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I'm an Organization Designer and Strategist with a deep passion to help people become better neighbors and citizens. My interests include games, mobile technologies, social media, tech standards and other nerdy pursuits. I have a knack for delivering on big, innovative ideas.

I'm the Community Manager for Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) and I'm the Chief Learning Officer of my company, Problem Solutions, but this website and the opinions here are my own. I'm also known as "The Beard." I provide support to the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Initiative.

The views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of ADL.

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What I Learned Before My Summer Vacation
If anyone ever tells you you’re too old to skateboard, maybe you should listen to them. Then again… that’s not exactly what I would do.. or what I did. Read more – ‘What I Learned Before My Summer Vacation’.
How Unconferences Work
Over the past year with two gatherings for Up to All of Us, we’ve continued to make the time in each excursion to build a common language we can all speak which helps set the expectations that we’re here to make ideas better and shared… not to cut them down. One can argue a lot […] Read more – ‘How Unconferences Work’.
It Starts With Love
I’m sitting on my couch with my girls, watching Super Hero Squad, enjoying much needed cuddles while my thoughts drift to a replay of last weekend, an hour+ outside of Austin, Texas. It’s barely a week since Up to All of Us and a number of tweets, pictures and blog posts have been shared about […] Read more – ‘It Starts With Love’.

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