for the holidays, which is a great gift idea since I love movies as much as I do. So, selecting a basis to start their DVD library (aside from whatever they already have in modern standard movies), I chose the following from Circuit City: 1. […] Read more – ‘Best Classic Movies’.
Not enough snow to use the new snowblower. It figures. Last year, no snowblower and I threw my back out about 20 times already. this year, I have a snowblower, and now it’ll never snow much. Right. Anyway, extended version of Return of the King comes out today, and that will get me through the […] Read more – ‘dammit.’.
What’s German for “El Caballo?”
Carlos Lee, long-time left-fielder for the White Sox was traded this morning (or last night) to the Milwaukee Brewers. When we had season tickets to the White Sox a couple of years ago, we really enjoyed sitting in the front row of the bleachers and being able to give a real and personal shout out […] Read more – ‘What’s German for “El Caballo?”’.
Canada approves Gay Marriage
In this AP article, it appears that Canada is on the verge of complete legalization of same-sex marriage, making it the third country in the world (including Belgium and the Netherlands) to do so. Great job, Canada! Impressive to me is that the approach goes so far as to say that religious officials whose beliefs […] Read more – ‘Canada approves Gay Marriage’.
I could not possibly eat another delicious gummy cola bottle.. wait.. yes I can.
After a particularly lousy weekend of being sick, getting Suzy sick, Logan (my little shit machine) crapping all over her person, her bedding and just about every outfit we can put on her AND Mr. Chompers deciding twelve hours too late that he does not wish to ingest raw turkey meat, sharing his inclination by […] Read more – ‘I could not possibly eat another delicious gummy cola bottle.. wait.. yes I can.’.
Hippy, Ben, Suzy and I are all in the same club!
It seems that Suzy’s and my experience in Amsterdam meeting Ron Jeremy is no longer an exclusive event. Hippy and Ben got this photo-op recently! Now, I want to know if this event had anything to do with Leisure Suit Larry… Read more – ‘Hippy, Ben, Suzy and I are all in the same club!’.
soooooooooo tired
Suzy and I were up last night watching the lunar eclipse, which was cool. Suzy was at home while I was encouraged by Jason, Will and Alan to get my butt out of the house. Suzy seemed to agree with them, so I after watching the eclipse, we headed to Dively’s to watch the BoSox […] Read more – ‘soooooooooo tired’.
here’s to my j-town peeps!
You need to check this out: You can check out the near-completed baby room here. My good friend, Jason, stepped up when I asked him if he’d help design the baby room. I’ve been pretty impressed with the creative strength both Jason and Will display at work. Jason has a knack for painting, though. He […] Read more – ‘here’s to my j-town peeps!’.
Baby Room is 2/3 done
It’s been a pretty busy week. You can check out the progress on the baby room here. First, I painted up the remainder of the room in orange, but that was TOO orange for Suzy. So I overpainted the wall with the water damage in the same purple, but not the chimney. It has a […] Read more – ‘Baby Room is 2/3 done’.
Suzy’s on Hyperspace!
Suzy called me today to let me know that she was already applying primer to the affected spots, which is great news because that meant we could get further ahead on the baby room. She also told me that the melanine (white laminate boards) I was looking for was at Lowe’s, so I picked some […] Read more – ‘Suzy’s on Hyperspace!’.
Repairing water damage
Got joint compound and a wire brush? Then no worries, mate! I scraped off a bunch of flaking ceiling texture from water damage last night, as well as sanded down the area on the walls near the chimney that were affected by water damage over the last year. The power sander worked really well. The […] Read more – ‘Repairing water damage’.
No Bears vs. Packers?
It’s only the greatest rivalry in all American sports, and it turns out to be the best upset of the day — why am I forced to sit through two channels broadcasting the horrible Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore game and the Fox affiliate broadcasts Redskins vs. Giants? It’s the friggin’ Bears! Versus the Packers! It’s the […] Read more – ‘No Bears vs. Packers?’.
Baby Room Groundbreaking
Well, there was no ceremony to speak of, but Suzy and I hit Sears and Home Depot and bought the first of many supplies on a binge of home remodeling and repair. At Sears alone, I bought a new set of drill bits — cheap but 21-pieces. I also bought a stud finder and a […] Read more – ‘Baby Room Groundbreaking’.
Happy Birthday, Jake!
Dave and Debbi had a baby boy last night at 10:21. That makes young Josh a big brother. So congratulations clan Peterson! (and thanks, John, for the good news) Read more – ‘Happy Birthday, Jake!’.
Reconnecting with old friends…
Suzy and I had such a great time in Kansas City and Milwaukee last week. Coming home was so rushed — it was hard to leave so many friends and loved ones, and everytime we visit, it makes it that much harder. For me, the high points are the weddings. I’ve noticed over the years […] Read more – ‘Reconnecting with old friends…’.
Kansas City
We headed off to the Galleria mall yesterday morning. Suzy needed shoes for her various functions this week, and as I’m discovering, there is much that changes as far as physicality during a preganancy, so new shoes are required. I also bought new shoes, because I’m a shoe whore. Anyway, Eric and Courtney GPS’d their […] Read more – ‘Kansas City’.
St. Louis
Suzy and I drove straight through to St. Louis yesterday. We got on the road around 7:30am and we made it a hotel, checked in, by 7:30pm (Eastern Time). That’s a whole lot farther than I expected to be. I figured with our hourly stretches (so Suzy doesn’t end up with some blood clot being […] Read more – ‘St. Louis’.
On the road again…
We’ll see y’all in Kansas City, where we have a reunion of sorts for Beth’s wedding! Karn, Rob and Lilly are going down there with Dave and Josh (apparently Debbi is too close to birthing to make the drive from Milwaukee). Rumor is John might make it down there, too. Shelly has GOT to be […] Read more – ‘On the road again…’.
I’m glad I’m going on vacation tomorrow, because I’m burning out a bit at work, but our cars are making me insane. Brand new car — the VUE — back in the shop yesterday because the dome light and map lights just don’t work. They replaced the fuse and the dimmer switch. It was working […] Read more – ‘automobiles…’.
“…on the internet a lot.”
How many of you out there have been criticized at work about how it appears like you’re on the Internet a lot? I don’t use this phrase a lot, but that is a really STUPID criticism. Of COURSE I’m on the freakin’ Internet a lot! I work in an Internet industry! People who work on […] Read more – ‘“…on the internet a lot.”’.
so much thanks…
When Roberto Benigni won an Oscar a couple of years ago for his film, “Life is Beautiful,” he was later quoted as saying, “It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.” More appropriate words do not come to mind right now. I checked my e-mail this morning, and it turns out my […] Read more – ‘so much thanks…’.
Ozzfest: Review
Damn, if that wasn’t the first multi-concert festival that really kicked some ass… Read more – ‘Ozzfest: Review’.
With Kevin falling ill at the last minute (a real bummer), Doug has come through like a champ to accompany me on rocking out. Here’s the lineup, and hopefully we’ll get there in time to see Hatebreed and on… ACT START FINISH RUNNING TIME BLEEDING THROUGH 9:30 AM 9:50 AM 20 MINUTES ATREYU 9:55 AM […] Read more – ‘Ozzfest!!!!!’.
Catching Up
Well, we’ve undergone some minor changes here at Mr. Chompers. Just to give you a brief run-down, the changes include: New URL (notice the mrchompers.net) New server (no longer hosted by 24-7g — now we’re on Dreamhost) Upgraded MovableType blogging software to 3.01 Smaller pictures in the picture albums (conserving bandwidth for you and me). […] Read more – ‘Catching Up’.
Gaining the Edge…
So, my buddy, Angelo, loaned me his Anthony Robbins CDs on “Gaining the Edge” and “Personal Power.” Now, if you know anything about me, my first reaction to this was, “what a pile of crap.” But, I mundanely sit throught my routine at work so I thought, “what the hell” and listened to the first […] Read more – ‘Gaining the Edge…’.
Da Senator?
I really liked Sen. Fitzgerald. Would Ditka really run for office? Read more – ‘Da Senator?’.
Slacking (and venting)
I’ve been very poor about updating this blog and the site the last week or two, and I apologize. I have pictures that still have to go up here and a bunch of thoughts swimming in my head, but I’ve been so distracted with work, and then life in general, that it’s hard to focus […] Read more – ‘Slacking (and venting)’.
In the last 24 hours, I’ve gotten invited to Orkut, LinkedIn AND a Gmail account. I even posted a message on Steve Wozniak’s board this morning. I rule. Read more – ‘über-geekdom’.
Well, I feel bamboozled, falling victim to yet another shiny object — this time in the guise of a Van Halen reunion tour. Read more – ‘Van Halen, NEVERMORE…’.
Wagging the Dogs of War
(The following is complete satire for those otherwise without a sense of humor or appreciation for dry wit. I’m continuing to add/edit this so check back often.) I was shaving this morning and I had an epiphany, or what alcoholics and stoners might view as a “moment of clarity.” It became very evident to me […] Read more – ‘Wagging the Dogs of War’.
An Open Letter to My Lunchroom Thief
To Whom It May Concern: You probably don’t read my weblog on any kind of regular basis, if you even know of its existence. We may not even be well acquainted. My name is Aaron. I sit in the closed area on the second floor. I have a big cube with an open door to […] Read more – ‘An Open Letter to My Lunchroom Thief’.
A Change of Heart Re: Hagar v. Roth
With the reunion tour for Van Halen, they are releasing a new Greatest Hits compilation, “The Best of Both Worlds” Since the new songs were already introduced on radio last week, I had not heard the new stuff by my favorite band. So, as I would do normally, I downloaded the songs so I can […] Read more – ‘A Change of Heart Re: Hagar v. Roth’.
Go Feingold!
When the USA Patriot Act was passed in the Senate, it passed 98-1 with one senator absent. And who was that lone senator who voted his conscience after taking some time to actually READ the USA Patriot Act? None other than Wisconsin Senator (and former parent — I had his daughter, Emily, in my first […] Read more – ‘Go Feingold!’.
A Ghost is Born
New WILCO album. What the hell are you waiting for? GO OUT AND GET IT NOW! Read more – ‘A Ghost is Born’.
I’ve spent this last week trying out C2, the low-carb version of Coca Cola. It has sugar, so it’s not diet, but it does use artificial sweetener to produce a Coca Cola that tastes pretty close to the Coca Cola Classic I’m addicted to with only a hint of aftertaste — but negligible enough that […] Read more – ‘C2’.
My Perfect Heist Realized
My good friend and partner, Justin, and I have spent hours discussing how I would plan the perfect heist. Granted, I’m not a criminal mastermind. Read more – ‘My Perfect Heist Realized’.
Applying Reagonomics to Iraq
Some radio program in the UK brought up a theory that a western presence in the middle-east, while it may fuel terrorists, acts as a bait to keep terrorists largely contained and the battle-ground for away from home. If the Iraq war didn’t happen, the chances of their being terrorist attacks like we see every […] Read more – ‘Applying Reagonomics to Iraq’.
Bike the Drive, part deux
Throwing down the gauntlet, I’m resolving to participate in the Bike the Drive on Memorial Day weekend. Read more – ‘Bike the Drive, part deux’.
first golf of the season
I only played six holes, but on my first hole tonight, I actually swung a natural 9, rather than just take the 9 because that’s the max we’re counting per hole. My drive off the first tee was impressive… About 150 yards with my 5 iron. I had some decent contact with the ball, too. […] Read more – ‘first golf of the season’.
first ride of the season
the hills in Johnstown are going to be the death of me. I’m so wiped out. I can’t believe I’m going to even try to do some rides this year. currently, I’m thinking of doing the following rides: Bike the Drive (Chicago) 50 States Ride (DC) The Miller Ride for the Arts was a great […] Read more – ‘first ride of the season’.
Dude! I just got tickets for Van Halen, thanks to being in the Van Halen fan club. They reunited, and I got 20th row seats! I totally scored! Cleveland, OH — July 2nd! Suzy and I are going all day to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, only to ROCK OUT all night long […] Read more – ‘20TH ROW FOR VAN HALEN’.
This is a Karl Boeettcher joke if I ever heard one… This duck walks into a bar and asks the bartender, “Do you have any grapes?” The bartender says no, and the duck leaves. The next day, the duck returns and asks, “Do you have any grapes?” The bartender again says no, and the duck […] Read more – ‘grapes’.
deaf mutes
Once upon a time there were two deaf mutes standing on a street corner talking to each other with sign language. Mute #1 (SIGN) “What would you like to do?” Mute #2 (SIGN) “I don’t know, what about you?” Mute #1 (SIGN) “Let’s get my car, find some girls, drive to a dark space and […] Read more – ‘deaf mutes’.
There’s a two-day concert going on May 1-2 in California, and it definitely looks like the coolest music festival lineup I’ve seen in a long time. Bands like Radiohead (bleh), Pixies, Kraftwerk, Wilco, the Cure, Flaming Lips, Basement Jaxx, Crystal Method, Paul Van Dyk, BRMC, Prefuse 73 — it’s like half my iPod in one […] Read more – ‘Coachella’.
Is the election of left-wing socialists in Spain a knee-jerk reaction to the horror that took place last week in Madrid, or is it a genuine reaction of a populace realizing that fellow citizens (soldiers in Iraq) have died because of the government that was in power? The Guardian seems to have something to say […] Read more – ‘Madrid’.
Thank You
Thanks so much for helping keep the site going. Your gift encourages me to stay actively committed to serving up chock fulls of E-Learning goodness. Seriously… your donation, no matter how large or small, lets me know that this work has meaning and that really keeps this going. Keep asking questions! -a- Read more – ‘Thank You’.